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A Widowmaker drawing featuring line art/inks by @edwinhuang . I did the colors, background, and filters. It was a great time working on Edwin’s amazing trademark line art. The gold skin is actually based on the “Patina” skin from the game (but I added some extra gold on the gun to reflect the actual gold weapon reward.)

Hope you guys enjoy and stay tuned for more artwork similar to this one!

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Moar fluff \o/

I spent the week spamming the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 OST because it’s wonderful.  In particular, the track “Dad.” Holy shit feels.

Fun fact: there was a smooch in the third panel when I planned the original page.  I’m not sure why I removed it, besides the fact that it turned out cute as is xD.  I promise there will be at least one smooch.  I think.  :>

Second fun fact: I considered making that third panel (implied) NSFW.  Hue.  Huehuehuehue

♫ You’ve been hit by
You’ve been hit by
A smooth criminal~ ♫

I tried to draw Dmitry ‘cause I really like this Russian greaser guy B) Though I feel like this looks nothing like him xD Oh well..

Dmitry belongs to @zoewhite4815. I hope you like this, buddy pal chum~!

landofbooksandart  asked:

your art trademark is very distinctive. for one, the trolls' horns on your homestuck drawings are very distinctively colored and shaded. the coloring on your art is all very soft and nice, really makes it look awesome. and the eyes look like they have eyeliner, but not in a """femenine""" way. i really love your art, so keep doing it! :3

!! this is very interesting

thank you! 💖

Theft alert*** Even though I have all of my copyrights registered and even a Trademark on the Unicorgi (which was NOT cheap) some jerks are making really gnarly rips of these pins. My lawyer sent a DMCA take down notice to the site the day before yesterday thankfully. When purchasing knock offs everyone gets hurt. The artists does n to get funds to make new art, the fans no longer get to see art or see less than before. Some of my artist friends are no longer posting their art online because of fear of theft. We gotta work together on this—so please let me know if you see theft of my original works if you find them online. I will not be annoyed if you do. Thanks everyone! 

anonymous asked:

I'm not sure how to describe it because i'm not an art person, but you have a very specific way of drawing lines that makes your style distinguishable from any. And the faces ! They have something soft and round about them and it is very lovely. I'm sorry I don't really know how to put it into words ? PS : I love Vaxus and your work, good job !

Ahhh thank you so much! 🙏 I’m so glad you like the way I draw faces! And Vax ;_;
Thank you for telling me about this and have a lovely day/night, nonny 💕