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Washi tape drawing to celebrate the beginning of summer!
Good luck to all of you starting finals. You’ll make it through! Summer is waiting 🌊

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[Custom-Made Print Service]
- owned by Mr. and Mrs. S 28.6.2016

size:B3 515×364mm
media: washi (Japanese traditional paper)
medium: archival giclee print (12 color highest quality inkjet)

<Service Content and Terms and Conditions>

customer’s idea is embodied as an art print.
this copyright belongs to Kotaro Chiba.
make drawings and submit the prints just once. no amends. no proof.
customer can not use the prints for any commercial activity.
customer can modify and make duplication this prints data in a range of personal use.
the prints under the supervision of Kotaro Chiba.
print on demand. most highest quality.
cutomer can hold a certificate of authenticity with Kotaro Chiba’s autograph.
(all optional)

just for you :-)

- 県内Sご夫妻所蔵 2016年6月28日

サイズ:B3 515×364 mm
使用メディア:和紙(椿 薄口) 

●修正、校正無し 一発入稿
●商業利用不可 (商業デザインへの利用、再販売などは不可)



Sewing + DIY Haori / Kimono sleeve jacket by madebyaya