trading cards


Not long ago, my grandmother and I looked through some of her stored away boxes and in them we found her old celebrity trading cards from (I think) the 1950s. She gave them to me so I could scan them – which I did! – but I realized that their backs were worth scanning too.

I use these kinds of textures from time to time (I love them) and feel you can’t have to many. Furthermore: it’s nice to do things like this yourself as they can be pretty expensive on stock photo websites.

So here’s my late Christmas gift for you all: a ~35mb zip file with 50 old card backs. I left the writing on those written on; I like the look of it. (They’re all jpegs with white backgrounds. I didn’t have the energy to cut them out and save them with transparency. Sorry!)

Feel free to use these textures as you please, and if you find them useful, I’d appreciate it if you linked back to them somehow so that more people who might want them can find them. Thanks <3 

Download here (deviantArt link)


So I posted my favorite ones earlier today and I will post UHQ versions when I can scan my cards, but for now I figured I’d make a couple of posts with extra cards so you can see some more of them while you wait. :D
Including Khan and Kirk’s butt while they fly through space. 8D~

Some of these are the same as in the other post but there’s also ones I couldn’t include before because of max images per post limit. This time I pasted them together to avoid that. XD;

Part 2 of 2. (Part 1)

Hello! At Phoenix Comicon I found a blue bag filled with yu-gi-oh trading cards in various tins and boxes. If this is your bag please notify me so I may send it out with you!

We found it in the hotel and it got mixed up in our belongings. It’s possible that when you left you left it in the hotel room. I asked the front desk but they said they were unsure if they would be able to contact you and if not the bag would be thrown out, so I took it home so I could find its owner!

I have gone through it just to see what is inside and to be able to make sure I have the owner correct!

If this belongs to you please have proof you were in fact at Phoenix comicon (your badge will be fine) and I will ask you questions to be sure you are the owner (what tins are inside, other contents, etc) to make sure you’re the correct owner, and I will mail it out to you free of charge!

Please signal boost this so we can find the owner of the bag!!!