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WTW Feb 1st: Soda Edition!

Are you a Pepsi fan? Or a Coca-Cola fan? Do you spend ten minutes staring at the soda dispenser pondering which drink would be refreshing? Or do you fill your cup with every liquid the restaurant has available and then proceed to chug it while the people around you stare in horror?

Whatever type of soda drinker you are, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these soda themed Pokemon. For the next 24+ hours, I’ll be wonder trading these guys out. Try to find me on Wonder Trade!

My IGN is Masako. If you receive one of my Pokemon through Wonder Trade, be sure to take a picture of the Pokemon and submit it to me. Doing so will earn you a prize!

A GTS giveaway will be held for these Pokemon on Friday. Please don’t deposit ahead of time.

Good luck and happy Wonder Trading!



i decided to pair these two together because minior was the most requested and pyukumuku is my blog mascot! 

How to participate:

1. Get a MALE Spearow and nickname him “PYUKU2″ (If it isn’t capitalized, that is fine). You can find a Spearow on routes 2 & 3.

2. You may only get one Pyukumuku and one Minior. If you try to get any more, you will be banned. This means you can only get one of each. 

3. If you get sniped, tell me the IGN of you and the person who sniped you. Whoever snipes will be banned.

4. I have 60 of each! The giveaway will continue until I am all out! I will give updates as to how many I have left. (2 boxes, 1 box, 6 left… etc.) There will be no holds or leftover givaways.

5. Gender and level lock to avoid sniping! I know that sniping may come easier since they are both level 1, but locking will help make sure you don’t get sniped! But, make sure to set the gender/level lock correctly, if the gender/level lock is wrong, you won’t get the Pyukumuku or Minior.

Please don’t forget to check the FAQ before sending an ask! Thank you and I hope you get the shiny Pyukumuku or Minior!

Breeding Ditto: Pokemon Sun and Moon

Breeding Ditto Are Always Available! This is my original Ditto post with all the information you’ll need to get one. This will be reblogged weekly.

To those of you who might have seen my breeding guide, or simply know that you want to start breeding can come and get a 6 IV Ditto from me at anytime!

Just deposit a Drifloon into the GTS, and make sure to nickname it “Sinnoh”!

Then message or ask me your IGN, what the pokemon you deposited is, and I’ll go and trade it as soon as I can! It’s nickname is Pallas, and my IGN is G, so look for these things to know if I’ve traded you or not! There’s a lot of sniping that accidentally happens between trading times, so if you want this specific Ditto, make sure to check!

Ditto (Pallas):

  • Japanese
  • 6 IVs
  • Adamant
  • Level 100
  • Shiny
  • Pokérus
  • Love Ball
  • Ability Limber
  • Item: Destiny Knot
  • Moves: Transform

Trading time for me is usually in the afternoons starting at about 4:00 PM CST. I log off at about 11:00 CST every night. Weekends are a lot more lenient. This is for Pokemon Sun and Moon, but if you need a breeding Ditto for ORAS/XY, please message me! I have them on all games.

Ditto art used in this banner is done by the wonderful @puropolz!
WTW January 3rd: Red Vs. Blue Edition!

It’s I against I and me against you! To kick off WTW for this new year, I’ll be wonder trading out Red Vs. Blue themed shiny Pokemon! For the next 24+ hours, I’ll be wonder trading these feisty Pokemon. Try to find me on Wonder Trade! Imma go watch Red Vs. Blue all over again on Netflix.

My IGN is Masako! If you find me on Wonder Trade, take a picture of the Pokemon you received from me and submit the picture to this blog. This will win you a prize!

I’ll be holding a GTS giveaway for these Pokemon on Friday. Please don’t deposit for them now.

Good luck and happy wonder trading!

How the SDR2 Kids Play Pokemon

Hajime Hinata
- Is only playing because Chiaki gave him a spare copy
- Picked the Fire Starter
- Can’t remember the weakness and resistances of pokemon types
- Hasn’t touched the game since he finished the main part of it

- Preordered both versions of the game in advance
- Researched the starters and picked the one with the best stats
- Has memorized all competitive pokemons’ stats and moves
- After completing the game they worked on getting the most competitive team for competitions and also made a fun team for versing friends

Nagito Komaeda
- He doesn’t even know why he has the game
- He picked the Grass Type starter and it was shiny
- The majority of the pokemon he catches are shiny
- He’s offers to trade away his Shiny pokemon if anyone wants them

Peko Pekoyama
- Was given the game as a gift from Fuyuhiko
- Probably picked the fire type
- Most of their team fighting or ground type
- Consistently verses Fuyuhiko

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu
- Bought the game under the cover of darkness and only told Peko that he owns it
- Picked the Water starter
- Most of his team is either dark, poison or normal
- Has almost been caught playing the game several times by Chiaki

Teruteru Hanamura
- He didn’t intend to play the game, but Chiaki insisted
- He picked the Grass Starter
- He mainly uses Fairy, Normal and Physic
- Has tried to hit on Chiaki through playing pokemon, it didn’t go well

Ibuki Mioda
- Bought it on release week as Chiaki picked up her preorder
- Picked the fire type, cause it looked cool
- Uses an electric, fire and steel type pokemon
- Has the most over the top customized character she could make

Gundham Tanaka
- He counted down the days to release and geeked out over all the new additions
- He picked whichever starter had the coolest final evolution
- His Favourite types is Dark and Ghost
- He helped Sonia learn how to play when she got the game, and was quite a good teacher

Sonia Nevermind
- Got the game because it was something she viewed as important to Japanese culture and because they didn’t have it in her home kingdom
- Picked the cutest starter
- Mainly uses Fairy, Dark and Ghost
- Once she felt comfortable enough with the game she openly challenged everyone of her friends

Souda Kazuichi
- He wasn’t really planning to play the new game, but with Sonia got it he instantly bought a copy
- He ended up picking the grass type starter
- His team mainly consisted of steel, electric and ground type pokemon
- He challenged Gundham and Gundham crushed him

Mikan Tsumiki
- Chiaki lent her a copy of the game, and Mikan loved it
- She went with a grass type starter
- Her team was mainly normal, fairy and grass type pokemon
- She wasn’t really into the game but still finished it

Hiyoko Saionji
- She found playing the game and insisted she plays as well
- She went with a fire type starter to beat Mikan with
- She mainly used fighting, fairy and bug types
- She plays the game with Mahiru all the time and they have teamed up to verse Peko and Fuyohiko

Mahiru Koizumi
- Picked it up out of boredom, only plays it casually
- Picked water type at random
- She loves the eeveelutions
- She got a lot more serious with playing the game once Hiyoko started playing

Nekomaru Nidai
- Decided to get the game to use it as a teambuilding exercise with everyone else
- Went with a grass type starter
- Favourite type is Fighting
- Normally organizes competition between everyone to improve their relationships with each other

Akane Owari
- Only got it because Nekomaru said she had to
- Picked a fire type starter
- Favourite type is fighting
- Gets really competitive when versing her friends

SHSL Imposter
- Started playing since everyone else was
- Went with a water type
- Favourite pokemon is Mimikyu
- Is surprisingly really good at the game, but sometimes intentionally loses to make the other person feel better