In celebration of her url finally becoming available, I drew my favorite original character @captainsprocket ♥ ♥ ♥ It’s been years since I’ve given the robot-building alien mom a proper full-body reference! Feel free to hop over to her blog and ask Empress something, anything! :) 

Captain Sprocket design © @paigemillustration


A bunch of inventors. All three Violet Baudelaire, from the books, from the movie, and from the upcoming Netflix show! Please don’t repost without permission and don’t steal <3

I can’t wait! The trailer looks incredibly awesome!!

I’m very excited about the new things that are going to be in the netflix adaptation… because they are all actual things of the story even if they aren’t in the books, because Daniel himself is writting the script!! This is going to be like when the Special Paperback books with extra illustrations came out!!! This show is going to be so good!! The baudelaires are beautiful, Olaf looks scary as F, which he didn’t do in the movie. And all the new content we are going to enjoy thanks to Daniel, things that went uncleared at the end of the books and always let me that bitter sweet end.

People seems scared about the accouracy to the books, first of all a book and a tvshow are not the same, things need to be changed in orther to make every episode more interesting. Second, yeah the show will include new content, which is awesome because is new content coming from the author of the books, he has the story in his head, he knows it better than anyone. And third, DANIEL mother freaking awesome HANDLER aka LEMONY SNICKET himself is writing the script!!! Tell me how many shows are doing secret websites for the fans to discover hidden in the trailers???? I mean THIS IS AWESOME you guys!!!

I’ve been a big fan of this books for over 12 years now, and I know this is going to be HUGE! and all I can say issss that after the complete ASOUE netflix show I want an “All The Wrong Questions Netflix” show pretty please!!!!! *O*