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bad bob zimmermann won his third stanley cup in 1978. he turns 57 in january of 2014 which means he was born 1957. he was 21 the third time he won a stanley cup with the montreal canadiens. 21.

he has won a stanley cup every season he has played since he was drafted at 18. and, in real time, the montreal canadians went on to win a fourth stanley cup the following season. four consecutive wins since he was drafted. since we dont know if the win with the pens in 1991 when he was 34 was his fourth or fifth or if he only played for the canadiens and the pens then it’s possible that bad bob won a number of stanley cups with a number of teams before retiring under the pittsburgh penguins

imagine living up to that
Proposed ban on flavoured tobacco sales raises worries among retailers

A proposed ban on the sale of flavoured tobacco products in Singapore has caused rising concerns among provision shops, coffee shops, minimarts and other tobacco retailers over the sustainability of their businesses.

In a recent survey of 1,475 independent general trade retailers commissioned by four trade associations, almost all respondents (99 per cent) were worried that such a ban would hurt their business. 

Their concerns stem mainly from the potential revenue loss from menthol cigarettes – the most popular flavour on the shelves.

A handful of provision shop and minimart owners who spoke to Yahoo Singapore estimated that 40 to 65 per cent of their profits come from cigarette sales. Most of these merchants said that flavoured cigarette sales accounted for at least half of these profits.

In tandem with overall cigarette sales, market share for menthol-flavoured tobacco has increased over the past three years, according to three minimart owners. They were troubled by the prospect of having to forgo their biggest income generator.

Businesses interviewed by Yahoo Singapore attributed at least half of their total revenues to cigarette sales, of which about half are from flavoured cigarettes.

“Cigarettes are good profit-makers especially since they take up less storage space compared to food and drinks. Furthermore, they have a high sales turnover since people don’t typically sit at the table to smoke for long periods of time,” said Hong Poh Hin, chairman of the Foochow Coffee Restaurant and Bar Merchants Association, one of the associations that commissioned the survey.

“It is important that any proposed tobacco control measures be supported by evidence of their effectiveness in reducing smoking incidence in Singapore, while addressing the impact to the affected retailers,” he added, warning of possible business closures that could follow if the rule is passed. Hong compared the potential impact to the ban on alcohol sales between 10.30pm and 7am, which has been in place since 1 April 2015, and its negative effect on retailers that sell alcohol products.

This survey was concluded in September 2016 and was commissioned by several trade associations, including the Foochow Coffee Restaurant and Bar Merchants Association Kheng Keow Coffee Merchants Restaurant and Bar-Owners Association, the Singapore Mini Mart Association and the Singapore Provision Shop Friendly Association.

About 97 per cent of the respondents flagged another key concern — that a ban could cause smokers of flavoured cigarettes to turn to the black market.

A provision shop owner, who declined to be named, agreed with the finding. “What happens is that when people can’t get the kind of (cigarette) variant they want, they will find alternative ways to get them,” he said.

The trade associations said they were carrying out a separate study on the efficacy and business impact of the proposed ban on flavoured tobacco products. The results will be presented to the government upon completion.

“The trade associations urge the government to review these results and consult with their members before further deliberating on this proposed regulation,” Mr Hong added.

This article was produced in partnership with the Foochow Coffee Restaurant & Bar Merchants Association

The Armstrong Whitworth AW.681, also designated the Whitworth Gloster 681 or Hawker Siddeley HS.681 - due to industry mergers - was a pretty unique transport design from Britain’s 1960s aviation industry. Fulfilling a similar short takeoff and landing specification as Lockheed’s C-130, Armstrong Whitworth produced a solid contender in the AW.681, featuring vectored thrust nozzles, boundary layer control, blown flaps, leading edges and ailerons.

Then they took things a little further, trading the four Rolls-Royce RB.142 Medway engines for four Bristol Siddeley Pegasus turbofans, to obtain VTOL capability. These were the engines which went on to power the Harrier. It would have been an interesting sight. Thanks to the swept shoulder-mounted wings and high T-tail, it would have also resembled today’s C-17 and A400M.

The entire project was scrapped in 1964 when the moment’s Labour Government announced a defence spending review, opting instead to buy the American Lockheed C-130. As a result the company closed it’s Coventry factory, making 5000 workers redundant.

Killjoy Aesthetic #1

Sleeping with your boots on and your gun under your arm because you’re never safe.

Never forgetting to wear a bandana over your face when you’re out in the Zones because of that one time you did and had sand in your teeth for weeks as consequence.

The pure joy you feel every time you get the rare luxury of a hot meal or a cold shower.

Guarding your Chapstick with your life because you traded four cans of Power Pup to get it, and it may be the second most important thing you own (next to your blaster)

Every time you take your shoe off you vow never to again because everyone knows there is no worse smell than the inside of a Killjoy’s boot.

Mattresses without sheets. Or blankets. You’re not complaining; sleeping on something other than the ground is bliss.

The confidence you have in your walk–whether you know it or not. You stand with your shoulders back and your head high.

The blisters, burns, dirt, ash, and cuts you always have on your hands.

The rush you get from killing a Drac or driving at top speed, when you know you’d never live your life any differently.

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Day in a Nutshell 2/2/17

My morning started out with my boyfriend and I dopesick as fuck struggling to get well laying on the floor of the squat house we’re staying at.

Then we traded a four person tent to one of the other people staying in the squat house for 0.10 of heroin, which was barely enough to take the edge off of the sickness for both of us since we had to split a fucking point.

Then we ended up helping someone from here on Tumblr out with picking up some dope and they threw some our way for helping them out.

Then we ended up busing to the U District to sell some used 2014 college text books we found in a dumpster to a half price book store and we got some cash for those.

We also FINALLY stopped by the needle exchange up here after reusing our same dirty needles for three days in a fucking row! They gave us like 600 cleans, no joke. (Note, DON’T do this. ALWAYS use clean needles, and if you don’t have clean needles ONLY reuse YOUR OWN DIRTIES like we did. NEVER USE SOMEONE ELSE’S DIRTY NEEDLES! I can’t stress this enough. If you need help getting clean needles or narcan for free or have any more questions about harm reduction or IV drug use feel free to message me! ) Like I had used these needles so much that they hurt my arms when the point was going in, especially with all my scar tissue I have to push through.

Now my boyfriend, P, and I just bused back to Capitol Hill from the U District and we’re waiting for our main dealer to come through so we can do our like 5th or 6th shot of the day. Also, P’s friend Kenny came up to us and randomly started chatting us up and gave us a free 0.2 of clear (meth) that we’re probably also going to trade to our dealer for more heroin.

Thank you Junkie Gods for coming through for us today. We truly needed it.


Celebrity Challenge -  A Celebrity Who’s The Same Age As You
                          Cody Saintgnue

It’s easy to see how the Endangered Four-eyed Turtle (Sacalia quadriocellata) gets its name. This unique species is in decline due to the use of its shell in traditional Chinese medicine. The Turtle Conservancy works to mitigate the trade in species like this, along with our captive breeding efforts.


From Left to Right: 

Yutaka Murata, Pneumatic Poly-Climate Pavilion, 1973 / J. Commelyn, Maze Design, 1676 

Josep Antoni Coderch i de Sentmenat, Trade Building, Plan, Barcelona, Spain, 1965 / Clifford’s Tower, Plan, York, England, 1245-1270

I dreamt summer and it was a wolf, four girls trading tear-filled bottles on the roadside and three boys spilling language near the bones of each other’s throats; I was a daisy chain and you were were a nectarine spilling hot and sweet across my tongue though it felt the other way round -

See, I was ripping and dripping like ice cream on the asphalt, a crucifix between my lips praying Artemis might catch on the way down, arrow sunk deep between shoulder blades and bones flaking off like dandelion seeds.

Me sweet and you sticky, every boy on his back like fruitflies on a windscreen or mosquitos to the back of a neck; I am uncareful and my teeth turn pink with you turn red with you turn hungry in the meadows full up with lavender and crop circles where we tangle to the beat of scrawled notes on paper: not love, not that

With the wolf pacing in bellies the sky is clothed by butterflies, four girls and three boys sipping vodka through silly straws and we tell campfire stories of our striped knee socks as if they could be psalms, traded over and over until the meaning is lost. We are all sculpture. The museum gone quiet we are echoing through the halls songs of summer and ourselves, all dead things.

It’s still summer and I’m a mixed metaphor I am spring flowers and every girl I see is a ghost on my tongue, every girl I see takes a bite out of me and hangs inside the cave of my chest - you there like a corroded pair of lungs - and I am open wide; jaws, thighs, everything.

- burning clothes in a backyard (dtw #7) | lr

the les mis fandom has been over for a thousand years but… modern au where valjean is a blogger that reblogged a problematic™ post about shoplifting four years ago and javert is the blogger that will pursue him and make callout posts for his new account every time he remakes