Dibujar y colorear a lo tradicional enserio me relaja y me encanta :)
Y aún más cuando esos hermosos momentos de inspiración llegan a las 12 de la mañana.

No llevo mucho en el fandom y ya lo amo, hoy después de ver el capítulo de Reading your coments de @therealjacksepticeye y no pude con las ganas y me puse a dibujar :)

PD: mi dibujo chibi, coloreado y dibujo en general ha subido de nivel >:3 se siente tan bonito el ver tu propio crecimiento :)

Translation: (sorry if this has any grammar or spelling errors)
Tradicional drawings are so relaxing and I love doing this kind of stuff :) And I love it even more when inspiration decides to come at night time.

Im realtibly new in this fandom and I love it, after watching Jack’s new coments video I couldn’t control my self and I started drawing :)

And Jack, you always made me happy :) Thank you for been there for me and for everyone you’re a great person and I hope that maybe some day I’ll be able to meet you, have a nice day buddy :3

‘’ Their voices and memories are still resonating on my mind, like a endless echo…’’

————————————————————————————————————here’s ‘’Echo sans’’ or echo flower sans?, i dunno… (  ̄∀ ̄;) ,  I was inspired by the leeffi’s artwork , is so pretty  \(*´∀`* \)

(人´∀`) oh ,long time I wanted to upload some of this ship that breaks my life, I love these dorks  (‘//A//`) ♡

this is dedicated to erushell, for her wonderful art,I love it so much ♡ (ノ∀\*)