tradition studio

…super sloppy sleepy scratch study seshin’ while bouncing around the cramped caltrain to & from campus recently… gotta represent for open house on saturday & then a week off for spring break… :P

Day and Night AU by @beanpots

Well, this was fun. I haven’t drawn AU fanart in A LONG TIME and oh gods, I absolutely love the concepts and designs ((and I’m screaming)). I love everything about this.

Also drawn on my lovely sucky paper that makes my markers look like watercolor.



So I found this on the symbols. Apparently, it’s a part of the dance itself and is supposed to symbolize the Sun and the Moon.

The Sisters wear a crest that is heavily based on the symbol for the Moon.

LAIKA doesn’t fool around. They really commit their work to the culture and do thorough research.


Pauline with a giant steamed bun by Studio Despotamus - Joel Gaylard

“So, the below image of Princess Peach is official Nintendo art for a Club Nintendo exclusive calendar of some sort and I thought it was really cool, because of this I tried to reproduce a similar image using my favourite Super Mario lady Pauline (above). I did it in half an hour in Adobe Illustrator, it’s not perfect by any means or original but it’s fan art, so that’s okay AND I thought it was cute enough to post!”