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Incubus (Left) and Tableau (Right)

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he says when I am honey.
And leaves me hungry
for spices. He leaves 
me angry and in love. 
I love you. I 
say it so desperately
and it does not calm me.
And he does not always
say it back.
I guess it’s too
European for him to
say: I love you too.  

he says when I am alone 
in the kitchen, crying softly,
before I cut a pomegranate.
I tell him I miss him
and he does not
cause the lust might 
devour me tonight.
He only misses me 
when another man’s
hand is on my thigh 
for my body is his 

he says when he 
has spoken to his mother
about my Henna tattoos.
But he has not said
anything to my 
father about the white sheets.
I say marriage.
He says Insha'Allah.

—  Arabic Is The New French from The Immigration Series by Royla Asghar 

Bedouin arab woman

The Bedouins are an Arab ethnocultural group, are descended from nomads who have historically inhabited the Arabian and Syrian deserts. Their territory stretches from the vast deserts of North Africa to the rocky sands of the Middle East.

The Bedouins live in Sudan, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Kuwait, Tunisia, Morocco, Israel, Mauritania, Bahrain, Lebanon, Qatar, Palestine, Oman and Western Sahara.

Mouneer Al-Shaarani

Mouneer Al-Shaarani is a master Syrian calligrapher, designer and writer. He is highly regarded internationally for his innovative synthesis of traditional arabic lettering and modern shapes. In 1977, he graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus. 

After living abroad for some time, he returned home to Syria where he feels his work can have the greatest impact. Through the poems, prayers and sufic philosophy in his work, he hopes to inspire his fellow citizens who tragically continue to suffer the dire conditions of war.


pt 2: Iranian Arab women in Ahvaz wearing traditional clothes.

Iranian Arabs form about 2% of the nation’s population and have a culture that’s influenced by other Iranic ethnicities, but that’s unique from them as well and just as beautiful.

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“Yesterday I was 10 years old, today I’m 71 years old. Yesterday I was watching the French soldiers destroying our homes, today I’m watching our Algerian soldiers guarding our homes. Yesterday I was being forced to speak the French language, today I’m free to speak my Arabic language anywhere. Yesterday I was treated as a second class citizen, today I’m a citizen with all rights and duties.

I can’t believe how fast life goes by. Everything I just mentioned didn’t happen in a day or two, but when I think of it now it feels like a a short movie being fast-forwarded towards the end.

And in the end, it doesn’t matter how long you lived as much as what you did in your life to be rewarded in the afterlife. The end is the same, but the test results are different”