traditional indian weddings

DAY 3228

Jalsa, Mumbai                      Jan 29, 2017                    Sun 11:32 pm

Birthday - EF - Nasser Algharibeh , Yash Goveas,  

Mon, January 30 .. and this is to wish both of you a very happy birthday for the 30th .. enjoy the love and greetings from your Ef ..

A dear friend’s sons wedding in Hyderabad .. and a quick visit there, in the morning and back by the afternoon .. the joy of weddings and meeting old colleagues and friends .. Rajni and Chiranjeevi and Nag and Vyjayantimala more than 80, and still performing dance events on stage .. the joy of simply being amidst the elaborate and stunning decor done by friends Abu & Sandeep .. who also design our clothes - the one you see me wearing above is one of them .. But really the traditional South Indian wedding, the following of our culture and custom, the dresses the rituals, the food, the ambiance the music in keeping with old values and of classical taste .. simply incredible ..

The ladies, all of them in their traditional dresses and the men most of them following suit .. the suit being the other alternative for them ..  personal care and love and then the excitement of being witness to nail biting sports games - Tennis, the Australian Open of Federer and Rafael .. and then later the T20 India v England .. an absolute nail biter .. Federer won, just about .. India won equally close … but so enormously engaging and filled with cheer and joy ..

Spending time with friends is so educative .. so informative and so filled with the vibrations of goodness .. wish that those moments could be had more often …

Getting back to routine is now essential .. some number of days have passed without it being so … and that is a lag which should never happen …

So to bed early and then the rehab at the gym … 

Amitabh Bachchan

Indian Bride - While on assignment in Kolkata (Calcutta), India, covering sex trafficking, prostitution and the infamous brothels there, I had the opportunity to attend a Bengali wedding. What a beautiful bride, and I’m grateful she gave me the opportunity to take a few images during the actual ceremony.