Ara Pacis Augustae - Augustus and his relatives

1. Antonia Minor (2nd left) and his husband Drusus. Little Germanicus is thought to be between them. Beside Drusus are Antonia Maior and Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus (middle row).  Their children Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus and Domitia Lepidia the Elder are in the front row.

2. The little fellow on the right is tradionally identified as Lucius Caesar, Augustus’ grandson. The older boy is believed to be Agrippa’s son from his previous marriage with Marcella Maior.

3. Marcus Agrippa and his son Gaius Caesar (far right)

4. Fragmented figure of Augustus

5. Germanicus and his cousins Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus (future father of emperor Nero) and Domitia Lepidia Elder (furure aunt of empress Messalina). And to be frank one doesn’t always remember that Nero’s claim to throne was actually a pretty strong. After all he was - by maternal line - a direct descendant of Augustus. 

6. Another photo of a little  Lucius Caesar

Rome, July 2015


PJO fashion show sketches!

With Annabeth in summer wear, Piper ready for sports, Rachel Elizabeth Dare in lolita, the queen Reyna, my sweet hazel, and Nico and Frank as dapper-geek-something cuties. ♥

I might color them if I find the time, and if I don’t draw more in the meanwhile! c:


There might’ve been some promises for TW doodles for a certain someone, if she’s a good girl and writes her ff. Deary, look, it’s even somehow… Scott! And Stiles! United in their ever disastrous bromance… I TRIED! I HOPE YOU WERE WRITING! `___´

I can’t stop listening to “Can’t stop” by Foster the People. °___°;;;;