traditional backpiece

This past weekend I flew to Germany to have my back piece finished by Chad Koeplinger. He wants to add one more rose but for now everything on there is coloured and finished. I’m actually relieved that it’s not completely done though as the whole experience has been so overwhelmingly awesome and Chad is one of the most friendly and loveable and straight up amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and I don’t know if I could bare the idea of the whole thing actually being over! I lost count of the hours but it’s around 30. Many tears have been shed, especially this weekend, and I’ve experienced some of the hardest sessions of tattooing I’ve ever had but I feel like such a strong person for going through it all to the end and keeping up the commitment steadily through it all. I’m a completely different person both inside and out since we started. Chad will always be my favourite tattooer and a constant inspiration to me and I feel so honoured to wear this tattoo. I’m not one to write essays about tattoos, so I apologise but the whole experience really has meant the world to me.