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Once upon a time…..there was a law firm in Alabama that was against racism, hate and extremism. They started a group to label hate groups, as hate and sue said groups for their behavior, pushing many into bankruptcy.

They were responsible for bringing down many Neo-Nazi groups through lawsuits, suing the people who commit hate crimes leaving them broke and standing for equality.

Then….well….then social justice warriors happened. Safe spaces, bigotry and racism went mainstream, being backed by powerful people who love ignoring facts. Powerful people pandering to ignorance.

Now, after a few years, of this insanity, this one group who use to do so much good in the world, has officially become an example of what happens when you choose to ignore brutality, hate, murder, rape, subjugation of women, female genital mutilation, child marriages, etc…out of fear of wrongly being labeled a “bigot”.

We now see the Southern Poverty Law Center labeling the good people, Muslim reformers, ex-Muslim atheists, advocates for the voiceless in Islam, peace seeking individuals, as “anti-Islamic extremists”.

All while refusing to label the Islamic State, al-Qaeda, Hamas, The Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram, etc….as the hate groups they are. Groups that burn people alive, that saw the heads off children on camera, that rape young girls and sell them like cattle, that blow up the World Trade Center, strap suicide vests to their chests and blow up airports, bomb hospitals in war torn countries, turn wedding parties to blood baths….and they are LESS dangerous than people who are trying to change the mindset that allows for those events to be carried out.

This is 2016. This will have consequences for the people labeled as “extremists” from the terrorist they refuse to label as actual terrorists. This needs to be shared. Read about this. Be a voice against this mind set. Be against naming peaceful people as hateful one’s.


ASKDJLSKDJL AAAAH OMG I’M GONNA DIE, HOW ADORABLE IS XANDES? I had given up hope of seeing him get featured in merchandise (aside from the crest charms). These are apparently rubber trading straps? …yeah so I’m going to have to buy them (once I find out when/where I can do so). FUUUUCK I’M SPENDING TOO MUCH MONEY ON THIS SERIES and most of the items I bought haven’t even arrived yet?


HOBBY STOCK STRAPS have arrived and they are TINY.

William, being the tokuten, is literally strapped to the box xD

BUT HEY SUIT IS ADORABLE and so is Grell. The details are pretty neat as well, their green eyes have 3 shades. The style is simply great.

I am selling everyone from Noah’s Arc. 

65HKD each! 



Also known as the “much give. such sass.” giveaway


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There will be 3 winners selected out of a random draw. They will all receive:

  • 2 Pikuriru trading straps
  • Their choice of character song CD or duet CD (ED and OP CDs also ok)
  • Sailor charm
  • One plushie, either chibi or Tachibanana of their choice


Prizes will be shipped out closer to April, when plushies have been sewn and CDs arrive

*I am willing to ship worldwide, provided shipping costs to you don’t go over $40 CAD. If you’re worried you might fall into that category you can check mailing prices on the canadapost website

Following the hordes of new merchandises, we have this super cute Trading Rubber Straps: Cat Collection~ :‘3 They are priced at ¥500 each (tax exclusive) or ¥5,000 (tax exclusive) for the whole set~ They are all so adorable oh my gosh!! *w* These 40 x 60 mm rubber straps will be released on 17 December 2016 and are already up for preorder at Animate Online Shop, so do go there and buy them! X3

P.S.The illustrator of these adorable chibis is “Akane” - seems like nowadays the company commissioned some artists to make the merchandises and that’s awesome! :3