Calling Out Trademark "Bullies"

What do Apple, Kellogg, Zynga and the Lance Armstrong Foundation have in common?

According to Trademarkia, they’re the four biggest “bullies” when it comes to the battle over trademarks. 

Mashable reports:

Trademark search engine Trademarkia compiled the “trademark bullies” rankings, using opposition filings as its criteria. Public oppositions to a trademark application can be made within a set 30-day period after it’s filed and are often made in conjunction with a private cease-and-desist letter.

“Sometimes the [opposition filings] legitimate,” says Trademarkia CEO Raj Abhyanker, a lawyer turned entrepreneur who once worked with trademark issues. “Maybe ‘facemeetings’ is so similar to Facebook that people would assume it’s owned by Facebook. It’s a legitimate [opposition filing]. But really would anyone be confused that ‘etoro openbook’ is affiliated with Facebook? I don’t think so.”

You can read Mashable’s full article here.

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This ain’t right, tho

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