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Dilancri is over level 60 now. What are the Alliance RP guilds on Wyrmrest Accord like? Who’s active? Are there any non-pirating trade/shipping/supply groups?

I’m leveling right now.  Need to run around outlands too? I’ll be online for most of today. Hit me up on tumblr messenger, discord, bnet, or in game.

About Lynx Dilancri (born Faythe Enturose)

NAME: Lynx Dilancri (Born Faythe Enturose)
NICKNAMES/TITLES: Captain / Shipmaster
AGE: 25-ish
SPECIES: Human (of Kul’Tiras )
GENDER: Female
BIRTHPLACE: Boralus, Kul’Tiras
BIRTHDAY: March 28th
PROFESSION: Tradeswoman / Ship Captain
RESIDENCE(S): The Mistrunner | Apartment in Stormwind

• Born to House Enturose of Kul'tiras as Faythe with a twin named Zarya. Whe was outspoken and hated the strict noble life. She ran away from home as a young teen.

• Took on the alias Lynx Dilancri while working with a small band of bandits. As a young adult she started a store in Booty Bay that sold “salvaged” items name’s Faye’s Chest, upstairs being a well maintained and very selective “companion” service.

• Used her growing wealth to buy a ship and hired a crew, naming it Mistrunner, and started taking legit trade and black market jobs. They worked with Alliance Militia groups like The Sylvan Blades and with Black Market suppliers like Atlas Treasure Salvage.

• The Mistrunner was commandeered by the Alliance Army during the Pandaria campaigns. There are no records of what Lynx did during the time she was without a ship. Some suspect she has other identities for different projects.

• The Mistrunner II, a ship she was able to build off her own designs, secretly aided the Black Maw captain in his raid and overtaking of Blacksail Cove, now renamed Kal’falah Cove. During this time she was investigated and temporarily imprisoned until her name could be cleared.

• Currently Lynx is recovering in Stormwind City with her dwindling crew, sometimes seen playing violin at the docks.

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Hi there! My name is Cassie/Sea; it’s nice to meet you. Thanks for taking a small time out of your day to read this LFC post, I really appreciate it! If you’re interested in roleplaying with either of my characters, feel free to send me an ask and/or tumblr message for further information/my discord. ♥ Reblogs are also loved! Both of these characters can be found on Balmung.

Relevant facts about me include: I’m Australian, operating in the GMT+8 timezone; which can sometimes be inconvenient for those with strict sleep schedules and online times. I’m generally pretty flexible when I can be online as long as it’s not something like five in the morning, though I am just as happy ( and oftentimes more willing ) to roleplay over other mediums such as tumblr or discord. What is also important to note is that I am a full time Law/Arts student – so please expect some delays/inactivity during assignment/exam periods. 

Samples of my writing can be found here. My personal blog is @ofsaltandseas if you’re interested in following that, too!

Note: Both characters below are on sideblogs and, as a result, cannot follow back. All asks/follows come from @gatheredfates​.

Found @domandancer!

Azuma Yumishi is the daughter of a well respected samurai and a Doman-born au ra who, up until a few years prior, lived under the thumb of Garlean occupation and rule. Deviating from her father’s craft at a young age, she took up dancing and martial arts in place of a sword; honing her ability under the cover of entertainment. Both were members of the Liberation Front – their home a place of refuge and armament – and, under the cover of night and her father’s surface pacifism and feebleness, they worked to try and train their people.

However, when Kaien was murdered and their city razed, Azuma attempted to escape by ship like so many refugees to the distant lands of Kugane and Eorzra. Caught in an explosion by Garlean magitek, she was separated from her lover, Saran – a Xalea au ra from the Kha tribe – and awoke on the seas with mangled legs and an inability to walk. Her life was spared, but her mobility and belief in her lover’s survival did not. Though she has since made it back to the East, Azuma works mostly in hospitality and record keeping – attempting to offer a safe refuge for those looking to fight and rebuild their homes – as well as liasoning with Firelight Trading Co; a merchant company who helped fund her travel and settlement.

RP HOOKS: First and foremost, I’m really hoping to get a house for Azuma with Shirogane come 4.2. In the meantime, and if that doesn’t pan out, @nightmaze was kind enough to share their residence with me in the Goblet – which functions as a bed and breakfast! ( Ward 8, Subdivision, Plot 58 ) Though there some tweaks I still want to make to the house, Azuma offers it both as a place for people to stay and holiday, and also as a waystation for people travelling to Doma. As long as some people are willing to sleep on the floor, she’ll house as many as she can. If you’re looking for something that fits the bill, please let me know!

Otherwise, if your character was a samurai/in-training, it’s plausible they would have known Azuma and/or her father before the fall of Doma; as well as fellow members of the liberation front. Though her lover, Saran, ( played by my boyfriend, @setheron​) is technically a member of the Kha tribe, he left the Steppes at a young age and likely has very few ties to his kin. Though no one seems to have seen him since, it doesn’t stop Azuma from trying to find any and all information just in case.

Found @piratedswans!

Daughter of the notorious fleet captain Dimitri Swan, Koret’s life has always been defined by the absence of a dick and the ‘weaknesses’ of her femininity; to the detriment of any other skill or talent. With her father’s plan to bear a son jeopardized by death of his wife and the survival of his only legitimate daughter, she endures the brunt of being her father’s ‘blight’, and framed by a non-existent curse he believes was placed upon him. Because of this, her upbringing was far from kind; with her ascension and captaining of the small vessle Wolfsbane not the result of her father’s faith in her ability, though ability certainly exists, but of pressure and expectation brought upon her in his desperation to maintain his image. He will not rest until Koret is pregnant with a son, dead or disappears.

Pinning down Koret is a difficult feat, often because she is acting as a courier and tradeswoman to her father alongside her first mate Robince ( @emswcrth ). However, she is known to volunteer her services as a sharpshooter and bodyguard for Rexonus Fira’lux, leader of Firelight Trading Co., as well as run shipments for the company between Eorzea’s city-states and beyond. 

RP HOOKS:  If your character is associated with privateering and/or a general Limsan trade scene, it is possible that they may know/met Dimitri Swan in the past! If so, their opinion of Koret might be highly tainted by his negative bias depending on the value they place on his word. There is also some speculation and rumour surrounding Lily Swan’s death – Kor’s younger sister – concerning both her demise and that of her husband not long after her body was discovered. Whether or not they believe Kor had something to do with it is totally up to you – we can discuss!

Other hooks could include people that Kor has met on her travels; especially the various flings she has has had from port to port. Kor is a lesbian, however, so this would be limited to other women! Because of her father’s constant watch and fear of attachment, such relationships rarely last before the person is driven away by Kor’s cold personality or her abandoning them entirely. If that’s something you’d be interested in exploring, I’m open to ideas!

looking for a guild.

I’m looking for an active, steady RP guild for Loala. I don’t PvE or PvP on her so any guild centered around that or as a big focus might not do so well, unless it’s past content! I don’t really know what to say here so I’ll just jump right into it.

She’s a noble, a Duchess, and has been raised to be the head of House Addington. As such, she has quite the bit of political experience. She’s acted as a political advisor (ICly, yes) to a few people in the past, both in my previous guild and other guilds I’ve been in that soon died out. So, her experience as a politician (all of which has been RPed out):

  • Head of House Addington for the past couple years.
  • Former treasurer (and member) of the Alliance Defense Council/Coalition.
  • Former council member of the Northern High Council.
  • Former High Magus of the House of Nobles.
  • Former Proprietor of the Red Shield.
  • Founder of the Addington Infirmary, previously held in Greywatch for several months in 2016.

She’s a Mage, ICly and OOCly. Pyromancy in specific. She was sent officially to Dalaran to learn under a Mage there within the Kirin Tor (though she isn’t apart of the org) and did so until she was 17 (when I started writing her, she’s now 19). Since then, her experience as a Mage, which has also been RPed out:

  • Former apprentice of the Amberstaff Coalition, for the majority of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 (until the HoN started).
  • Former High Magus of the House of Nobles.

She’s a tradeswoman. House Addington has a main trade of lumber, but they also trade several needs of the medical field, and they breed horses for trade as well. They have four trading posts in Elwynn, Redridge, Duskwood, and the Wetlands. Several trading deals have been roleplayed out with many people in-game both nobility and otherwise. Her experience, as RPed out:

  • Head of House Addington.
  • Former Proprietor of the Red Shield.

She’s skilled in combat. Her main focus, obviously, is with her magic, but she also knows the basics of swordsmanship. She is by no means a warrior or any of the sort, but she knows how to use it. Her experience, as RPed out:

  • Former apprentice of the Amberstaff Coalition.
  • The battle of the Broken Shore.
  • The invasions of the Eastern Kingdoms.

She’s been highly active in the community, mostly in 2016. Her most well-known and successful events were as followed, all of which I believe were featured within the Royal Courier:

  • The funeral service of King Varian Wyrnn.
  • Addington Infirmary.
  • First to Your Aid.

Some other things that may or may not be important..

  • She’s 19, just as of July 19th.
  • She lives in the Hinterlands.
  • She’s a Lordaeron Loyalist.
  • She’s a member of the Church of the Holy Light, comes from a very religious family and is religious herself.
  • She’s active on the Broken Isles, not so much in combat but charity work.
  • Though not IN the Kirin Tor, she works closely with them in Dalaran.
  • She’s more lawful than anything, only breaking rules when absolutely necessary, and doesn’t like to be around those who aren’t.
  • Anddd I’m 21+.
  • I’m also pretty shy which is why I’m making a master post.

Named after Baan Dar, the trickster god of the Khajiit, the Baandari are tribes of traveling merchants found throughout Tamriel. Though openly scorned and typecast as thieves, swindlers, and vagabonds, few citizens of the Empire can truthfully claim to have avoided giving them their business. When necessity calls, or when a rare item is too good to pass up, the Baandari are happy to overlook the prejudice against them and provide “Town-Biders” with the goods they desire. 

(Illustration: A Baandari tradeswoman in the native dress of Elsweyr’s northern grasslands) 

The World of Ice and Fire - A Myrish tradeswoman.

The Myrmen are believed by certain maesters to be akin to the Rhoynar, as many of them share the same olive skin and dark hair as the river people, but this supposed link is likely spurious. There are certain signs that a city stood where Myr now stands even during the Dawn Age and the Long Night, raised by some ancient, vanished people, but the Myr we know was founded by a group of Valyrian merchant adventurers on the site of a walled Andal town whose inhabitants they butchered or enslaved. Trade has been the life of Myr ever since, and Myrish ships have plied the waters of the narrow sea for centuries. The artisans of Myr, many of slave birth, are also greatly renowned; Myrish lace and Myrish tapestries are said to be worth their weight in gold and spice, and Myrish lenses have no equal in all the world.

Artist: Magali Villeneuve