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Your art trademark is probably the faces. They're very distinct, especially the noses. And also your choice of color and how you use it with shading.

Ooh, interesting! Ah yes, the noses with the two little lines, I don’t know why I do that.

How shownu would react to his crush staring at his muscles

Requested by @pythonkings. HOW WOULD SHOWNU BE IF HE CAUGHT HIS CRUSH STARING AT HIS MUSCLES!?!? -this boy would get so red and flustered when he catches them staring at his muscles -but would low key be cocky about it -still really shy though -wouldn’t say anything just giggle a little bit -then bring back his resting queen bitch shownu face(TRADEMARK😂😂😂) -I feel like if he felt like they liked him, he would confront them and ask if they’d like to touch them. -idk this man is too hot for his shyness so I’m kinda at a stump for him. -but….like……who wouldn’t stare at him……or his muscles….. like come on…… I mean look at his little squirrel smile. -OKAY I KNOW WE ARE ALL THINKING IT BUT OMO LOOK AT DADDY SHOWNU AHHHHHHH I HOPE YOU LIKE IT SORRY IF THIS SUCKS AS MUCH AS I THINK IT DOES XOXOXOX OMCE AGAIN REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!!!!!! Gif not mine credits to owner

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Imitation’s the most sincere form of flattery

“Hey Ryan, looks like you have an all-girl fanclub,” Geoff nodded to the TV.


The TV showed security footage of three Vagabond look-a-likes, complete with trademark jacket and face paint, all of whom were clearly female and all with brightly coloured hair, as they made off with a cache of weapons they’d just lifted from Ammu-Nation. They clearly had some skills.

“Hmm… Not bad.”

The TV reporter explained, “This is the only available footage of the perpetrators. Police are currently investigating the possibility that they are related to the gang known as the Fake AH Crew.”

A fuzzy image of Ryan captured by a convenience store security camera several years ago flashed onto the screen.

“The outfits worn by the perpetrators bear resemblance to the Fake AH Crew member known only as ‘The Vagabond’. Investigations are ongoing. If you have any information –”

Geoff switched off the TV. “That’s such a shitty photo of you.”

“Think I should send them a headshot they can use instead?” Ryan smirked and raised an eyebrow.

“Ryan the used-to-be-a-model guy…”

“Those girls really nailed it,” Gavin observed, “The face paint, I mean.” He had a still image of them pulled up on his laptop. “Check it out, they even got the contacts right.”

Ryan took a careful look at the image. They were accurate all right. The black and white skull design carefully painted on their faces matched his almost exactly. Funny thing was, as far as he knew, no photos of his current face paint design existed. How had they been able to copy him so precisely?

These girls were worth tracking down.

And that’s how Lindsay, Mica and Meg got involved with the Fakes.

Who said cosplay never got you anywhere?

snip snap.

above everything else, jinah hates coffee the most. even if you slather it in with cream and sugar, there’s still that ugly taste of espresso and everything else that makes coffee unbearable. her nose scrunches up as she sips her drunk, tugging the cup away to near gag as she holds it away from her body, offended.

“i asked for chai and i got a latte. are you joking? ugh. no wonder i stopped coming out here.” she grumbles, shuffling in her boots to the nearest garbage can. she tosses the drink inside, disgruntled more so than usual. peeved, with the taste of coffee on her tongue, she continues to peruse the streets, her trademark scowl on her face.

her fingers curl into her sweater, hiding behind her sleeves. her face ducks into her scarf, eyes fluttering shut as she lets out a sharp exhale—annoyed, utterly and terribly, annoyed, before her shoulder knocks into someone else. it offsets her balance and makes her yelp, and she wills her skin not to shoot out with ice. her finger tips scale with frost, but she curls them into a fist beneath her sleeve out of sight.

“watch it!” she bares her teeth, eyes narrowed. “learn how to use your feet, you imbecile.”


Iran Fashion Week: Iranian women in Bandari traditional clothing from the city of Minab, Hormozgan. In Persian, bandari (بندری) translates to ‘of the port’ and is a term applied to the Persian Gulf cities of Iran and its inhabitants. The women are particularly known for their bright and colorful clothing along with their trademark intricate face masks which are uniquely designed to indicate their city of origin and/or ethnic group. The region is also known for its ethnic diversity which includes Afro-Iranians, Persians, Baloch, Arabs, Qashqai, Lurs and various other peoples.

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Where the reader and Dean are practicing fighting techniques and they end up in a position that leads to fluffy fluff fluff

I couldn’t find a perfect gif, but here he’s smiling and so cute!


Sweat gleamed off Dean’s neck as he reached for the end of his shirt, wiping his forehead. You watched him do a practice move on Sam, involving flipping his younger brother over. 

“Go, Dean!” you shouted while laughing, earning the trademark bitch face from Sam. Your sudden cheer for Dean, aggravated Sam, and he kicked behind Dean’s knee, bringing him to the floor before pining him down. Sam turned and raised a brow at you, “Go, Sam!” you shouted to make him feel better. He tucked his hair behind his ears and grabbed a water bottle.

“Your up, I’m gonna go shower” Sam said, and you swore sweat flew off him. You nodded and drank a sip of water. 

“Let’s go” Dean’s eyes met yours, “You need to know how to protect yourself” he said.

“Dean, you’ve trained me hundreds of times, and I’ve gone on numerous hunts” you reminded him, lifting your hoodie over your head, to be left in your tank top. Dean watched the innocent movement, but couldn’t help but find it captivating. 

“Yeah, but better be safe than sorry” he said, running a hand through his hair. 

You followed him to the center of the mat and he grabbed your forearm without warning, twisting it behind your back. His breath tickled the back of your neck and you tried concentrating on what he said, but failed miserably.

“Try that” he said and turned you back around.

“Can you just- uh, explain it again?” you asked, scratching the back of your neck.

Dean raised his brows but decided to show you instead of repeating himself. He made a lunge towards your shoulder that you sidestepped, turning around and this time grabbing Dean’s forearm, using the same move he did on you. He let out a low chuckle and you let him go.

“Good job” he said, and you passed him a towel. 

“Wipe yourself” you said and he squinted his eyes in annoyance at you, but you couldn’t help but smile. You walked over to your bench and also wiped off your forehead, the room didn’t have an air conditioner. Turning around you were met with Dean’s bare chest, “Woah!” you shouted and sidestepped him.

“Sorry. I think we need to get a fan or something” he said and you tilted your head.

“Don’t be sorry” you joked and he smirked at you.

“Again?” you asked, and he nodded. This time he gave you no time to get to the center place before swiping his leg under your knee, then kicking your ankle, making you fall.

“Dean!” you shouted, but it came out as more of a laugh. 

“Be ready at all times!” he exclaimed and helped you back up.

“Monsters never do that” you said and he nodded.

“Maybe next time they will” he said and you rolled your eyes. Back on your feet, you watched Dean tilt his head at you, waiting to see what you’ll do. Quickly you lunged, using the advantage of how close he was to the wall, you pinned his wrists to the wall, but forget he could kick. He wrapped one leg around you, pulling your knees in. Trying to regain your balance you let go and Dean caught you, pinning you down on your back. He straddled your hips, holding your wrists above your head on the mat. Breathing heavily you locked your eyes on his and he smiled. 

“Dean” you said, as much as you didn’t want him to get off, you didn’t want him to think that. 

“I’m kind of comfortable” he said, and crossed his arms, still sitting on you. A sly smile crossed his face and you blushed.

“Did you just blush?” he laughed, and began poking your cheeks.

“Dean!” you giggled and squirmed underneath him as he began tickling your neck, down to your sides.

“Dean! Dean, stop!” you shouted while laughing.

Finally he let his arms drop by his sides as he gave a full body laugh. Dean realized where he was situated and quickly jumped up, giving you a hand up. You grabbed his hand and stumbled up, falling into his arms.

“Woah” he chuckled, grabbing you by your shoulders to keep you from falling. You looked up at his sparkling emerald eyes as they looked down to your lips then to your eyes. Maybe it was just  the close proximity, but you swore you never knew that his freckles poured far onto his cheeks. You met his eyes again for a short second before he closed the space between your lips. He was gentle and passionate, reaching for more and more of you as you ran your hands through his hair and down to his neck. Never did you think his body would move so perfectly with yours as his hands ran down your sides. He broke the rhythm for air and you smiled at him, placing your head under his chin. 

“You have no idea” he whispered, and you felt his chin move as he spoke.

“What?” you asked into his neck.

“All the times I wanted to do that, but didn’t” he said and you moved away from him and your eyes went wide.

“Dean, you really should have told me” you said and he furrowed his brows, “Because damn I’ve waited a long time to do that too” you said and he visibly relaxed, pulling you in for a hug. Dean wrapped himself around you, holding you as if he’d never been able to again, because that’s how Dean’s mind saw the people closest to him. Keep them safe, because all his other friends are dead. That’s why he wanted to teach you to fight so badly, he wanted to make sure that if he wasn’t there, you’d be able to keep yourself safe. But now he would be there, with you, hopefully until he goes down fighting.