Looks like my top 9 on instagram is still my art from inktober this year. As much as I love my inktober witches, I feel sorry for my other art due to intagram’s algorithm and artists with smaller following for the lack of exposure.
Which is why I love tumblr a lot because it doesn’t matter if you have a small following here. You can still search for posts and reblogs are a great way to help spread the work. But I will keep trying and won’t stop arting. Imma keep doing what I ♥ 😤✨ 

A few traditional illustrations I did of a mutual’s favorite FE characters!

I’m doing illustrations like these for people who order 3+ stickers from my store or donate 2 ko-fi’s.

I don’t want to provide direct links bc then Tumblr will suppress my post but my store is mairodia(dot)bigcartel(dot)com and my ko-fi is ko-fi(dot)com/mairodia for those interested! :)