traditional digital in one post!

vio1315  asked:

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5.  digital or traditional?

I like both tbh, though I normally only post my digital ones 

7.  do you prefer sketching, outlining, or coloring?

if it’s traditional definitely sketching, but if it’s digital then definitely colouring and shading

8. show us at least 2-3 drawings from 1-2 years ago 

 Vio why would you make me do this these are all terrible 

realllllly oooooooold Merrick ugh this looks so terrible, and I was so proud of it too,,,,, wow

veeeeeery beginning of sophomore year Merrick and Leader,,,, which is when they first became characters……please ignore Leander’s ponytail that was a mistake

Chat Noir fanart from about a year ago……. I mean it’s not the best but it’s not as bad as the other two that’s for sure

I got a few questions about what i normally use to illustrate/whether it’s traditional or digital and i thought i’d just answer in one post quick.

i primarily draw w/pen and ink and i’m not very precious about how i work. sketches typically start out on regular lined paper and i just throw it under a sheet of cheap white cardstock on a small light table i own (not pictured) and tape them in place with any masking or painting tape i have lying around.

any 2b pencil is fine, i just sharpen it with a knife because i get a longer pencil-edge. any white eraser i can get my hands on. i like inking with a hunt 513 EF nib and a regular black speedball pen holder. i’ve heard from a lot of people that nibs are a little annoying to get the hang of, but in my experience they’re pretty great because you get really wonderful, sensitive lines and a whole bunch of variation. nibs are also pretty cheap and typically last you a good while provided you’re cleaning them (about $0.90 a pop where i buy them). the black micron pen is any 0.1 for inking ittybitty details. higgins black magic ink is super black and super opaque, i like it a lot.

i just throw everything into photoshop after scanning the inks, hit threshold, remove any greys, and put a multiply layer on over it at about 20-30% opacity to slap some shading on with any rough/not entirely round and smooth brush.

your tools aren’t really magic, just literally draw with whatever you have lying around.