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Fandometrics In Depth: WWE Edition

Wikipedia describes professional wrestling as “an athletic form of storytelling that portrays a combat sport.” The finest form of this athletic storytelling is exhibited by the members of the @wwe, and the finest place to chronicle their fables is on Tumblr. Throughout 2016, there were over a million posts and reblogs about the #WWE and we analyzed every one of them.

The thing to know about wrestling on Tumblr is that it’s huge. Andre The Giant–huge.

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Wrestling is the biggest sport on Tumblr

In 2016, the #wwe tag got…

  • 224% more engagement (searches, original posts, reblogs and likes) than #basketball, the most-engaged traditional sport
  • 489% more engagements than #soccer, and
  • 749% more engagements than #nfl

But wrestling isn’t just the biggest sport. It’s the biggest on TV.

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Wrestling Smash

Those huge numbers are not just limited to sports. WWE’s most popular weekly show, Raw, airs on Mondays. We looked back at the past six months, and compared it to three other Monday night shows:

As you can see in the chart below, WWE peaked every Monday throughout the summer.  There are no hiatuses in the WWE. August’s SummerSlam and its corresponding Raw episode was one of the biggest moments in the sport in 2016.  In fact, there were 692% more original posts made about #WWE on August 21st and 22nd than there were for Supergirl, Shadowhunters and Gotham combined.

Top Wrestlers

The uninitiated might assume that John Cena is number 1, but actually the most popular wrestler is Dean Ambrose (aka alternate universe Ed Sheeran), who was posted about 408% more than the Leader of the Cenanation. Probably because Ambrose was the top WWE champion for most of the year, but maybe also because people were shipping Ambreigns. On the Diva side, @sashabankswwe was the most talked about, coinciding with her draft to Raw and her first Women’s Championship title win in July.

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#wrestling (obviously), #professional wrestling (of course), #wwe, #wwe raw, #summerslam, #smackdown, or whatever the name of your favorite wrestler is, even if they’re from the distant past.

Regarding the PASH Article

I’m not usually the type to make tumblr posts but I see people freaking out over this interview and honestly while I will say that Kubo’s comment WAS REALLY NOT A GOOD THING FOR HER TO SAY it wasn’t nearly as drastic as people are thinking it is in translation. 

To start off, what she originally said in Japanese was as follows:  「結婚的な意味合いよりも、部活の仲間同士で同じものを持とう、みたいなノリに近いです。」How I translated it personally was “More than the marriage-like meaning [of the rings], they have the feeling of partners representing a club.“ 

Note, the  合いよりも or “MORE THAN” aspect of this. This is not saying that it means it wasn’t also with marriage intentions. Simply, that the omamori or good luck purpose was the main intention for Yuuri. However it doesn’t change the fact that 1) he bought literal wedding rings 2) he bought them after closely looking at JJ’s engagement 3) he verbatim followed a traditional Russian style engagement 4) Victor himself referred to them as engaged.

The way I always interpreted the scene was that Yuuri himself did the engagement in a way that was reflective of his anxiety. He never explicitly asked Victor to marry him. He absolutely knew Victor knew what he was getting at, however Yuuri himself used very ambiguous language and painted it as “good luck” as a way out in case Victor rejected him. Later, when Phichit announced that they were married, Victor claimed that they were engaged. This sealed that particular meaning of the rings. I think Victor knew what he was doing, given leaked storyboards. 

Yuuri: For good luck!

Victor: (big eyed) So that’s what he means.

Victor, given his revealed thoughts and expression, always knew that Yuuri was teetering around this issue. People ignore that in the anime, he also looked kind of hurt. This is something Japanese fans picked up on, but not Western fans.

And this following smile always looked a little fake to me

That sort of reminded me of his OTHER obviously fake smile

Which still does not negate this

I actually find it kind of amusing. A lot of people have written about how this was the exact moment they got engaged, yet now the fact that it wasn’t explicitly so before is the worst thing ever.

Also I’d like to point out how so much of this series is Yuuri being indirect as hell about their relationship and giving Victor whiplash. Why must best boy suffer so much ;_;

Regarding everything else and Kubo’s ambiguity she does seem like the type that’s “if it’s not explicitly stated it’s up for interpretation” type of writer. Which is annoying and stupid, but it’s so obvious that they’re a thing. Even everything else Kubo has said such as how they’re “soulmates” in “true love”, how she talks about homophobia not existing in their world, how she positively interacts with tweets talking about how they’re a couple. The most damning thing is that she has the mentality of “let the show speak for itself.” Even though she is making some very bad wording decisions roughly half the time (the other half she pretty much outright talks about how they’re a couple) the show pretty clearly does so.

You also have Otsuka outright saying things such as how “When you show scenes that leave no room for other interpretations there’s a risk of it not sitting well with some people, but Kubo and Yamamoto always plunged forward with no hesitation” (source)   He’s the producer and where the money is, so if anyone would be big on not allowing confirmation, it would be him. But he is. He is very encouraging of Victor/Yuuri. You also have Sayo, who if anything outranks Kubo in terms of story, we just never hear from her due to her private nature. Who knows what she would say. 

TL;DR Kubo said something really dumb but it changes absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things and wasn’t as “no-homo” as people in the western fandom believe

Edit: I answered an ask about Victor’s reactions [here]

Ok since the whole tumblr is obsessed with Yuri!!! on Ice

I decided to give some advices especially to the artists who draw russian characters to make it less cringy for myself. I’m sure somebody might have already done something like this but I still want to bring up some points.

- to all shippers out there: russians wear wedding rings on the RIGHT HAND, not on the left;

- we also don’t have a tradition of the engagement rings;

- please, please, PLEASE don’t try to write/use russian phrases unless you actually know the language or can ask someone who knows it. Non-speakers won’t get them, latin transliteration is ugly as fuck, not to mention that the translator will 99.9% get it wrong somewhere. Use english, really;

- the same goes to writing in russian: please don’t do it unless you know how to. Redrawing russian printed letters looks weird at best. Russian cursive is a bitch but at least it’s a beautiful bitch;

- russians don’t celebrate Christmas on the December 25th. Orthodox Christmas is celebrated on the 7th of January and it’s not as global as western Christmas. It’s more of a religious tradition. But New Year celebration in Russia is HUGE. So if you want to draw a winter thematic art, new year theme would suit better;

- (also we don’t have Halloween);

- according to the rules of transliteration it’s ‘Viktor’. Not ‘Victor’;

- when drawing scenes of russian character with people they’re close to, use their short name forms. Especially with lovers. (So yeah use ‘Vitya’ and ‘Yura’ it’s really nice);

- there are more forms of russian names: some are tender, some are playful, some are cute, some even are weird. If you want to know a specific form just ask someone who’s native. But common short forms work almost always;

- there’s a difference between ‘nickname’ and 'short form of a name’. Russian names are very inclusive - all short forms of our name are also used as our name. Not in the official documents obviously but everywhere else. Like friends would never call each other by their full form names unless it’s a joke or 'their thing’;

- but things are different when it comes to a social hierarchy: for example a mentor can (and in most cases will) call their student by common short form of their name but student has to call their mentor by their full form and also add their 'otchestvo’ (father’s name, not the same as a second name), unless there is little or no age difference between them;

- this is more like a subjective opinion from me but being called by a full name by a close person (family/friend/lover) is somewhat mentally tiring for a russian. I mean it’s not like short form is an optional nickname that is used in specific situations by specific people. It’s a name that russian person hears for the most time. Being called by an 'official’ form all the time is quite exhausting. But maybe it’s just me;

- also this is totally off-topic but Yuri freaking out because there is another Yuuri with a name that is similar to his is so ridiculous. I mean russian names are common. Just while my school times I’ve met about 6 girls whose name was also 'Tatyana’. We didn’t shout at each other in the toilet.

Ok I think that’s it for now. Though I might have forgot something. Hm.
Somebody will probably disagree with me or will think that’s not important but I don’t care. It was worth a try.

Yeah, of course all of the above aren’t obligations but if you actually took them into consideration it would be really nice.

P.S. I also wrote one more piece of info.

The Name Game

 Pairing: Finn Balor x Reader

Summary: Finn and Y/N find out the sex of their baby. Though the news is happy, the two cannot, for the life of them, agree on a name. 

Warnings: None! Super cute and fluffy. 

Word Count: 6,937


If this were any other Saturday in Florida, Finn and Y/N could have been found doing a number of things. 

One, they probably could have been lounging poolside while the sun beat down heavy on their skin. 

Two, they could have been throwing a spur of the moment barbecue for them and all their friends, drinking like frat stars until one wound up with their head in the toilet while the other giggled and took embarrassing photos to post throughout the locker rooms the next live event; normally it was Y/N who couldn’t handle all her liquor, but Finn had his fair share of moments as well.

Three, the two of them could have easily been found locked in his air-conditioned condo, tangled up in the cool, white sheets while fingers and mouths explored the soft, bare skin each knew all too well. 

If this were any other Saturday, life for them would be completely simple.

But, this Saturday was different, and this mid-August day was one that neither saw coming so soon. 

It was supposed to be a traditional routine; date, get engaged, marry, and then maybe have a few children. 

Y/N should have known nothing was going to be traditional with Finn. Hell, the first time they’d locked eyes had been nowhere near traditional. 

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For Catholics discerning marriage

For Catholics discerning marriage, a summary of the traditional stages/steps towards marriage

FRIENDSHIP PHASE - the couple are friends, getting to know each other

COURTSHIP PHASE - the couple become a bit more exclusive

ENGAGEMENT PHASE- when the man proposes to the woman, with an engagement ring

BETROTHAL PHASE- usually done with the priest blessing the couple, blessing the engagement ring & publicly declaring the couple betrothed in the church.  This also provides additional spiritual protection to the engaged couple during their engagement.  Traditionally, this is when the engagement ring can now be publicly worn.  I think this is a beautiful tradition that should be revived.  


See below for full details on what to do and what not to do in these stages

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If you're still taking drabble requests, could we possibly get some Tiz and Yew bonding? Maybe Yew asking for relationship advice lol? Thank you!

“…Sir, the truth is…I came to visit because I wanted to ask you advice.  It’s been some time since our journey, and, um…”  Yew started to redden and fidget, causing Tiz to raise his eyebrows.  Just what was this about?  “…In that time, Magnolia and I have grown close.  And I want to… I want to ask her to marry me!  So I came to talk to you.  How should I ask the question?”

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Some years after I first channeled the Jets to explain my Judaism, I had a conversation about religion with a devout Catholic friend. When I explained that I was an observant Jew and began each day by reciting the morning prayers but wasn’t really sure how God fit into my life, he was perplexed. When I admitted that these theological questions didn’t really occupy much of my attention and certainly weren’t particularly germane to my life as an observant Jew, he became agitated. And when I told him that I certainly wasn’t sure if Jewish law was divine or simply the result of two millennia of rabbinical interpretations, he threw up his hands and said: “How can you do everything you do, and live a life with so many restrictions and so many obligations, if you don’t even believe in God?”

I responded that there is a long tradition in Judaism of engaging first in religious practices and letting matters of faith come later. In the book of Exodus, after Moses has received the Commandments from God, he begins to instruct the Jewish people in the law; their immediate response is na’aseh v’nishma: “We will do first and understand afterwards.” I explained that while I understood that Catholicism, along with the other branches of Christianity, was essentially a religion based on the belief that Jesus is the son of God and the savior of humanity, Judaism is a complex blend of radical monotheism and peoplehood. In the Bible, the Jewish people are referred to not as a religious denomination, but asb’nai Yisrael, the children of Israel, the descendants of Jacob. Throughout history, Jews have referred to themselves as am Yisrael, the nation of Israel. The vast corpus of Jewish law, all 613 biblical commandments as well as the Oral Tradition, is a guide to how one lives a Jewish life as a member of the Jewish people.

And so for me, and I imagine for many others like me, the key to Jewish living is not our religious beliefs but our commitment to a set of practices and values that foster community and continuity.

—  Jay P. Lefkowitz, The Rise of Social Orthodoxy
For the Queen

This has been sitting in my drafts for like a month now.

Continuation of this request:

The Diner (Prompto x Reader)

You knew you were going to be the next Queen of Lucis. You’ve known that for a long while. You had to hide the exciting news from everyone. Your family, your friends, no one. Marrying Noctis was not just a simple union, marrying Noctis meant helping him rule an entire country.

The King proposed months ago. He had no ring to give you. It had always been tradition to use the previous Queen’s ring… but that relic had vanished the day Aulea was buried.

To be perfectly honest, Noctis did not need a ring to ask for your hand. You’ve loved him for years. You loved him before his journey to bring the dawn back. You loved him when he returned. No one would change that. Nothing will change that. 

He knew that, but as a King he wouldn’t be able to let such a thing slide.  Your official engagement would be broadcasted all over Eos. It was only right that you received a ring worthy of a future Queen.

Noctis set up a private day at the local jeweler just inside the Crowncity. Of course, Noctis requires protection while venturing out of the palace. Who better than Prompto, Gladio, and Ignis? You enjoyed their presence. You were all considered family to each other. They certainly would make ring shopping all the more fun rather than the usual, stiff, firm faced palace guards.

It was a relief to have the entire store to yourself. Noctis brought onlookers where ever he went. You knew he was the jealous type, but you didn’t know how jealous you were until you heard someone young women throwing flirtatious remarks and stares toward your lover.

Glass cases were lined up and down the store’s sales floor with sales people ready to attend the King’s every need.

“Wow,” Prompto marveled allowed. “I feel like I can’t even afford to be in here.”

The group chuckled at Prompto’s statement and quickly dispersed. Gladio assisted in describing each and every jewel that stood out to him to Ignis. Prompto followed you and Noctis around like a little puppy.

“Anything you want,” Noctis reminded you, giving your hand a gentle squeeze, before urging you forward to examine the endless possibilities of jewelry that laid before you. 

The options seemed to be endless.

Just as the amount of zeroes that laid on the end of each of the price tags. 

You couldn’t help but tense up as you walked onward by yourself. How could you be expected to pick something out in this selection when the price exceeded your own worth? 

You did well financially for yourself, but a single ring that laid on display cost more than your rent and your grocery budget combined…. it cost a lot more, in fact. Noctis seemed to have no problem with the prices, but gods. 

Any woman would kill to have the opportunity to be in your shoes, and yet you were feeling guilty. 

“Did something catch your eye, my lady?” A saleswoman questioned with a bright smile from across the glass case, breaking you from your trance. 

Everything has caught my eye,” you explained breathlessly, failing in your attempts to not seem overwhelmed by the nearly endless selection. “I don’t even know where to begin.”

The woman simply chuckled. “Allow me to assist. I would like to point out something I noticed his majesty dwelling on the last time he visited,” she gestured you to follow down one of the rows. You did so obediently and curiously. 

Carefully, the woman behind the counter used the key on the bracelet on her wrist to unlock the back of the glass case. You studied the new selection of gems without a word, wondering as to which one Noctis has had his eye on. 

“It isn’t a very traditional engagement ring, but a King and Queen’s engagement should always be something special,” she pulled a particular from the case and raised it to the surface.

Your mouth dropped at the sight of the dazzling ring.

The woman was right; never had you seen such an engagement ring before. 

A trio of navy blue diamonds stretched across a diamond filled silver band. Each tiny diamond wrapped around the silver band tightly, not leaving a single space in between. 

Through out your life, you only had laid on eyes on the many of your friend’s engagement rings. They were always the same. A single princess cut see-through diamond atop a slim silver or a gold bland. Simple, but gorgeous.

This ring, however, was beyond the classification of gorgeous.

“Noctis,” you turned to face your fiancé. 

He perked up at the sound of your voice and hurried over. 

“This ring… it’s beautiful…”

“Oh, I see you found that one,” he muttered, almost as if he were embarrassed. “I’m surprised you like it.”

“Words can’t fathom how much I adore this ring,” you turned your attentions to the lady behind the counter. “May I try it on?”

“Of course, my lady,” the lady bowed her head respectively, handing you the small case it rested in. 

May I?” Noctis chimed in. 

You giggled. “Of course,” you handed him the small box. 

“This is it then?”

You nodded. “What’s more perfect than the very ring my future husband has had his eye on?”

“I wasn’t sure you would like it. It’s not technically the… perfect picture of an engagement ring.” 

“It’s perfect for us,” you assured him, urging him to slide the ring on to your finger.

A light smile fell onto his lips. “Okay,” he nodded, lowering himself onto one knee. “Y/N?”

“Yes, Noctis?” You already felt tears sting at your eyes, just at they did at his original proposal.

“Will you marry me?” He held the ring out to you, his eyes wide and full of adoration. 

“Of course,” you nodded, letting a single tear slip down your cheek. Noctis grinned from cheek to cheek, hearing his friends and the employees of the store politely cheer. Carefully, he slid the ring onto your finger.

“A ring fit for a Queen,” he whispered to you, getting back on his feet. “We’d like to buy this ring,” he turned his attentions to the employee behind the counter.  

PSG Roundtable #9: Practicing Multiple Traditions

We’ll be talking about our perspectives on being someone who practices in multiple traditions.  Before I start, I want to make it clear that I’m coming at this with a series of biases.  I believe that:

  • The gods are separate, unique agents in and of themselves as individuals (hard polytheism);
  • Objects have, or can develop, their own spirits to varying degrees of animistic complexity;
  • Gods, guides, and spirits can communicate with us in a variety of ways
  • By its very nature, practicing in multiple traditions means acknowledging that no single tradition is the only “true” one;
  • My experiences are not reflective of everyone’s and what works for me and mine may not work for you and yours.  While I do have strong personal feelings on this subject, they’re still only my personal opinion.

I’m also approaching this as an Irish polytheist and Kemetic, among other things, who is part of an (offline) group of hard polytheists from various traditions of their own, including Bacchic Orphic, Gallo-Roman, Heathenry, and Santeria.

What does it mean to be “multi-trad” or practice in multiple traditions?

I use “tradition” to refer to any collection of beliefs and behaviors that is coherent and has a recognizable identity of what it means to be a part of that group.

To be multi-trad, then, is to be able to move between various traditions.  Think of a big, lovely house with a room for each faith tradition: when I’m in the Irish polytheist room, I follow its guidelines for interacting with the Tuatha Dé, leave votive offerings, celebrate the cross-quarter days, understand that words like ‘poetry’ and ‘satire’ have very different meanings in this context.  When I go to the Kemetic room, I might wake up the Netjeru in their statues and worship in specific “praise” postures, share in food and drink (and for me, maybe talk alchemy).  When I visit friends in the Santeria room, I change out of my default black to completely white clothes, greet the Orisha in a way very different from the Tuatha Dé and Netjeru, and try to keep up with a completely different etiquette and sense of hierarchy to show respect for the divine, dead, and living Santo communities.

Can I combine multiple practices?

In my personal opinion, combining multiple traditions into a single “one approach fits all” practice means losing the characteristics that empower those traditions as individual identities.  I mean, you could worship Brighid as a Triple Goddess of Maiden/Mother/Crone, but doing so means taking the Celtic tendency to triplify goddesses to emphasize power and turning it into something that misconstrues much of Brighid’s nature.  YMMV.

That doesn’t mean one practice won’t ever impact another.  Say it’s Samhain and I’m honoring the Morrígan; before beginning my rites for her, I might also acknowledge other deities with whom I share death-related work, like Anpu in his psychopompic aspect, and the spirit allies who help me handle the unhappy dead that come up through my work at the women’s center.  Or perhaps I’ll honor them all in separate rites, not because Samhain has anything to do with Anpu but because my own associations with Samhain overlap with my work with him and doing so doesn’t violate anyone’s etiquette.  In another instance, if you’re oathed to a deity and you agree to a task they give you, you might then turn around to your dead or your guiding spirits and say, “All right, troops, here’s the goal.  I’d like your help to get it done, please,” even if your dead or guides don’t come from that deity’s paradigm.

Can I have events, like rituals, for multiple traditions?

It’s definitely possible to have multi-trad events, but if you try that, you need to be careful that the different entities are getting what they need.  Make sure everyone gets an appropriate offering (within reason, of course - sometimes you have to negotiate, like, “Dude, you can’t have that whole bottle of $50 whiskey, how about a shot of Fireball instead?”) without someone feeling ignored because of another.  Don’t put the shrines of entities who don’t get along beside one another.   Make sure you share the Netjeru’s portion of food, but once you offer something to the Tuatha Dé, it’s theirs.  And so on.  It’s like…having a dinner party with finicky guests of wildly differing temperaments, complete with some cultural barriers.  It can be a lot of fun, especially if you have skillful mediums with you and/or dedicants who are knowledgeable in their respective paths, but it can be a lot of work.  I think it’s well worth it, but I know some people would disagree.

When my own group has multitrad events, we always make sure to have a shrine for each god or pantheon to which the humans have oaths or relationships and plenty of diverse offerings so we can provide proper hospitality for whomever chooses to show up.  We also put a huge emphasis on consent, both human and nonhuman, so we don’t assume who will or won’t be present and willing to work with us - we just make sure the ritual space is available.

If you decide to go the ritualistic route, the hardest part is making sure that your ‘ritual tech’ - that is, your methodology - doesn’t violate the rules of one of the traditions in question.  Some traditions aren’t very strict on some things, like perhaps your method of cleansing yourself spiritually, but there shouldn’t be actual conflict in ideology or application.  Divining for the input of the gods and spirits involved, and maybe asking the opinions of others with knowledge of them, can be invaluable.

How do I switch between the different paradigms?

I think it’s not unlike switching between different environments or groups of people.  When you’re at work, you behave a certain way according to your workplace’s guidelines; when you’re at school, you behave according to those rules.  Even with friends, you probably act one way with a particular group that’s different from how you act with another.  You wouldn’t behave the same way around your conservative grandparents as you do with your mates at the pub.  You’re not lying or ‘faking it’ in any of these scenarios: you’re adjusting your style of communication and behavior to match the requirements and expectations of your environment.  When you’re familiar with the rules, when you have solid relationships with those people, you can start bending those rules a bit and acting more familiar, just as you do with human people.

Does it always have to be so complicated?

Ha, nope.  The things that I do with my group are usually much more involved than what I do privately because there are more traditions being represented, but that also means there are more people present to share the physical and spiritual work.  I maintain only as many relationships as I feel is reasonable for me, my lifestyle, my resources, and my rather limited spoons.  I’d rather have deeper knowledge of a few traditions to make my practice feel that much richer and fulfilling for me than try to juggle many different ones (although having general knowledge is often useful).

But I do take these fewer relationships as seriously as I do human ones, and any kind of mutually beneficial, respectful, healthy relationship takes effort.

It’s too much work and research!

Many of us have busy lives: job(s), kids, schooling, and so on.  Some of us are limited by funds, spoons, or other factors out of our control.  But if your reason for not doing at least some research with the sources you have access to in order to have a baseline understanding of the paradigm from which a specific god is coming is just, “It’s too much work,” I don’t have much sympathy.  Isn’t the relationship you forge with a deity worth that extra effort, which can deepen and strengthen that relationship because of shared language and understanding?  This doesn’t mean you need to go back to school to have a scholar’s understanding, and the gods’ conception of time is different from ours; their sense of ‘hurry up’ is, I think, often very different from ours, and you can take the time you need.  Religion should fit into your life, not the other way around, but you do still have to do the work.

What are the benefits of all this work?

You’d have to ask other people, but for me, some things I’ve gotten out of this include:

  • Showing respect for the gods and spirits and developing deeper, more nuanced relationships because of it
  • Showing respect for the tradition’s ancestors and, if relevant, living culture
  • Enrichment of personal perspective, broadening of horizons, etc.
  • I mean seriously, the world is so weird and people and the gods are so amazing and complex and diverse, why wouldn’t you want to engage with them as they’ve revealed themselves to us rather than try pigeonholing them into something we think they should be?

Do I still need to think about cultural appropriation?


Do I still need to be initiated into things?

If initiation is part of the tradition you’re choosing to engage in, then yes.  Hanging out with Santeros, for example, does not make me a Santera myself, nor does it mean I have access to the mysteries of the tradition.  I would still need to undergo the same training and rites that every other Santero in this tradition has had to do.  As it is, I’m perfectly happy just being an invited guest.  Going back to my Big House of Faith metaphor, some rooms have more locked cupboards and drawers than others: initiations are the means by which you earn the keys to unlock them.  There’s actually a lot to be said about initiations, but that should probably be saved for another post.

Here are the “multifaith practice” tag, the resource blog @thepaganstudygroupresourcepage, and our collected links on various traditions and kinds of information.

Now that I’ve talked at great length - do my fellow mods who practice multiple traditions have their own experiences that they’d like to share?

- mountain hound

I don’t have much to add since I think MH covered a lot of the main points. As for my own experiences, you need to know that your discernment may still mean fuck all. If their myths and legends paint them as never getting along (for example, Korean deities versus Greek, though there aren’t any actual myths about that) it’s very fair to assume that if your UPG is that they get along swimmingly and don’t mind you mixing up the two traditions, you’re probably skewing something here. 

Like MH, I make sure to keep my Kemetic shrine in its own space and my Mugyo shrine in its own space. Keep in mind that each tradition may have particular regulations and rules that simply cannot be mixed. Forcing it together is an amalgamation and has a very high risk of offending the gods of both pantheons.

Being properly initiated is a huge deal. No matter what you read or watch as an outsider or fringe-member, you’re kept in the dark about specific hows and whys to the things we do inside the tradition. You’re always going to be missing something, some key information. So if you are able to get initiated into the tradition that you’re vetted for, you should do so.

- trueriptide

The PSG Roundtable Index

ESC SF2 songs if given Friends episode-style titles
  • (As with the other SF, take these not with offence but with a large pinch of salt - I like a lot of the songs I've satirised here.)
  • Austria: The one where they fit a ESC entry into a tourist vid
  • Belarus: The one that's so joyful that you can be forgiven for involuntarily emitting an exclamation of "squee!"
  • Bulgaria: The one sent with the implicit purpose of making most of us feel óld.
  • Croatia: The one that shows you that you're never short of friends, when you have multiple personality disorder.
  • Czechia: The one with the world's saddest orgy pre-party.
  • Denmark: The one where an Aussie takes part in ESC without having to bung the EBU money under the table.
  • Estonia: The one with a duo who have as much chemistry as two inert gases, music from the (19)90s and a lyrical cliché dating from the (15)90s.
  • Hungary: The one that perhaps comes closest to celebrating musical diversity.
  • Ireland: The one with the recycled Westlife b-side and the offspring of Harry Potter and Alvin the Chipmunk.
  • Israel: The one with the very questionable dance moves.
  • Lithuania: The one which will traumatise dogs and small children across Europe.
  • Macedonia: The one with the world's most underwhelming virtual reality game.
  • Malta: The one where the title matches the vocal style.
  • Netherlands: The one with the exhibition of an ancient Dutch pagan tradition - engaging in vocal harmonising in the woods at midnight to invoke the spirits.
  • Norway: The one with the serial killer moonlighting as a DJ.
  • Romania: The one with the unlikeliest blend of genres since the mid-80s zydeco-ska crossover.
  • Russia: The one that is as strategic as Kasparov and Karpov combined.
  • San Marino: The one where three times is many and four times is too many.
  • Serbia: The one where Katy Perry called and wants her chorus to Firework back.
  • Switzerland: The one where they pledge faithful devotion to a God who had dozens of lovers.
  • And this final's "Big 6" voters:
  • France: The one with the ill-fitting English chorus forced in.
  • Germany: The one that is very metal. Not heavy metal. Light, but strong metal. Do you guett' what I'm saying?
  • Ukraine: The one whose lyrics would mostly not look out of place if accompanied with the "hits blunt" meme.
Thoughts on historical romance and history

Setting a story in a past one has not lived is an act of hubris. The past can’t be recreated, and historical reconstructions are bound to fail and flail on any number of levels. At worst, harmful myths and stereotypes are perpetuated or even reinforced.

At the same time, when the historicity or lack thereof in historical romance novels is sneered at, I wonder if a key point isn’t being missed. Any fictional recreation of the past needs to speak to the time and place in which it is written, and, indeed, cannot help but also say far more about the present than about the past. I believe the historical romance genre not only recognises the contradiction inherent in “historical fiction” but embraces it, turning it to its advantage.

In historical romances, the fictional past becomes a sparring ground for working out womanhood and relationships in contemporary society. That’s why the much maligned a-historicity is not a failing of the genre; on the contrary, it’s a deliberate and purposeful subversion which makes it one of the genre’s most important and unique qualities.

It took me a long time to come to this view because I approached the genre from an angle that privileges history over story. In consequence, I saw historical barrenness, not rebellion; wallpaper, not conversations. I was missing the point quite spectacularly.

Re-creation of the historical past - or rather, which is an important disctinction especially in regards to marginalised groups, the perceived historical past - can come to represent submission to that past. That message is pretty much the anti-thesis of the forward-looking promise of romance.

Historical romances have taught me that women’s stories and histories reveal themselves ever more profoundly the more open one is to how and what women like to write and to read. The strength and ingenuity with which authors and readers of historical romance engage with tradition and expectation to fashion lives that matter in the here and now is to be deeply cherished.

queequeg5290  asked:

Thanks so much!! I've been a fangirl for a while... I used to LIVE on livejournal... Anywho my 'prompt' if you will... Post Hollywood A.D. -- Mulder & Scully head out for dinner at a fancy restaurant BUT have no reservations. Mulder (or Scully) has a plan. -- "Borrowed" ring from prop dep. -- little bit of The Petries -- and someone not really pretending in the end "You don't have to hold my hand anymore"-- etc.... IDK (The idea was totally ripped from SSN3 E23 of Brooklyn 99)… THANK-YOU :)

They had a credit card and a rented convertible.  What they didn’t have was a restaurant reservation.  In DC, that wasn’t usually a problem.  In LA, it was turning out to be.  They’d left the first two restaurants, but Scully was hungry now.  Besides, this place only had valet.  They’d already surrendered the keys.

“Mulder, we don’t have a reservation,” she murmured, standing close to him.

“I have a plan,” Mulder whispered back.

“Of course you do,” Scully said, crossing her arms and looking up at him, her eyes heavy-lashed.  There was something open and easy about her posture that he didn’t usually see, and he didn’t think it was just the champagne they’d had before the premiere.  

“It’s going to work,” Mulder insisted.  “But you have to look excited.”

Scully narrowed her eyes at him.  “Mulder.  Why would I need to look excited?”

“It’s all part of the plan,” he said, and dropped to one knee on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.

“Mulder,” she said in breathless panic.  “What are you doing?”

“Dana,” he said, exaggerating the consonants and widening his eyes.  “Is anybody listening?”

She glanced around.  “I don’t think so.  The valet isn’t back yet.”

He pulled a small box out of his pocket and opened it to reveal a gleaming ring.  “Then will you do me the honor of wearing this ring and pretending we just got engaged?”

He had never considered her a particularly good actor (then again, they always gave themselves away to each other), but she put her hand to her mouth, blushing and giddy as if he were actually proposing.  

“Oh my god!” she said with breathy delight.  She held out her hand and he slipped the ring on.  She flung her arms around his neck, standing on tiptoe even in her heels.

“This better work,” she whispered in his ear.  “Because if it doesn’t, I will very likely go cannibal and make it into the X-Files for a record-setting third time, and you won’t be around to record it.”

“Message received,” he murmured back, and she turned her face and kissed him.  He kissed her back, too startled to pull away, too filled with a sudden rush of desire.  

“Verisimilitude,” she said against his lips, barely audible, and pulled away.  There was a sparkle in her eyes that he had never known he had always wanted to see.

The valet was back; he smirked and clapped a few times.  The maitre d’ was smiling too; she waved away their lack of foresight and had them seated at a corner table, tucked away.  

“Congratulations,” she said.  The bartender sent over a bottle of champagne.  

Scully held her hand toward the candle to watch the ring sparkle.  “Where did this come from?”

“The props department,” he told her.

She gave him a patented Scully Look.  “And you expect me to believe that you just picked up a ring, just in case.”

“It’s a crazy night, Scully,” he said.  “A Hollywood night.  Anything could happen.  There’s magic in the air.”

“I think that’s the smog,” she said, but he liked the way she was smiling at him.  Verisimilitude, sure, a pretty little play for whoever might have been scammed out of their table, but god, he wanted to believe.

They started with oysters and went from there.  Scully had fish; Mulder had steak; they shared something so chocolatey and intense that it seemed to defy the law of physics, an outsize amount of flavor in a tiny, elaborate sculpture.  They dug into it with the points of their spoons.  He watched Scully lick at a morsel of chocolate, her tongue pink against the bright silver.  Her other hand lay curled on the table.  The ring kept catching the light; he couldn’t keep his eyes off it.  He couldn’t keep his eyes off her, either.  She was in her everyday black, but something was different. Maybe it was the way her hair was pulled back.  Maybe it was the way he could hear the champagne bubbles in her giggle.

“So what are we doing after this?” she asked, giving the spoon one last lingering lick.  “What was it that the undead do?  Dancing?  Making love?”

“Traditional engagement night activities, honeybunch,” he said, reaching for her hand.

“Of course,” she said.  “It does feel a bit like we’ve come back from something.  Maybe not death, but something.”

“It does,” he said, still holding her hand, startled by the warmth of her delicate fingers against his.  He’d seen her hands do so many things.  He’d never seen them grasp his gently while wearing an engagement ring.  It looked nice on her, even if if it was just a relic of some writer’s dream.  He wondered if she’d accept a real one one day, when the moment was right.  

The bill came.  He didn’t have to let go of her hand as she worked Skinner’s Bureau card out of her miniature purse.  They left a ridiculous tip and walked out still holding hands, accepting congratulations with gracious nods.

“Do you hear music, Scully?” he asked, looking up at the glow of the sky.

“You know,” she said, “I think I do.”


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2016 | 6.13.16

theme: traditional wedding finds
traditional solitaire engagement rings by onegarnetgirl

  • clockwise from top left:
    • white topaz and recycled rose gold cushion-cut ring
    • moissante and white gold cushion-cut ring
    • pear-shaped morganite and palladium ring
    • rose-cut grey diamond and yellow gold ring

another classic EFOTD go-to for wedding-related jewelry (really, any fine jewelry) is onegarnetgirl. her clean lines and beautiful stones set her style apart, and these solitaire rings are to. die. for.

be sure to dig into more wedding ring finds (with more details and more stones!) from onegarnetgirl, too!

i promised @scientiaa some ignoct fluff for when she gets off work so here’s some cinderella au i guess ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

“do i have to?” noct asks, keeping his eyes on the mirror. he watches ignis’s reflection reaching around his face to hold up his masquerade mask so he can tie it in place. “i really don’t want to.” 

“it is tradition,” ignis replies on a sigh. they’ve had this conversation before. he’s tired of it, noct knows. he doesn’t care. “every heir of lucis has a coming of age celebration that they must attend.” 

“but i don’t want to.” 

“and i honestly could not care less what you want,” ignis says, flippant. he finishes tying noct’s mask in place, the delicate silver mesh a high contrast to his dark hair. “it’s only for tonight. i think you’ll live.” 

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I really have to take issue with this: “the Western portion of the world, Westeros - the rich and civilized portion.” This isn’t true.

1. Westeros is poorer and less economically developed than Essos. It’s far less urbanized than Essos. It’s an exporter primarily of natural resources and can’t produce the advanced manufactured goods it imports from the Free Cities. Its financial system is really quite crude, especially in comparison to the large banks and insurance companies of Braavos. It has very few roads and none of them Valyrian; main thoroughfares like the Kingsroad don’t have bridges over major rivers but use fords instead; it lacks internal canals to connect major river systems.

2. Westeros is less politically developed. It’s only been politically unified for 300 years, and even that weak feudal state is extremely shaky and may not survive. Essos has had continent-spanning empires that lasted for thousands of years. It has much more diversity of political systems - republics with separation of powers and political parties, merchant oligarchies, elected tyrants, etc.

3. Westeros is considered less culturally developed. Essosi call Westerosi unwashed barbarians, referring to them by the inaccurate title of “Andals.” (reminds me of the way Americans and Europeans labeled various nationalities by incorrect names because they didn’t speak the language) The Essosi of the Free Cities are the blood of Old Valyria; the Ghiscari have their empire, the Dothraki have their prophecies of manifest destiny, and the Qartheen are the pureblooded descendants of the greatest city that ever was or ever will be. Westerosi nobles are sent to the Free Cities to get culturally enriched, not the other way around. In terms of cultural production, most mummers are imported from Essos, as Westeros has no tradition of theater.

When engaging with ASOIAF, you have to analyze the world of Planetos as it is, rather than automatically applying heuristics based on our own world. Assuming that west = rich, civilized, and east = the Other (because that’s how it’s been presented in the past) is falling into the same essentialist trap that Edward Said and others are critiquing.
—  racefortheironthrone, discussing how Westeros is not culturally superior to Essos (via racefortheironthrone)