traditional artwork

So I have this head cannon that Leo, since he doesn’t really have a signature weapon would (being the nerd that he is) design a Thor hammer.

And he would make it so that it only lets him pick it up.

And maybe even design it so that it came flying back to him when he called.

“Swim On”

A shark zine for charity

Edited by J.Pawlik

 Hello everyone! I’m posting an open call for illustrations and writing for a small zine themed around sharks. I’m looking to do 10-25 pages depending on the response. All proceeds will be donated to to help stop shark finning and killing.

For this zine, my vision is to show lesser known species living and happy. While I want to show people why I care so much about sharks, I don’t want to leave them sad. I want to show that there’s more to sharks than death, so please don’t include content like finning or the negative effect of movies like “Jaws”.

The zine itself will be 6”x9” and will be sold as a PDF on Gumroad. All proceeds that this zine makes will be sent directly to on a continual basis.

Submissions to the zine

-must be 6”x9”

-must involve a living shark

-traditional and digital artwork, as well as original photography, writing, comics, poems and more are encouraged!

-lesser known species of sharks are encouraged!

-artwork must be sent as high res. as possible so long as it is 6”x9”

-no anthropomorphic sharks

-no nsfw content

All submissions should be emailed to and titled “Shark zine submission”, with your preferred name, your website or artblog if applicable, and an attachment or link of your piece.

I do also ask that you not post your final submission online for a year after the zine is posted. Progress shots and sketches are encouraged though!

People will be emailed back regardless if they were accepted or not.

Submissions will close July 22nd at 11:59pm

Thank you for reading and reblogging!


Okay? Okay.  - Fanart illustrated by myself (Pia Ravenari) for The Fault in Our Stars, an amazing YA novel by the brilliant John Green. You can see the fanart over at DeviantArt, here.


38 x 51cm on illustration board - coloured pencil, watercolour pencil, ink, acrylic.


I should probably take a photo of this that isn’t flash, since flash isn’t very flattering!