Elite Con is not what you think

I’m sure a lot of the cosplay community heard of this:


Because Here’s the thing: Elite Con is NOT your typical Fandom Convention.


It’s Basically the Dealers Hall of your typical convention only that’s all there is to the event.

Don’t pull the Wow they’re more like Elitist Con, am I right? joke, Don’t Claim they’re alienating Cosplayers. They AREN’T.

Look at their Event Page. The Description itself says A Premium Collectibles Event for Advanced Collectors.

If you don’t know what that means, it means Its an event for Serious Buyers to either get the latest figures/toys/Pop funko figures OR Get a chance at buying a really rare or really valuable Comic Book or Comic Memorabilia.

They know who their target audience is and they’re giving the community a heads up saying We are not allowing cosplay You will be denied at door

They’re letting you know a head of time what will happen and that is helluva lot better than showing up in cosplay only to be denied access.

They are not alienating Cosplayers, they do not hate cosplayers, they’re just doing their job to ensure that their target audience is getting what they want and that Comics and Memorabilia.

So seriously guys: Stop lighting your torches and stop sharpening your Pitchforks. Actually Look into what the event is actually about. The event is getting harassed left and right because people aren’t doing their research. Get over it. It’s not even something Cosplayers would even be interested in. Y'all just want something to complain about

Gone April 4 - April 10

I’ll reblog this closer to the date, but FYI, I will be in GERMANY for work for most of next week. Not sure how the wifi situation will be over there, plus 2-3 of those days I’ll be on a tradeshow floor. So if I’m silent for a bit, I am not dead – just in a foreign land and jetlagged AF. :)