trading in danger

This book is kickass.    If you like sci-fi full of action plus interstellar intrigue and awesome female heroines, then go get Elizabeth Moon’s Vatta’s War series.    The book above, Trading in Danger, is the first of the 5-book series.    I pretty much spent the entire long weekend reading through this series and you know, it’s the best damn weekend I’ve had in a long while.

“Kinkster”: I like to tie my girfriend and beat her until she almost passes out

Libfem: You’re valid!!!

14 year old Genderplankerkweerer : the days days when I wear a skirt I’m a girl but in the days I use a beanie I’m a boy and everyone who don’t use the correct pronouns is a bigot!

Libfem: You’re valid!

Trans man: I’m a gay man but I woudn’t date a trans man

Libfem: You’re valid!

Punter: Even tho the majority of prostitutes are not willing professionals and would leave the trade if they could, I like to pay women for sex, sometimes I also threaten not to pay them if they don’t do what I want

Libfem: You’re valid

Ex sex-worker: So here is my real life experience with sex work and why it is a dangerous trade where women are exploited and violated


Random person on tumblr: I think the sex industry is harmful f-

Libfem:Oh look at this SWERF !OP is a SWERF, she wants sex workers dead, stay safe everyone!!!

Lesbian:I woudn’t date a trans woman because of my sexual orienta-

Libfem: What a fucking TERF!You ugly ass b*tch you are a violent murderous bigot and I would like to hit you with a bat and then set fire on you

According to science, vaping has helped millions of people quit smoking

A study published in the journal Addiction looked at e-cigarette usage in 28 European countries, and found that millions of EU citizens quit smoking with the use of e-cigarettes Vaping is an industry that allows cigarette addicts to trade in dangerous tobacco for “e-liquids,” but there’s an alarming reason why many smokers still don’t vape.

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Title: Magnitude

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Ed/Oswald

Word Count: 5641

Warnings: Unbeta’d, virginity, anal sex, blowjob, insecurity, body issues, more insecurity, lame riddles, fluff, seriously just way too long

Notes: This is *way* too long for what was initially just supposed to be sorta fluffy porn. I hope you guys like anyways. I’m sorry it took so long to get another fic out! Hopefully next time I won’t lose my shit and write so goddamned much for a simple thought, haha.

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What makes Intelligence Agents tick? (Part one)

There are certain aspects that are considered the building blocks of intelligent agents. Unlike the average man these agents view the world in a novel lens. Their effective habit system alters their perception profoundly. They are capable of extracting information from the most devious sources. They always make the best of what they have, and they pay a lot of attention to details. Their line of trade is rather dangerous at times. That is why it is absolutely crucial to be always ready, prepared and vigilant of your surroundings.

How does one adopt an effective Situational Awareness habit?

This habit can take the toll on you, if you do not know where and how to look. Being constantly observant is very tiring, it exerts the brain’s resources immensely. Selective attention is always advised whenever attempting to observe the outer/external environment. In this article I will be discussing Observation and how to utilize it towards your best interest.

1. Observation

There are two types of observation modes:

a. Passive Observation (Being one’s default mode)

b. Active Observation (Conscious awareness)

The default state in which we observe the world around us is the passive mode. Through which you take the relevant data (enough to let you survive the time being) surrounding you, and comprehend it in the simplest of ways. The world is a very dangerous place, full of potential risks. The passive observation mode let’s you operate accordingly, while maintaining awareness for potential danger. Take for example the sound of the banging engine that takes you by surprise, you automatically direct your attention towards that source to assess the threat. If it proves to be a false alarm, you ease your tension. However, unlike the passive mode, the active mode provides you with a sense of proactive, it makes you aware of potential threats that may arises, dangers that normally would bypass your naive passive observation operator. Through the active mode you are willingly analyzing most of the influencing factors in your surrounding environment, and dismissing all that is irrelevant of course, this can take it’s toll on one’s brain power. That is why it is advised to hone the method of selective attention, as mentioned before. There are a few tips that may get you started with this habit. 


- Close your eyes and try to memorize every detail in your surrounding area (It would be advised to try this with a familiar room/area)

- Open your eyes again and see how many have you missed. You should find a good some of important information that slipped your attention.


Whenever you enter a premise, try to keep track of the following: 

1. Where are the exist

2.How many windows

3. How many people are in the room

4. What is the layout of the room

5. Observe people’s micro expression

6. Observe the people’s behavior and body language as they interact with one another

7. Observe the clothes of the people (There is a world of information in how someone dresses themselves)

I will be discussing further points in the upcoming article.


Anon requested: Prompt: When Sam Winchester went out to get a burger for Dean after curing him. Castiel went to sleep on the couch and Dean found him there and took him to bed and they cuddled. Please do this.

Dean woke up in his bed, sore and still tired, but he felt better than he had in a really long time.

They had finally gotten rid of the Mark after month and months of searching. They’d had to trade some dangerous Men of Letters information to Rowena for the cure, but it had worked. Crowley was hunting her now, she wouldn’t have long to use it.

Dean pulled himself from his bed and dragged down the hall to get something to drink. His aching muscles made the short trip seem like a million miles.

Dean pulled a bottle of water from the fridge and cracked it open. He gulped half the bottle down in one go. He looked at the counter and saw that there was a note in Sam’s handwriting on the counter.

Gone to pick up some burgers and beer. Be back soon.

Dean put the note down and walked toward the living room.

Cas was asleep on the couch, his jacket thrown over him like a blanket, snoring softly into the pillow. Dean smiled a little when a small noise slipped out of his mouth.

If he learned one thing from having the Mark, it was that he was done not living his life because of fear. He wasn’t going to be afraid of how he felt anymore.

“Cas,” He shook his arm lightly. “Cas, wake up.”

“Dean?” Cas blinked hard and looked blearily. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. I want you to come to bed with me.”

“Dean–” Cas started to protest, but Dean stopped him.

“Cas, I’m tired and everything I got hurts like a bitch. I’m not asking again. Come on.”

He held out his hand and waited. Cas hesitated for a long moment before taking it.

Dean led him back down the hall to the rooms. Cas looked unsure of what to do once the bedroom door was closed behind them. Dean went to his side of the bed and laid down.

“Come here,” Dean said, patting the empty space. Cas shuffled forward and stretched out beside him.

Dean reached over and laid a hand on his hip, squeezing a little before he closed his eyes. Cas inched closer, little by little, and settled against Dean’s chest. Dean wrapped his arms tightly around him and pressed his cheek against his hair.

They were both asleep again in minutes.


Sam juggled the bag of burgers and fries and a six pack as he opened to door to the bunker.

“Guys, I’m back,” He called, coming down the stairs. When no one responded, he got concerned. Dean should have been awake by then, and where was Cas?

He put the bag and the beer down on the kitchen table, balling up his note when he passed by it, then continued on to the sleeping quarters.

“Dean, you up?” He knocked lightly on the door, then pushed it open. He smiled a what he saw.

Dean and Cas were curled together as they slept, their legs and arms tangled together. Cas was nestled under Dean’s chin. They both looked peaceful.

“About damn time,” Sam said, with a small smile. He pulled the door shut and walked away. The burgers could wait.

nokkarosh replied to your photo “high heels on heavy armour, that’s a good idea”

the weird shorts disturb me its ? no need of protection there, make sense

it’s ok her GIANT SHIELD will protect her lithe ™ and petite ™ body

b-dangerous replied to your photo “high heels on heavy armour, that’s a good idea”


i guess the art is a comical exaggeration of her character? doesn’t excuse the extremely tiny proportions but her character arc basically goes that she wants to be an armour knight because that’s what her brother and her region is famous for in the army

and well, unfortunately for her gameplay wise she’s widely considered the worst unit in the game and possibly the entire series