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Backgrounds are to be simple at the moment. 

No nsfw
No intense violence/gore/unsavoury situations.
Some blood is ok, but ask me

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Pay half upfront, half on completion
Expect 1 week till completion (unless specified) as I’m a student. 

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PJO fashion show sketches!

With Annabeth in summer wear, Piper ready for sports, Rachel Elizabeth Dare in lolita, the queen Reyna, my sweet hazel, and Nico and Frank as dapper-geek-something cuties. ♥

I might color them if I find the time, and if I don’t draw more in the meanwhile! c:

The Mask

a/n: this is just because i get cinderella vibes from “i don’t even know your name” and i’ve always wanted to go to a masquerade ball for some reason

The rapid knocking on your door distrubed your study session, causing you to groan. Standing up, you opened the door and saw your friend smiling brightly, pushing herself into your apartment. “Um, come in, why don’t you?” You asked, closing the door. “What’s up? Thought you had a meeting or something?”

“I didn’t need to stay.” She waved off that idea, and unlocked her phone. “But I got a text from Emily, and she said that there’s this masquerade thing next weekend and apperently a lot of people are going so I thought it would be a good idea if we went! You’re always complaining about not having a boyfriend so maybe this will be your chance to find one! And look really pretty, too!”

You laughed, sitting on your couch. “A masquerade ball?” You pondered the idea for a few moments. “Yeah, sure, I’ll go. Seems fun.”

“But there will be free drinks and- wait, did you say you’d go?” Your friend asked, stopping herself. Apparently she thought you wouldn’t want to go.

“Yeah, I could use some fun, and I think a masquerade ball would be really fun!” You nodded, picking up your book. “Now shoo, I need to study for a test.”

Your friend nodded, going to the door. “I’ll text you when we can go get dresses! And a mask! We need to wear masks!” She let herelf out of the apartment, and you rolled your eyes, excited for the party.

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