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Excuse the dust, I light a lot of incense, but here is my indoor altar(s). Top tier is the all gods shrine, then the spiritwork / old horn / wild hunt altar, then the working altar where I do my divination and spells, down there so I can sit or kneel, and any books or supplies I might need are on the shelf below. 


I decided a to do drawing (oh, that crumpled paper looks horrible, I know) of Ge’els who donned his Wild Hunt armor. It’s based on one of the concept arts from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Honestly speaking, I’m not sure if the concept art shows Ge’els or Nithral (Hunt’s warrior), but who cares.

The Wild Hunt(s)

I would love to get a discussion going on what people think of The Wild Hunt, there are many versions and types of this hunt that have surfaced through myth and history. Some view it as just one specific group, some see it as many groups that are all under the umbrella of what makes a “Wild Hunt”.

Some people see other gods leading the hunt, ( The Devil, Odin, Gwyn Ap Nudd, Fionn Mac Cumhaill,  ect ) And with them different components of what makes the hunt. Some see men clad on horses, some a congregation of all of the above.

** I personally think that there are many versions of The Wild Hunt, but at it’s core is a singular idea, a single almost deity. One who is wild and reckless and primal. I feel that the wild hunt that Old Horn accompanies is mostly animal and nature like spirits. Instead of hunters with weapons its wolves, bears, crows, and spirits with teeth and claws, but also the prey, in a wild menagerie of raw nature. While I feel Nicnevin’s wild hunt is made up of the sidhe, fairies, spirits, devils, witches, and their respective fetches and familliars. **

So what are your opinions and views on The Wild Hunt? Is there a specific hunt that you think of? what makes it up? is there a leader? I’m interested in what everyone has to say. 

Day 13 - Bloodhound.

If you’ve noticed, I’m trying to switch up my technique every 6 days. It’s really important for me this month to try out new inking techniques and try to grow with the medium. This is ballpoint pen - I hope to improve this technique over the next week!

Ge’els. Viceroy of Tir ná Lia.

Intelligent, composed and endowed with massive charisma, Ge'els enjoyed the respect and trust of the inhabitants of the Aen Elle world as well as that of their previous ruler, Auberon Muircetach.

Drawing based on screenshot by @bryd-one-brere

(yes, I know that in the game he doesn’t have any scars)

[F]rom the 10 million [indigenous people] that once inhabited North America, after four centuries of settler invasion and rule there were in 1900 perhaps 200,000-300,000 surviving descendants in the U.S.A. That was the very substantial down-payment towards the continuing blood price that Third-World nations have to pay to sustain the Euro-Amerikan way of life.

So when we hear that the settlers “pushed out the Indians” or “forced the Indians to leave their traditional hunting grounds”, we know that these are just codephrases to refer politely to the most barbaric genocide imaginable. It could well be the greatest crime in all of human history. Only here the Adolph Eichmanns and Heinrich Himmlers had names like Benjamin Franklin and Andrew Jackson.

The point is that genocide was not an accident, not an “excess”, not the unintended side-effect of virile European growth. Genocide was the necessary and deliberate act of the capitalists and their settler shocktroops. The “Final Solution” to the “Indian Problem” was so widely expected by whites that it was openly spoken of as a commonplace thing. At the turn of the century a newspaper as “respectable” as the New York Times could editorially threaten that those peoples who opposed the new world capitalist order would “be extinguished like the North American Indian.”

—  Settlers: The Myth of tne White Working Class (1989)

The German Luftwaffe M30 Drilling,

The drilling has been a tradition of high German hunting culture dating back to the 19th century. Based on the german word for three “drei”, a drilling is a three barreled firearm typically with two shotgun barrels and a rifle barrel. The purpose of this is so that a hunter can used the same firearm for small game, flying game, and medium to large game. Typically, drillings were not firearms for the common hunter but the well to do and wealthy, as they were heavily decorated, made with fine quality, and very expensive.

During World War II, the German Luftwaffe (air force) contracted with the firm Sauer & Sohn for 4,000 drillings.  Sauer & Sohn was a firm who for decades had produced fine quality custom drillings for German hunters. The Luftwaffe intended the drilling to be used as an aircrew survival weapon. If a plane was to be shot down, the pilot and crew could use the drilling to hunt for food until rescue.

The M30 drilling featured two 12 gauge barrels and a rifle barrel chambered for 9.3x73mm.  9.3x73mm is a very powerful cartridge intended for hunting large game, particularly effective as a big game cartridge for hunting in Africa. The M30 was issued with with 20 rounds of 12 gauge birdshot shells, 25 twelve gauge slugs, and 20 rounds of 9x74mmR.  It was typically stored disassembled in a crate with ammunition and accessories. The M30 drilling was little different from the custom drillings that Sauer & Sohn had produced for civilian clientele. It featured engraved chambers, an engraved case hardened receiver, a walnut stock, a checkered handgrip, foregrip, and cheek piece.  Indeed it must have been the classiest standard issue firearm in military history. I can’t find specific information on how much the Luftwaffe paid for their drillings, the contract with Sauer & Sohn was under the table, but they must have been very expensive. Today, they sell for as much a $25,000.

I find that I must point out how ridiculously absurd it is that the German’s issued these guns as survival weapons. At 42 inches in overall length weighing 7.5lbs they were large for a survival weapon, taking up a lot of valuable space and weight on an airplane. Compare the M30 to other survival rifles, such as the American M4, which is small, light, inexpensive, and yet probably a much more effective survival rifle. While not as powerful as the M30, it was ideal for hunting small game, and it’s unlikely that a stranded airplane crew is going to shoot a moose for food anyway.

The gun was very expensive, firing ammunition which was likewise expensive and uncommon. If you wanted to argue ad absurdium that the drilling was a good survival rifle because it is versatile, I ask you imagine if the US Air Force issued $10,000 elephant rifles in their survival kits today. So why did the luftwaffe bother with these drillings? It all had to do with Luftwaffe head Herman Goering, who was an avid hunter and among his many titles was Reichminister of Forestry, basically the chief of the German game commission.

Goering believed that if German pilots were every to be placed in a position where they must hunt for survival, then they should be equipped with the finest traditional German hunting weapon available, no expense spared. However, Goering’s dream was not completely fulfilled, as only 2,500 were produced out of 4,000. I imagine this was as a result of excessive cost and waste of resources.


The Golden-Eagle Hunters of Mongolia

Members of Mongolia’s traditional nomadic clans domesticate golden eagles to hunt foxes and other animals. Many of the men talk about loving the eagles like their own children. The photographer Palani Mohan documents the bond between man and bird in the Altai mountains.

Find more photographs on

Photographs by Palani Mohan / Courtesy Merrell Publishers



Posting both because I couldn’t decide which was better. :X 

Haven’t done art in a while, and when I did this happened. I love Maeve so much okay thanks bye. 

@paladinsheadcanons I wanted you guys to see this and also please feel free to take this as an AU (sort of) in which Maeve’s eyes change to gold like her Alley Cat skin whenever she uses her feline powers. 


Ashol Pan.

13 year old Ashol Pan is one of the estimated last 250 Mongolian eagle hunters left in the world. And one of the very few women that are granted the privilege to be trained in this ancient, traditional hunting method. Golden eagles are used mainly to hunt foxes during the winter months.

Some images courtesy of Caters News Agency.

Elsewhere U- The kiln god

(Note: this is crossposted to AO3 here)

There is a thing, at Elsewhere U, that deals in might-have-beens. In wasted chances. In ruined potential.

It is not fey, not quite. It definitely isn’t human, though it approximates the shape of one more closely than most. Indeed, it is only ever so slightly off- tall, but not too tall; handsome, but not otherworldly; bright, glittering eyes, but not quite lit from inside. It even stays consistent in its appearance: androgynous, chin length feathery blond hair, bright brown eyes. Generally, it wears a plaid shirt and a pair of jeans.

Of those who know about it, some think it came from across the seas, brought here like so much luggage with an international student. Others think it some form of demon, or twisted spirit. Others say it crawled out of the pages of a book, well loved enough that the monsters came to life.  

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