traditional art more like no

fighting fish


spent way too much time on a shitpost again hahahaaaa

based on this (cause my Buffy phase never ended)

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I drew Axel. He’s either perplexed or about to sneeze. We just don’t know.


both requested by anons, will maybe finish some other time idk
future art goals: stop drawing giraffe necks


“Ow.. where..?”

“You really do remind me of Alexander..” “Ale….. my dad? You know my dad…?” “Yeah.. we were very close.” “You were?” “Very.” “I see..” “Now, come on. We have to make sure he does well and guide him. When the time comes.. we have to bring him up here.” “The other side..” “Indeed.”

warm, calm afternoon


this is gonna be up as a speedpaint on Wednesday but its in my RedBubble right now! ^-^


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I dunno about this thing …

A request from a long time ago (not history times thou)

• Colombia! (F) / @ajleanon5
• Philippine! (F) / @jay-does-art
• Colombia!sans,Philippine!sans & countrytale / moi~