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Gency’s Valentines

The Charming Cyborg

The laboratory was filled with the scent of clean sterilized equipment, cool air conditioning that left no lingering odor of the chemicals that were once in the now spotless test flasks, and the naturally calming ambient scent of the wooden floor that was similar to the style used in traditional Japanese homes. Amidst it all, Mercy sat at a work table surrounded by papers, tablets, charts, and reports, almost all which were generated by herself with the exception of a few correspondents and external researches from others that were loaded up on her tablets for easy access of bringing around with her and comparing data.

The lady in the white lab coat perused over the data that surrounded her, idly taking a sip of the cup of tea that was on a safe area of her table. It would not have been there had a certain someone not insistently bringing her one. While he was not here at the moment, it suddenly felt strange to not have one near her while she worked. Besides, its warmth made her feel calm and reminded her of his presence. He reasoned also that it would be better than overloading her with caffeine if she kept drinking throughout the day and night. Had he insisted on any other drink, she might have have the same in all honesty. However, it was the traditional drink of choice from his homeland, one that he gladly shared with her. As such, she couldn’t help but attribute the familiar scent with him, the loving Japanese cyborg.

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For anon

The First Night

Today was the end of every woman’s dream day, your wedding and you were proud to announce that you were finally married to the one only Bang Yongguk. You can’t stop calling him hubby and he can’t stop calling you Mrs. Bang, it might seem a bit cheesy to others but you were both too happy to care.

Now usually married couples decide where they’ll be going for their honeymoon together but your husband decided something completely different. He told you that you could have full command over the wedding plans and you could involve him whenever you like if he got to plan your honeymoon. Since it was Yongguk and he knew you better than you knew yourself sometimes you allowed him to do the whole honeymoon planning.

Up until a few hours ago you had no clue where Yongguk was panning on taking you that is until the end of your reception where Yongguk handed you a little book about Japan. He didn’t even have to say anything more than that as a huge smile was spread across your face. Yongguk flashed you his gummy smile and at the back of your head you just thought that you could always trust Yongguk.

You had been wanting to go to Japan ever since you were young, it was actually a dream of yours and now Yongguk was finally making it come true. You remember telling him about this dream of yours when you had both just started dating and to think that he remembered was probably one of the reasons you married him. Now you were on a plane to your dream destination with the man you love.

“Hey, you ok?” Yongguk asked snapping you out from your thoughts.

“Yeah I’m fine” you said as you turned your head away from the window to look at him. He smiled and took your hand in his and laced his fingers with yours. He gave the back of your hand a kiss bringing a smile to your face.

“How’s your nausea? I know you get sick every time we travel cause of your motion sickness” Yongguk said as his thumb rubbed against the back of your hand.

“Well considering it’s only a two hour flight and that we’re traveling first class I’d say it’s not so bad” you said as you moved a few strands of hair out of his eyes.

“That’s good to know” Yongguk said as he closed his eyes and sighed in bliss “I can’t wait to be alone with you” he whispered making you smiled at the thought as Yongguk rested his head on your shoulder and nuzzled his face up into your neck.

Before you knew anything your flight had landed and you and your newly wed husband were greeted by a swarm of fans at the airport. They congratulated you and even have you flowers which you thought was very sweet of them. Yongguk had a tight grip around your hand as the two of you were guided out from the airport and into a car that would take you to your hotel.

“Well that was quite the welcome” you said as the car began to drive off “I’ve traveled a lot but I’ve never been greeted at the airport like that before” Yongguk smiled as he gave your hand a light squeeze and kissed your cheek.

“I’ve forgotten what it’s like to land at an airport and not be swarmed by a thousand girls and cameras” Yongguk said as you playfully hit his shoulder. He laughed before pulling you into his arms and kissing the top of your head.

The drive was taking longer than you thought, you knew Tokyo was a big city but it still shouldn’t take this long. You got a little worried though when you noticed that the driver had driven right past your hotel and Yongguk didn’t even flinch to stop him.

“Yongguk we just drove past our hotel” you said as you sat up and looked at him.

“I know” Yongguk said with a smile like it was nothing. You shot him a confused look as be decided to explain “I canceled our honeymoon suite and decided on something a little more traditional” once again you were completely confused but decided to just trust Yongguk like you always do.

Around half an hour later the car finally stopped outside this traditional Japanese house. Yongguk rubbed your back as you turned away from the window to look at him.

“Do you like it?” Yongguk asked “one of the stage mangers that works with us during our Japan concerts owns this place, I asked him if he could rent it out to me for a few days and he said yes. And the best part is that we have the whole place to ourselves” you wanted to cry but you had done enough of that today at the alter so you opted to just crush him into a hug.

“Yongguk I love it! Thank you so much!” You said as he wrapped his arms around you and hugged you back.

“Anything for you my dear wife” Yongguk said as you laughed at his greasiness.

The driver was kind enough to bring your luggage all the way into the house. Yongguk payed the man as you entered and began to explore. It was truly amazing and beautiful, from the garden to the rooms to the whole house it was just too good to be true. Yongguk took your hand and laced his fingers with yours as he guided you around the house considering he had been here many times before.

Finally Yongguk shows you the room that the two of you will staying in. It’s a pretty big room with a sliding door that opens out into the garden, the room is decorated with candles and flowers which of course was not traditional in Japanese homes but it’s your honeymoon so something is needed to set the romantic mood. You dump your purse and coat on the floor as you walk towards the sliding doors and open them out to look at the garden.

You took a deep breath and smiled it was truly beautiful, better than any hotels honeymoon suite which you were glad Yongguk cancelled. You felt a pair of strong arms wrap themselves around your waist causing you to smile as Yonnguk rested his chin on your shoulder.

“Did I tell you how beautiful you looked today?” Yongguk asked before placing a kiss on your shoulder, leaving his lips to linger.

“Almost a thousand times” you said with a smile as you felt him smile against your shoulder.

“Well it doesn’t feel like I’ve said it enough so I’m gonna say it again” Yongguk said as he rested his head against the back of yours and closed his eyes “you’re so beautiful and I love you so much” you smiled and and rubbed the back of his hand, that was still wrapped around you, with your thumb.

“I love you too my Gukkie monster” you said as Yongguk laughed at the nickname you had given him years ago when you two had only started dating. You had baked him cookies for the first time and he had devoured them in a matter of three days hence the nickname.

“You’re never gonna let me live that down are you?” Yongguk asked making you giggle.

“I just can’t get over how you managed to eat fifty cookies in less than three days, you managed to outdo even Daehyun” you said as he laughed “you never even shared any with the guys, they bugged me for months to make them another batch” he didn’t say anything as he just nuzzled his face up into your neck as he swayed your body from side to side.

“I just don’t like sharing you or anything you make, especially your cookies they’re just too damn good! Only our children and grandchildren will be able to eat cookies apart from me of course” Yongguk said as his hot breath tickled your skin, you laughed at his comment he was such a child sometimes.

“I’m pretty sure the boys are like our kids especially Jongup and Zelo” you said as Yongguk placed a kiss on your neck before pulling away with a smile and resting his chin on your shoulder once again.

“I can’t argue with you on that” Yongguk said making you both laugh.

There was a peaceful silence between the two of you as Yongguk just held you in his arms. The silence made you realize that tonight was the night, after all these years tonight would be the night that you finally lose your virginity. You had come from a slightly more traditional family and it was of course your choice to remain a virgin till you got married.

You had told this to Yongguk about a month or two into your relationship and he had said that he understood and respected your decision. He never forced you into anything or ever did anything that would make you feel uncomfortable. You had seen and heard him take care of himself before especially when you two moved in together. You always chose to act as if you hadn’t seen or heard anything cause you knew that Yongguk would feel pretty weird if you had ever brought it up.

Tonight though he wouldn’t have to do that, you were going to become completely his.

You turned around in his arms and placed your hands on his chest. His arms remained around you as his thumbs gently rubbed your back. You fiddled with his shirt a little as he just stared at you waiting for you to say something.

“Umm…Gukkie tonight…is umm…tonight is the night that we…you know…and I’m just really nervous but excited and umm…I just want you to know that I trust you and I love you and I’m ready to completely become yours” you said in a voice only audible to the two of you. He smiled to himself as he noticed the blush on your cheeks as he rested his forehead against yours.

“What are you talking about?” Yongguk said as he pulled you closer to his body “you’ve always been completely mine! I didn’t need to have sex to know that” you bit your lower lip and smiled, your husband was such a goofball.

“You’re such a grease ball!” You said as you playfully hit his chest making him laugh.

“Yeah but I’m your grease ball” Yongguk said making you smile silly before he pressed his lips against yours.

The kiss was slow and sweet, his slightly chapped lips blended well with your soft pair. He pulled you even closer as his embrace around you tightened, your arms moved up to wrap themselves around his neck pulling closer to you. He titled his head slightly in an attempted to deepen the kiss while his tongue slid across your lips asking for permission which you humbly granted as you parted your lips.

Not wasting even a second his tongue invaded your wet cavern as your tongues danced a symphony only known to the two of you. Your hands found their way into Yongguk’s soft locks as he tilted his head to the other side changing the angle. It felt like he had been kissing you for hours when really it had only been a few minutes when he had finally pulled away giving you both a chance to catch your breaths.

You were both panting, cheeks flushed and mouths open as his forehead rested against yours. You both smiled at each other as he kissed you once again before picking you up bridal style which caught you by surprise and made you giggle as you nuzzled your face into his neck.

Yongguk gently placed you down onto the tatami mat as he hovered above you. He rested his weight on his elbows as his fingers caressed the sides of your head and occasionally played with your hair. Your hands rested on his chest before you moved them up to cup his cheeks as you pulled him in for a kiss. He smiled against your lips and kissed you back although the kiss didn’t last very long as they soon began to travel down your neck.

You tilted your head back giving him more of your skin to kiss till he grabbed your flesh between his teeth and began sucking on it leaving a glorious hickey behind. You felt his hands slide up the sides of your shirt to caress your warm skin till it suddenly hit you as you abruptly stopped him.

“Y-Yongguk wait a second” you said as he sat up to look at you, concern looming over his face.

“What’s wrong? Are you ok?” He asked with a slight frown.

“I umm…bought something to wear and I-” you said as Yongguk interrupted you by placing a chaste kiss on your lips.

“Thought that you could go put it on now” Yongguk finished your sentence as you nodded with an evident blush on your cheeks “it doesn’t matter what it is I’m gonna end up ripping it off of you anyway” he said as he kissed your nose “and besides we’re gonna be here for a while I’m sure you can wear it another day since we’ll be doing a lot of what we’re about to do” you couldn’t help but laugh, your husband really was something else.

“Fine but don’t complain that I didn’t wear anything nice for you later” you said.

“The nicest thing you could ever wear for me is nothing” Yongguk said in that low and deep voice of his making you blush yet again “may we continue now?” He asked as you nodded.

His lips were once again on your skin, his hands dating to ride up your shirt once more to feel your soft skin. A slight moan left your lips giving him more of a confidence boost than you could possibly imagine. He lifted your shirt over your head leaving you in your lacy nude bra. You crossed your hands over your chest as he just stared at them, as if he had never seen breasts before.

“See I told you I should’ve changed, this one is so plain and boring” you said in slightly whiny tone. He pried your hands away from your chest and laced his fingers with yours, his eyes never leaving yours.

“Once again my love I mist as my what’re you talking about? It’s absolutely perfect” Yongguk said with a smile, one that could make panties drop “and I’m not just talking about the lingerie” he whispered in your ear. Did he have any idea of how wet he just made you? Probably not but he was sure as hell gonna find out pretty soon.

His hands were still laced with yours, his lips trailing from your ear down your neck till they reached the valley between your breasts. He kissed them through the material of your bra which of course made you moan. He let go of your hands as they traveled behind your back to unclasp it only to find there was no clasp.

“It’s a front hook” you said as unclasped it yourself and finally set your breasts free from the frustrating contraption. Yongguk gave you a genuine smile as you pulled your bra off and lay bare chested in front of him “stop staring so much, it’s not like you’ve never seen boobs before” you grumbled with a tint of blush resting on your cheeks.

“I can’t help it, they’re just so perfect and while I may have seen boobs before this is my first time seeing yours” Yongguk said.

“Yeah well these are last pair of boobs you’re ever gonna see so get used to it” you said making Yongguk smile.

“Darling I could stare at them for the rest of my life and still not get enough of them” Yongguk said with a smirk spread across his lips.

You were about to retaliate with another remark but the feeling of his lips suddenly engulfing your nipple into his mouth silenced you. You threw your head back as you began to make sounds that was music to his ears. He fondled with your other nipple as he sucked, bit and even pulled your nipple with his teeth, he was ruthless yet somehow loving. He pulled away and bestowed the other nipple with same treatment before moving on.

He left a trail of sloppy kisses down your abdomen occasionally saying things like “I love you” or “you’re so beautiful” in between kisses. He went to remove your pants but you stopped him saying he had to remove his shirt first. He humbly obliged as he sat up and ripped his shirt off, his well toned abs and slightly muscular body finally coming to view. You ran your hands over his abs and toned chest as you grabbed him by the neck and pulled him in for a kiss. It was sloppy and hot and you’ve definitely never kissed him like that before.

While his lips entertained yours his hand was busy sneaking into pants. He slipped his hand into your panties as his fingers ran up and down your heated core. He was surprised by how wet you were, given it was your first time to be this aroused. Yongguk pulled his lips away from yours as you felt his finger seep into you slowly and somewhat painfully. You closed your eyes and continuously moaned out in both pleasure and pain as he slipped in another finger.

He rested his forehead against yours and he somehow managed to pull your pants down till your knees while you finished the job by completely taking them off. You were now completely naked in front of him like you had never been before. You were somewhat self conscious but having his fingers penetrate your womanhood was a good enough distraction. His fingers slid in and out of you making you feel things you had never felt before.

“You’re so beautiful! I love you so damn much!” Yongguk said softly, loud enough only for you to hear “are you ok does it hurt?” He asked putting a small smile on your face as you shook your head.

Your moans kept flowing as his fingers kept thrusting in and out of you and as if it wasn’t enough he decided on adding a third finger making your cry out his name. He kept at his pace till you felt an unfamiliar feeling in your stomach and you knew all to well what it was but so did Yongguk. He pulled his fingers out from you as you whined at the loss and felt a little annoyed that he pulled out just before you could orgasm.

You opened your eyes to complain to him but the sight of his licking your juices off his fingers shut you up.

“You taste so sweet, but we shall leave that for another day” Yongguk said as he winked at you before standing up and unbuckling his belt. He yanked his pants off along with his underwear as his erect member sprung into action. You had vaguely seen it before but you never knew he was this big.

He climbed back on top of you as you felt his erection brush against your skin. He wrapped his arms around you and kissed you, it was a lazy yet gentle and loving kiss, like he was reassuring you. He pulled away from the kiss as he caressed your cheeks with a smile.

“This might hurt a little but I promise I’ll be gentle and if the pain gets too unbearable stop me” Yongguk said barely over a whisper as you silently nodded.

His member began to spread your walls as he entered you slowly and cautiously. You dug your nails into shoulders as Yongguk filled you up completely, it was definitely painful but because his fingers had spread your walls a little already it wasn’t so bad. You cried out in pain as Yongguk shushed you and kept whispering sweet nothings to you to distract you from the pain. You could feel his member throbbing inside of you as he was waiting for you to tell him when he could move.

From his face alone you could tell that it was taking a lot of will power to restrain himself from moving. You cupped his cheeks and pulled his face towards yours as you kissed his lips. Your lips were barely an inch away from each other as you nodded and smiled at him which was your signal to him that he could finally move.

He slowly pulled out before slamming himself right back in making you moan out his name rather loudly. His thrusts were slow at first with frustrated both of you as you begged him to go faster. They picked up pace till they reached a somewhat inhuman pace in your opinion. You were clawing his back whilst moaning uncontrollably as he slammed into you with everything that he’s got.

The same feeling began to churn in your stomach and you swore that if Yongguk stopped this time you were gonna kill him. However his pace just quickened as he too felt his climax just around the corner. The sweat was glistening on his body as you just thought to yourself about how much you loved this man before you. Then suddenly like a ton of bricks your orgasm hit you making your body feel completely weak yet happy.

Yongguk came with you as he moaned out your while continuing to ride out both your orgasms to the max, giving you complete and utter pleasure. Too tired to hold up any longer Yongguk collapsed on top of you, sweaty and breathless. You just smiled as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders and ran your fingers through his hair.

A few minutes later, after he had managed to catch his breath, Yongguk pulled himself out from you and gave you a kiss on the cheek as he stood up and walked towards one of the inbuilt closets. You noticed him pulling out a blanket and a pillow before returning to your side. The room was dully lit since the only light came from the candles, it was a little chilly since you had opened out the sliding doors to the garden but Yongguk’s body heat made up for that.

He lay the pillow down before lying down next to you and pulling you into his arms as he covered both your bare bodies with the rather warm and thick blanket.

“Are you ok? Does it hurt anywhere?” Yongguk asked as he drew circles on your back. You just smiled and shook your head making him frown a little “why aren’t you talking?” You smiled and wrapped your arms around him pulling yourself closer to him.

“Cause I’m so happy I don’t know what to say” you said making him smile.

“And you say I’m the greasy one” Yongguk said as he kissed your forehead regardless of all the sweat.

“What? Are you saying you’re not happy?” You asked teasingly as you felt Yongguk roll you onto his body so that you could lay on top of him.

“I’m so happy that I can’t even find the right words to express it! I feel like there isn’t a word out there in any language that could explain how happy and how in love I am with you” Yongguk said as you buried your face into his chest, he was definitely the greasier one.

“Oh my God Yongguk!” You said while laughing at your greasy husband.

“Y/n” Yongguk said as you looked at him “I love you” he said genuinely as you smiled and kissed him.

“I love you too, Gukkie monster” you said as it was his turn to smile silly. He held you closely and tightly in his arms as you rested your head against his chest.

“I’m gonna hold you in my arms like this forever, close, tight and securely so don’t even think about moving cause I’m never gonna let you go, my dear wife” Yongguk said as you could sense the smile in his voice.

“I wouldn’t even dream of it my darling husband” you said as you kissed his bare chest. You both smiled and dozed off knowing that today was just the start of a whole new chapter in your lives as husband and wife.

Mitsukuni Haninozuka Headcanons

He’s lowkey really, really into musical theatre.

Like, ‘I have a standing reservation at all major theatres just in case’ into musical theatre.

Hani is also really surprisingly good at holding his liquor. He got this from his father. Anytime he’s at a party, he’s the one who manages to keep everyone else accounted for along with Kyouya. 

Hani is also very much into gardening and taking care of plants. His room is filled with succulents and various types of indoor flowers that he makes ample time to tend to each day. He is very particular when it comes to the care of his plants and he genuinely doesn’t trust anyone else to care for them to the tee like he knows he will. You guys, He is LITERALLY your plant boy fav. 

Has a pretty nice growth spurt by the time he reaches his twenties, but he’s only barely as tall as Hikaru and Kaoru. He is taller than Haruhi, though.

Your most unproblematic fav? A literal walking ray of sunshine that will step into the way if someone is behaving towards another person in an abusive manner and will use the best diversionary tactics to get the victim out of the situation without having their absence being noted (at least not for a while). 

He loves bees. I mean, LOVES bees. Mitsukuni literally will take the best care of his favourite box of bumblebees that makes his favourite honey. He jars and labels them himself after he’s tended to his plants and he make sure to give big jars to his friends. 

Like Kaoru, he has a collection of fuzzy records that he likes to listen to when he’s drinking his very sweetened tea. He has a specially made room in his home that has wide open doors and this room has more of a Western vibe because his father insisted on buying him a traditional japanese home. He doesn’t mind, though. He loves it. 

anonymous asked:

Hello Emi-chan! I loved your writting for moving in with QN, could you please do the same with STARISH?? Pretty pleaaase! = ^^ = Thank you!!

I’ll be doing headcannons instead written out scenarios because it is the best way to keep two boys from having a somewhat similar scenario, it’s quicker and headcannons are generally more fun for me. Hahaha


His inhuman strength really comes in handy during the move. It’s not as if he can carry everything on his own but with this boy, he and his s/o can save money on movers.

He probably wouldn’t get much of a say when it comes to buying home decor. It’s not that his style is terrible or anything. It’d actually work pretty well if ya know…You were moving into a daycare center.

Unless the walls are ridiculously high, they may not need a ladder when painting. He’d paint the high parts on his own and the parts he can’t reach he’d let the sit on his shoulders and let them do it. Team work makes the dream work.

More than likely got bored and made a fort out of boxes.

He sucks at handy work. Omg. Have a first aid kit on stand by and keep this boy away from the fucking hammer because he’s going to smash 7 out of 10 of his fingers just trying to hang pictures!!…my poor baby

Strong Point: Great at heavy lifting!


He’s not the strongest person in the world but he can do some heavy lifting with assistance…

He probably suggested hiring professional movers in the beginning until his s/o cried about want to share the experience together.

He wants his s/o to meet him half way when deciding on the home decor. There is no his job/their job. It’s a team decision. He’d actually get upset if his s/o bought something without talking about it first.

When it comes to organizing the place, he’s got a very strong voice. So, if his s/o can’t offer up an opinion it’s likely the place will be set up the way he wants. And it wouldn’t look half bad. Maybe it’s a good idea to let him take charge?

Secretly uses Pintrest….

Strong Point: Eye for detail!


This would be his first time doing things that comes with living own your own or in this case with his lover, so he’s pretty excited!

He has one goal. That is to make his s/o happy. So he pretty much lets them take control of everything. He’ll just follow their lead.

He has never had to use tools up until now, so he’s not much help when it comes to putting things together. He’d try though.

“Cecil, can you hand me the screwdriver?” *Cecil brings the staple gun*

When he and his s/o go shopping for furniture, he’d take them to go the places that deliver and assemble so that they don’t have to bother with it. That way all they’re left with doing it moving it around.

He’s likely to have interesting looking things shipped to him from his homeland that probably won’t match the theme of the place but he’ll insist on sitting them around the house. His s/o won’t be able to argue against it because his pleading face is too intense to handle.

Strong Point: Extremely helpful and willing to learn new things!


The best thing about moving in with Ren is that he has great taste and money to support it. That said, he and his s/o don’t really have to compromise on particular furniture pieces due to how pricey they are..

There is one place in his home that he wants full creative control over and that is the kitchen.

He believes a person’s kitchen says a lot about them. He wants the kitchen to be so beautiful that it inspires him to want to cook.

This man doesn’t just have gorgeous, strong arms for show. He’s actually pretty strong. He doesn’t want his lover to help with the heavy lifting so he’d ring a friend or two to come and help him out a bit.

Once everything is in place, he’s wants to make love to his s/o in every single room in the house. He believes it’d bring good luck…sure jinguji..

Strong Point: Exquisite taste!


He’s effortlessly a pretty handy guy. Years of living in the orphanage taught him a thing or two about the uses of a tool box.

He’s pretty much silent when it comes to picking out the home decor. He’d really just be there to push the cart around the store. So, s/o probably shouldn’t ask his opinion because he won’t have one.

The most exciting part to him is painting! He gets so excited. When it’s time to do some painting, he turns into a kid. Be forewarned, protect any exposed skin because he. will. paint. you.

As long as his s/o can help out, moving furniture in would be a piece of cake and could be done in no time.

He’s not very helpful with organizing things though. His s/o will have to tell him where they want everything to go because the place will look a mess if they left it up to him.

Strong Point: Amazing agility!


He doesn’t have a dream house or anything. So, when he and his s/o were looking for places he let them do most of the decision making. His only request is that it’s big enough to turn a room into a man cave.

Just because he doesn’t mind letting his s/o do most of the decision making when it comes to the house doesn’t mean he’s want them to forget him and his opinion.

He’d give them the freedom to do all the decorating they want as long as they don’t make the place too feminine.

Since he’s the manliest manly man ever in the history of man, he will insist that he and his s/o buy furniture them needs to be assembled. This is something he wants to do on his own, no help from his partner.

He’s not going to rest until he builds whatever it is. He will binge on energy drinks against his s/o’s protest until he gets the job done. Cuz that is the kind of manly man he is!

Strong Point: Great determination, handiness and maximum manliness!


This man’s packing game is on Hercules [read: strong af]. He can teach his s/o all types of ways to make the biggest things fit into the smallest boxes.

Being the neat freak he is, he’ll probably drag his s/o to their new place several times to clean it before they actually move in, each visit more thorough than the last.

He was raised in a mansion with a large staff. Everything had always been taken care of for him. So, he has zero experience with tools. So, if his s/o can’t show him how to use them or do it themselves they’re screwed. 

He may be strong but he would hate to sprain a muscle or something by lifting heavy furniture so he’d hired professional movers to get the job done.

Unless his s/o is as into the more traditional Japanese home, he and his lover argue over the theme.

On the bright side, he’s willing to compromise. If he can have at least one Japanese style room in the house that can act as his ‘meditation room’, he’ll agree to whatever they want to do.

Strong Points: Best packer in the world and cleanliness.!

If you missed the Quartet Night version (scenarios) click here

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What about STARISH and Quartet Night going shopping with their s/o? This could be at the mall or just regular domestic shopping.


READING GUIDE: { ”…” }- Him { (…) }- You { *…* }- Actions

Grocery shopping with Natsuki:

*pushes the cart down the baking & spices aisle* “___-chan, can we get marshmallows for the brownies too?” *You shrugged*  (Sure if you want.) “Yay~! Oh! Can we also get these chocolate chips?” (Okay, yeah. Why not?) “Ooooh~!” *He began to toss random bottles in the cart: parsley, cilantro, garlic, parmesan, red pepper flakes, and vanilla extract. You stopped him immediately.* (What the hell are these for?) “The brownies, silly!” (Okay, no. Take these, place them back where you found them and don’t pick up anything else, got it?)

Shoe shopping with Tokiya:

*You examined the shoe on your foot and smiled up at the midnight haired idol* (I like these!) *He frowned, picking up the display* “These have little to no support. You’re running a marathon.” (I want to look good… for charity.) “No one will be looking at your feet. I can assure you that.” (B-But!) *He kneeled taking the shoe from your foot* “You’re not wearing these. That’s final.” *He put it back in the box, placing back on the shelf. Completely ignoring your pouting face* (Tokiya~!) “Your heels will thank me later.” *He began to look at running shoes much better suited for the job*

Christmas Shopping with Cecil:

*The brown haired boy stared wide eyed at the large Christmas tree in the center of the mall* “Amazing!” *You had been still been walking in the same direction, checking your shopping list* (Alright, so next up is your secret Santa gift for Ittoki-kun. What did you want to get him? There’s special going on at the music store. The commercial said they’re selling acoustics for as low as–) *You turned to see that the prince has disappeared. You pulled out your cell to call his to feel your own pocket vibrating* (Dammit!) *You set out in search of the prince*

Dress Shopping with Ren:

*You strutted toward the strawberry blonde waiting for you on the couch* (What do you think about this one?) *Ren twirled his finger, gesturing for your to spin for him* “Hmm….” *You struck a pose and smiled* (Sooo?) *He shook his head* “Sorry, lady. But that dress doesn’t suit you. Let’s see the next one.” *You went back to the dressing room to try the next dress. When you returned he frowned* “We’re meeting with your family to formally announce our engagement. I want you to wear something that’s nice enough to impress; but at the same time I want you in something that’ll make me impatiently rip it off when we’re home alone to celebrate.”

Toy Shopping with Otoya:

“These are so cool!” *You watched the red head bouncing down the aisle excitedly* (Yeah, these toys are quite something.) *He gasped and picked up one of the skateboards.* “I wish I had one of these when I was a kid.” *He placed on the floor* (Otoya, what are you doing?) “I don’t want to go buy something for the kids at the orphanage without testing it first.” *You smiled* (You don’t have to make up an excuse to act like a kid when you’re in a toy store.) *He chuckled at you before taking off down the aisle on the skateboard*

Accessory Shopping with Syo:

“I think these earrings would like nice on you.” *You examined them carefully and smiled* (Those are nice~! Good eye, Syo!) *He smiled proudly* “I know right. That’s why you never go shopping without me.” *You picked up a necklace and handed it to him* (This suits you, I think.) *He nodded* “I really like that one . Put it in the basket along with your earrings.” *He walked over to the shelf filled with hats.You picked up a hat and placed it on the blonde’s head. He took a look at his reflection in the mirror and removed it* “That hat isn’t very flattering.” (Flattering to what? Your height?)”O-OI!”

Furniture Shopping with Masato:

*The bluenette narrowed his eyes at the sectional you were looking at* (What do you think of putting this in the living room?) “No, it wouldn’t match the style of our living room.” *He walked off to check out the flooring portfolio you’d passed earlier*  (This would definitely work. I like it and it’s comfy too. Don’t you think, Masa?….? Masa?) *You looked around the store to find him staring intently at the portfolio. He hadn’t flipped the page since he found it. You peeked over his shoulder to see what he was brewing over and sighed.* (Masato, we’re not getting tatami in the living room.) “Give me one good reason why we can’t have a least one traditional Japanese room in our home?”

Gift Shopping with Reiji:

*He led you out of the music store where you found a t-shirt for Ranmaru. Now you were headed to out to find a gift for Ai.* (What was it you said Ai mention wanting before?) *Reiji had completely missed your question because he’d stopped at a kiosk in the middle of the mall. You were stopped by another kiosk that were offering you some of their products. When you finally managed to slip away, your eyes widened as the brunette ran over to holding a cane* “Ne, Ne ___-chan! Don’t you think Myu-Myu would love this? It’s a full sized walking stick.” (Ah, yes. Nothing says, ‘Happy Holidays’ like pimp cane.)

Computer Shopping with Ai:

*You were looking carefully at all the laptops on the shelves for a while. You found it hard to make a decision. You’d noticed that Ai had been missing for some time now. You saw him, kneeling in front of the glass casings up front.* (Ai, I’m having a hard time picking a laptop that I like.) “Well, you’re bound to be unhappy with anything you pick out there.” (Huh?) “If you want to decent laptop with quality specs… You should look at these.” *He tapped against the glass* (What about that one?) *He looked at you with a blank expression. He was not at all amused by your choice.* “Sure, if you want to purchase a laptop with a poor hard drive and minimal storage space.” *You blinked.* (K…How about you choose for me?) *He stood to his feet and led you to the clerk* “I’d thought you say that. I’ve already got someone to ring it up for you.”

Meat Shopping with Ranmaru:

*The silver haired man was slouched over peering intently into the glass casing. He looked at the attendant behind the counter who was busy with another customer* “Oi, how much does the prime rib weigh? There’s no tag.” *They looked over at him and kindly asked him to hold on. He clicked his tongue, already visibly impatient* (Ran, just give him a second he’s wrapping their stuff. Let’s look at some of the other meats.) *You pointed at pointed at the sirloin* “That’s weak. Look at the size of those ribeye.” *The attendant walked over to assist him* “We’ll take 100lbs of the ribeye.” (What?!) *He looked at you questioningly* “Right, I forgot about the prime rib. We’ll two of those.” *You stared at him* “What the hell are you looking at? You don’t pass up quality meat on sell.”

Pet Shopping with Camus:

(I’d like to see Alexander dressed up for the holidays as an elf. That would be so cute.) *Camus shook his head* “I’d never dress Alexander in something as demeaning as that. Besides, we’re here for his food not costumes.” (Fine, I still think it’d be cute.) *Alexander barked loudly* (See, I think even he agree with me.) *Camus scoffed* “Please, my Alexander isn’t working class. I’d never put him in something that silly.” *He ignored your pouting lip. You watched the count as he examined the many food choices for his dog.* (I’m going to the restroom.) “Mhmm.” *When you’d returned , you’d nearly died when you’d seen that Camus dressed Alexander up as Santa. You giggled at the count’s attempt to keep a straight face.* (Alexander, what has this man done to you?)

After the shit ending I was a wreck but after some time in keep thinking of one of those it’s just a nightmare fics.

Ichigo wakes up absolutely terrified, freaking out. He immediately turns in bed looking for who is there. In his panic he doesn’t realize he’s most definitely not in his father’s house but a very traditional old school japanese home. He rips the covers off and runs to the door only to have it side open and reveal Rukia. He freezes and then envelopes her in hug and starts silently crying. Rukia just holds him until her calms down.

Finally he stops crying and tells her about the nightmare he had. They lived in a world where they gave up, gave into fear and lived apart, barely ever bothering to see each other, married to others. A world where he gave up his power to protect and she conformed to the cruel realities of SS.

Rukia chuckles and reminds him that they defeated yhwach. That he became a part of SS, her lieutenant. That ishida is now the leader of the quincy, their ambassador working for peace between shinigami and quincy. Chad is not a boxer but a rock star that advicates for animal rights. Tatsuki on the other hand is a champion fighter. Orihime and ishida are married and own a cake shop and dress shop, working together on weddings, often traveling the world tasting all kinds new foods. The twins are in college living normal lives. Isshin is still isshin crying that his babies grew up and left him all alone(though he visits often to pester ichigo for grandkids. Renji even because a captain, which he lives to teases ichigo about. Urahara returned to the living world with yoruichi, back at his shop with their family. Shunsui and Nanoa got married but they changed much. Ukitate retired, sentaro and kiyone still fuss over him.

Even halibel has become a some what of an ambassador for HM. She rules over HM and tries to keep a balance. Grimmjow is around he still wants to fight ichigo. Nel actually visits every once in awhile.

She reminds him of his work, their work to change soul society. Of all the change he has already managed in 10 short human years.

Then she reassures him that this is real. They won, they didn’t let fear rule them, yhwach is gone and he’s never coming back to hurt then. They have lived many happy days and they will live many many more.

((This was a request from @valadationworld​. Thank you for the scenario! :D and i hope all of you enjoy it. Also, since they are 2P!Country representations, most of these houses cost more that i’d make in a lifetime XD))

Scenario: *2P’s houses*


((Allen prefers spacy apartments over houses. His would probably be a luxury apartment set at the top of one of New York’s nicest buildings. It wold be perfect for big parties, but also for chilling at home with his flat-screen and hot tub.))


((This muffin would have a nice secluded house in London, though it’d be an understatement to call it a house XD more like a mansion. He’d want a nice big garden, a fountain, and the kitchen would be the most expensive room in the entire place. It’d be perfect for inviting the other countries over to celebrate the holidays, and it would have a few guest rooms.))


((Unlike most of the other 2P’s, Francois doesn’t find much need for a big house; it’s not like many people come to visit him anyways. Really, most of the room on his property would be taken up by his garden, where he grows the ingredients for his wine. Really, this guy a wine cellar! That’s one of the few things that he enjoys besides cigarettes, solitude, and *cough* his S/O *cough cough*))


((Viktor may be an independent soul, but that doesn’t mean he likes to live in large houses. Most of the rooms aren’t even really for company, regardless. Whether they are for his own use, or for the use of his 2P!”servants”, all of his rooms have a purpose for either functionality or decorum; as opposed to entertainment and social gatherings. What can he say? If he really ever does feel the need to socialize, which is little to never, he goes to another county’s home.))


((Wang likes views, so having a house with a lot of windows is a must. Also, being the kind of guy that likes to bring home new girls every other week, he likes to impress them with an expensive-looking house that basically screams “aLL THIS CAN BE YOURS IF YOU GO TO BED WITH ME RIGHT NOW!”. To top it off for himself, girls being the only people he really hangs out with besides the occasional “Viktor-visit”, he wants someplace secluded and with little to no neighbors within range of his property.))


((Before he even thinks about anything else in his house, Matt wants his home to be “homey”, with a comfortable vibe that can help ease away his troubles and can just as easily be a family home; and what fits the bill better than a nice log cabin?. He’d have a fireplace, a nice bedroom, a balcony, and a Jacuzzi (and/or pool) to help get him through the cold winter nights or the hot summer days. Not only that, but he’d make sure there was a nice forest nearby, with a lake. He enjoys nature, so it would put him at ease to have a view of it, and be able to have it within a walking distance.))


((This has to be the most random one out of all of them XD Idk, i thought Gilen and something about him screams houseboat…i’d imagine it’s because he’s pretty socially awkward and, much like Matt (who i’d think to be one of his closest friends), he’d enjoy nature and it’d help put him at ease and relieve some of the stress that comes from everyday socializing. Oh, and also because he’s kind of a free-spirit, so having a house that could move on water and take him anywhere that the water allows him to would be extra convenient for him. (this one was actually designed by a German architect. My luck, right!?) XD))


((Being the guy that he is, a house that looks way nicer than others, and is possibly the best money can buy, is a must for him. Although, unlike Oliver with his big mansions, Flavio probably enjoys a coastal theme, and a house that looks like it belongs on the nicest coast of Italy (and probably is, with his connections). H’d have a beautiful in-ground pool specifically for his summer hangouts, and a decorative living area with a fireplace for his winter hangouts XD He enjoys looking good, so he wants his house to make it a dead giveaway that that’s the case. For extra measure, he’d probably have a firepit, and maybe a nice bar for some late-night wine-tasting. Only in that one way can Francois genuinely enjoy Flavio’s company; when he has good wine ready.))


((Santiago’s choice is pretty self-explanatory; he is an independent soul, so like Wang Zao, his house is probably miles away from the closest property that isn’t his. Being that he’s very passionate about his country’s tastes, his house looks like a traditional Spanish house,except just 3 or 4 of them put together :P Probably located on the coast of Spain (with his luck, probably the coast closest to Flavio’s coastline XD) with a beach and a beautiful shoreline a couple of yards away so that he can see the sunset or go work on his tan in a moment’s notice. Also, just a little fun fact, his satin sheets are probably better than any of the other 2P’s with him (*cough* Francois, Wang, and Luciano *cough* *cough*) Just FYI ;D ))


((This dork is most likely piggybacking on Luciano’s property, but ,i guess, ….hypothetically, if he did have his own place (not likely) it’d be more for show than anything else. Seriously, it’d be one of the nicest houses within a 100 mile radius, yet he barely uses it for anything besides the occasional one-night stand. He spends more time mooching off of others and hanging out at parties and other countries’ houses, uninvited most likely, than anything else. Although, when he does decide to have his own party, then yes…he uses his grand abode. It’s a giveaway arty animal house, with two bars (indoors and outdoors), a pool and a Jacuzzi, a billiards table, a huge DJ setup, multiple stereos, and a dance-floor. Really, more money is spent powering the whole party than the house is probably even worth! XD


((I know, i know, this looks predictable, but looks don’t mean everything. On the outside, it looks like a traditional Japanese home, but on the inside it’s probably one of the most modern ones you’ll find. He always has the latest gaming consoles and games (American or Japanese), and otaku shit would be plastered all over the walls. Everything from an epic SAO poster, to a sensual R18 poster of some hentai anime, his interests are out in the open and for all eyes to see. In the words of Optimus Prime, “there’s more than meets the eye”. Kuro doesn’t find it very honorable to lie to people to simply appeal to their better nature, so he just decides to be as blunt and straightforward as possible))


((If i’m right, this house actually kinda looks like the one from that Romeo and Juliet movie with Leonardo Dicaprio XD i could be wrong, but it looks familiar. Anyways~, much like Flavio, Luciano cares about appearances much more than he comes off to be. Except, as opposed to doing it because it’s simply built into his own preferences, he does it to show off and impress others. After all, he does have a certain weakness for showing others how rich and well-off he is. Although, one thing that does actually appeal to his preferences are the sheer amount of balconies. Luciano enjoys being able to step out of his home and view the night sky, or just contemplate things, without actually leaving his home. There’s a certain undeniable appeal about balconies that Luciano cant help but satisfy.))

Jizo Bosatsu (Okimono)

“Okimono” were originally sculptures intended for display in the decorative alcove (tokonoma) of a traditional Japanese home. By the Meiji period (1868-1912) they were also popular items for display and sale at the world fairs Japan participated in. Made of wood and bronze, the most popular were carved in ivory.

Birmingham Museum of Art