So finally I finished something after my long break post-Inktober (that I’ll finish to post here some other times…).

For the curious: “Hanahaki disease is a fictional disease where one suffering unrequited love cough up petals. Can only be cured through surgical removal, removing by the same time any romantic feelings still existing.”

Lance was Inspired by @doubtfulbones fanfic  "The Unspoken Thing"  and I just wanted to do a Keith version with Hanahaki ☆

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anonymous asked:

Oh my god! Your art looks so good on traditional! You should show some more of them!

this is the only thing i’ve drawn traditionally in the past uhh, five months ?? and it’s just a really quick ballpoint pen doodle haha. i’m only posting this because it was right next to me on my desk lol, enjoy. i don’t do traditional art anymore these days :’)

[ i’m gonna consider this traditional piece i did as 5/5 for the magic anon! :0 

featuring nyo wind, courtesy of @ask-deus-lithuania !! ]