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Excuse the dust, I light a lot of incense, but here is my indoor altar(s). Top tier is the all gods shrine, then the spiritwork / old horn / wild hunt altar, then the working altar where I do my divination and spells, down there so I can sit or kneel, and any books or supplies I might need are on the shelf below. 


I decided to do drawing (oh, that crumpled paper looks horrible, I know) of Ge’els who donned his Wild Hunt armor. It’s based on one of the concept arts from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Honestly speaking, I’m not sure if the concept art shows Ge’els or Nithral (Hunt’s warrior), but who cares.

Ge’els. Viceroy of Tir ná Lia.

Intelligent, composed and endowed with massive charisma, Ge'els enjoyed the respect and trust of the inhabitants of the Aen Elle world as well as that of their previous ruler, Auberon Muircetach.

Drawing based on screenshot by @bryd-one-brere

(yes, I know that in the game he doesn’t have any scars)

Longbow hunt preparation, I was gathering all my gear as deer season is only a few weeks away. After laying this out I thought it needed a quick snap for the Canon’s a well used Martin “The Stick” with custom cedar arrows and various accessories

Elsewhere U- The kiln god

(Note: this is crossposted to AO3 here)

There is a thing, at Elsewhere U, that deals in might-have-beens. In wasted chances. In ruined potential.

It is not fey, not quite. It definitely isn’t human, though it approximates the shape of one more closely than most. Indeed, it is only ever so slightly off- tall, but not too tall; handsome, but not otherworldly; bright, glittering eyes, but not quite lit from inside. It even stays consistent in its appearance: androgynous, chin length feathery blond hair, bright brown eyes. Generally, it wears a plaid shirt and a pair of jeans.

Of those who know about it, some think it came from across the seas, brought here like so much luggage with an international student. Others think it some form of demon, or twisted spirit. Others say it crawled out of the pages of a book, well loved enough that the monsters came to life.  

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Hi guys! Can you please update the humor tag? Been awhile. Thank you soooo much

youre right man

Miscommunication issue. by skyblue993 (1/1 | 1,389 | NC17)

There’s not such a big of a turn off as when someone spells Stiles’ name wrong.

Remember Me..? by sweetie_pie (1/1 | 7,123 | PG13)

When Stiles comes to after a car accident, he feels completely fine, except for that person shaped hole in his heart that his memories can’t seem to fill. When he confronts his friends about it, he gets his answer but not the one that he expected. Seems his heart is missing a werewolf.

To Dye For (Hale Pack Holidays: Easter) by midnightcas (1/1 | 1,865 | PG13)

The Hale Pack decides to try their hand at a “traditional” Easter Egg Hunt. And it goes about as well as expected.

Grocery Run on My Heart by FlyAwayMeow (rjaejoo) (1/1 | 5,744 | G)

Scott can’t place an order for Alison’s restaurant without messing it up. He relies on his best buddy Stiles for all the grocery store runs. Where Derek is the first employee Stiles always sees when he needs help, Laura aggressively keeps putting Stiles to work and Peter is the creepy manager who loves to stalk Stiles. Or…Derek is a pining mess, Peter enlists Stiles help in matchmaking, and Talia conspires with Peter to get Derek and Stiles to fall in love.

Implausible Deniability by Farscapegeek (1/1 | 2,456 | PG13)

“Do you want to explain this?” Lydia asks, nay, demands.

Derek looks down at the photo and winces. It’s him and Batman, clearly making out in the alley behind the gala Stilinski Enterprises had held the night before.

“I tripped?” He replied weakly.

“Tripped. Tripped somehow onto Batman’s mouth?” Lydia’s voice growing more shrill at every word.

“Ummmm yes?”

“Would you like to try again?”

“Not especially no.”

AKA The one where Derek (Superman) gets caught making out with Batman (Stiles) and the reporter’s quiet life of anonymity is blown. Please stop snickering Stiles it isn’t funny.

To all the white people jumping down my throat about traditional hunting,

Do NOT come to my inbox debating on whether or not traditional hunting is needed anymore because there are apparently “alternative” ways to eat such as a vegan diet, that WE are somehow the problem here, that our ways are “cruel” or some other nonsense reason.

I’m not interested in your whitesplaining or your white opinions. Understand that conservation isn’t just about keeping animals from becoming extinct. If conservation intersects with culture, then it’s about making sure that conservation methods don’t hurt or damage culture as well. Don’t you think? It isn’t about you and what you think or feel, to be honest. Don’t come to me with your two dimensional view of the world where white people still think they know best. 

Show me that you’re just as worked up about issues like global warming, something that damages habitats and food sources for animals, pollution and over-fishing which (obviously) severely lowers marine life populations.

Until then, don’t message this blog.



The Golden-Eagle Hunters of Mongolia

Members of Mongolia’s traditional nomadic clans domesticate golden eagles to hunt foxes and other animals. Many of the men talk about loving the eagles like their own children. The photographer Palani Mohan documents the bond between man and bird in the Altai mountains.

Find more photographs on

Photographs by Palani Mohan / Courtesy Merrell Publishers

The dawn 

Just 09 days people.

This are Mark, Kieran and Cristina as promised.  Hope you like it!

I am not really happy how it turned out, like is so messy but well I am improving my drawing speed so its fine, plus I love those three I feel that they can totally be like the Angels of Charlie if it weren’t for, you now, everything.

And for Tomorrow Kit and Ty, stay tuned  

Easter traditions in Germany are similar to those in other Christian countries, from the religious commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ to the Easter bunny. They include: 

Das Osterfeuer. Many Germans, especially in the North, gather around large bonfires on the eve of Easter Sunday. The wood of old Christmas trees and garden debris from the long winter is used for this occasion and collected in one place to be lit. This tradition actually is an old Pagan ritual dating back to before Christ to symbolize the coming of spring, driving out the evil spirits of winter, etc. Back then it was believed that any home or field shone upon by the light of the fire would be protected from sickness and misfortune.

Der Osterhase. The concept of the Easter bunny is believed to have originated in Germany. The first known account of it is found in the 1684 notes of a Heidelberg professor of medicine, where he discusses the ill effects of eating too many Easter eggs. German and Dutch settlers brought the tradition with them to other parts of the world. 

Der Osterfuchs and others. In some parts of Germany, children wait for the Osterfuchs instead of the bunny. They’ll hunt for his yellow eggs on Easter morning which are dyed with onion skins. Other Easter egg deliverers include roosters (Saxony), storks (Thuringia), and chicks. In the past few decades they have become less popular as the bunny has taken over most of the country. 

Der Osterbaum. Beautifully painted Easter eggs are hung on tree branches in a vase in the house or on a tree in the garden. 

Das Osterlamm. There are cakes in the shape of a lamb. Some families might eat actual lamb as well, even though this is not a popular meat in Germany.

Das Osterrad. This custom is practiced in some regions of Northern Germany. Hay is stuffed into a large wooden wheel, then lighted and rolled down a hill at nighttime. A long wooden pole pulled through the wheel’s axle helps it keep its balance. If the wheel reaches all the way to the bottom intact, a good harvest is predicted. The city of Lügde in the Weserbergland prides itself as being the Osterradstadt, since it has followed this tradition yearly for over a 1000 years.

Die Osterspiele. Rolling eggs down a hill and the traditional egg hunts for kids are German customs.

Der Ostermarkt. Similar to Germany’s Weihnachtsmärkte for Christmas, there also are some Ostermärkte with special foods, artisian eggs, and other decor.

The List

Since the portal accident when he was fourteen, he’d been keeping a record of all ghostly abilities that he exhibited as well as a short explanation of each power. At age fifteen, with everything that had happened and continued to happen, Danny was still just as confused about his ghost-half as he had been a year previously.

Maddie and Jack had offered to analyze his notes to determine whether or not his abilities were finite or if they would continue to grow along with him, which Danny had refused at first. When Danny discovered that he was continuing to add to his ever-growing and ever-changing list of powers, the boy consented to letting his parents look at his recordings. His only question was: “Am I finished getting new powers, or should I expect more?”

This was why both adults were slack-jawed in their lab, Danny and Jazz upstairs with their own business to attend to, staring at the expanse of paper before them. This was his latest, most recently revised list and it was more than impressive; organized by the amount of energy spent on each ability.

Accelerated Healing - The title underestimates the actual ability. Mortal wounds become not-so-mortal when in ghost form, unless the central-core energy is specifically targeted to be harmed or weakened. When in ghost form and with enough energy, anything but complete disintegration would bring me little (real) harm. In human form, I can tap into these healing abilities to a lesser extent of my ghost self. (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Enhanced Sensation - All of my five senses are much more sensitive. (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Ecto-Location (Ghost Sense) - When a ghost is nearby, a cold puff of air from my core is sent out (usually through my mouth). If I focus just slightly, I can also determine the ecto-signature of the particular ghost (provided they are familiar to me, i.e. Skulker, Box Ghost, etc.…) (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Invisibility - Manipulating both myself and the light around me, I can make it so I am unable to be seen without special equipment. (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Intangibility - I can become abstract in a way that means I cannot be touched by any human-world item not meant for catching and/or harming ghosts. Tied slightly to invisibility; often, when intangible, I revert to a more corporeal form that is difficult to see (not impossible, but difficult nonetheless). (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Flight - Probably because of the composition of ectoplasm in comparison to the Earth’s atmosphere, I can fly without accessories. (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Body Modification - Includes (but probably not limited to): formation of a ghostly tail when flying at high speeds, ethereal fog materializing between body parts to stretch them, also I can shift to a rubber-like constitution at will. (Energy Drain - Instinctual to Low)

Ghost Stinger - If I react quickly enough, I can turn other ghost’s ectoplasmic energy against them and re-direct the energy. Often this produces an electrified effect on the ‘already-used’ (meaning the energy wasn’t mine to begin with) ectoplasm. If I choose to, I can use energy from my own core to amplify this effect. (Energy Drain - Low)

Ecto-Blasts - I can release energy from my ghostly core outwards in varying degrees of power (up to my control when coming to how much I want to release). (Energy Drain - Low to Moderate)

Ectoplasmic Manipulation - Instead of unfocused ectoplasmic energy, I can dictate what the energy from my core does. Shields, ecto-weapons, and bindings (like chain or rope) are my most often used forms of ectoplasmic manipulation. (Energy Drain - Low to Moderate)

Cryokinesis - Same premise as Ecto-Blasts, provided I concentrate on cold energy rather than unfocused ectoplasm. (Energy Drain - Low to Moderate)

Telekinesis - By surrounding an object (or objects) with a light form of ectoplasm, I can move things around. Size and weight of the item are factors, but longer distances make it harder to move the object(s). (Energy Drain - Moderate)

Ice Fog - If I slowly release cold energy from my core and with it releasing minute amounts of raw ectoplasmic energy, I can create a dense icy fog that decreases visibility around a particular area. (Energy Drain - Moderate to High)

Beacon - Using energy from my core, I can create a beacon of white-green light (from my hands) that attracts ghosts in the near vicinity-friend or foe. The stronger the beacon, the greater area the light reaches (meaning more ghosts the beacon calls to). They seem to be entranced by the light enough so that they’re unaware of their surroundings until I stop the beacon. (Energy Drain - Moderate to High)

Duplication - While making sure not to split my central core, I can manipulate the ectoplasm inside of me to create an identical copy of myself. The more core energy I use, the easier the copy is to maintain, the more durable they are, and the closer they are to. Side note, memory transfer is still a pain. Currently able to maintain 2 low-stamina clones, 1 moderate-stamina clone. (Energy Drain - High)

Ghostly Wail - Using the raw energy from my central core, I can create a series of ectoplasmic sound-waves that do severe damage to those in range of the attack. Also slightly inflicts damage on those not in direct attack but who are close enough to me that the screams penetrate their ears. (Energy Drain - High to Critical)

Arctic Howl - Using more central core energy with focus on its element of ice, a much more devastating effect to the original Wail can be achieved by the waves manifesting into a blizzard. The above effects of the original Ghostly Wail remain in place with the addition of the deep-freeze extending the attack radius. (Energy Drain - Critical)

Jack was the first to speak up.

“Heh… Who knew he was holding out on us this whole time?” He chuckled with an odd sort of smile, still unable to process that his fifteen-year-old son possessed the power that he did. Maddie was still gobsmacked as she flipped through the pages of edits that her son had done.

How he was doing abysmally in English class with this obvious mastery of the language was beyond her, for one thing.
For another; after his list of powers, Danny had composed several theories and hypotheses that could put other doctors in the Paranormal sciences to shame. They were well thought out and carefully laid down with just enough proof threaded in with his theories that made them seem credible. The woman seated herself and blinked. Who knew? She’d always thought that it would be her daughter to follow in her footsteps, even when Jasmine had proclaimed her love for psychology. Jazz had been the one with the book-smarts and Danny had been the boy with his heart in anything he does. The way his notebook looked, however, told her that Danny wasn’t letting on nearly how intelligent he actually was; and it also told her that he had a knack for the thing that her and Jack had devoted their lives to. Rather than her eldest taking over the Fenton family tradition of ghost-hunting when they were gone, it seemed that her youngest was more than equipped with the knowledge to step up to the plate now.

For once in her life, Madeline Cassandra Fenton was truly stumped. She’d thought that she’d have an easy answer to her son’s question, but she was absolutely, 100% baffled just by what Danny was stating simply in his journal as if it were nothing. Jack was too, if his calculating expression told her anything. Despite his tactless way of approaching situations and his general lack of common sense, Jack Fenton was truly a genius and had a wonderfully creative mind; it was one of the many reasons that she’d fallen in love with him. He was deep in his ‘scientist-mode’, as he said it to be. Brows drawn together, the man nodded and looked to his wife.

“I think that he’s yet to apex, as far as these powers go. From the looks of things in here,” he referred to the generous edits made to the notebook-including the changing ‘energy-drain’ levels, “the longer he has these powers, the more control he has. Probably even the strongest attacks he has now will be nothing if we give it a couple years.” Jack grinned like a child in a candy shop. “Who knows, Mads, he might just be the most powerful ghost ever! And he’s only halfway there!” Maddie found herself smiling at her husband’s eagerness.
“Maybe, Jack, maybe…” She trailed off in favor of looking over the book again while Jack began rambling about he and Danny teaming up to be a dynamic duo of sorts.
Through all of the questions that his notebook had left her with, one thing was clear to Maddie when she finally left the lab that evening; she had really only just begun to learn the double-life her son had been leading for the past year and a half.

And she was more than ready to continue learning, as any good scientist would be.