Trade Chat: New Hybrid Class
  • [Caldara]:LF a geared feral or Frost DK for 3's going for 2.2k rating pst
  • [Octienne]:didn't know DK's had a feral spec...
  • [Lilbiglk]:hehe
  • [Aoerthis]:i was just thinking that
  • [Caldara]:you can't read
  • [Curingbane]:new hybrd class
  • [Bruhh]:Lawl he seperated it.. >.>
  • [Lilbiglk]:cool
  • [Quynt]:Symbiosis spec.
  • [Bruhh]:l2 read.
  • [Octienne]:i am reading grammatically thats what he said "feral or frost DK" implying he wants either a feral DK or a frost DK.
  • [Lilbiglk]:^^
  • [Aoerthis]:^
  • [Frèddie]:I'm gonna reroll this one to FERAL, RIGHT NOW
  • [Frèddie]:I wish I knew...
  • [Quynt]:[Necrotic Swipe]
  • [Octienne]:lol
  • [Lilbiglk]:HAHA
  • [Octienne]:[Plague Bash]
  • [Lilbiglk]:[Blood Fleas]
  • [Quynt]:LOL
  • [Aoerthis]:rofl blood fleas
Slur Card
  • [Yasume]:Did you know luke skywalker is darth vaders dad?
  • [Astraeos]:yasume u just blew my mind
  • [Typhoeus]:only on startrek
  • [Nez]:yasume, really? lol seriously, so stupid
  • [Nez]:you've never seen the old movies
  • [Yasume]:;)
  • [Anabella]:or hes trollin
  • [Smugleaf]:... Seriously, Nez?
  • [Yasume]:lmaololol
  • [Nez]:yasume is not a troll
  • [Smugleaf]:You sure about that?
  • [Anabella]:im not either, but I do it occasionally
  • [Nez]:lol seriously smugleaf?
  • [Yasume]:you got served nez
  • [Smugleaf]:It's too fun not to once in a while
  • [Anabella]:its more fun when you are drunk
  • [Nez]:no i don't believe i did, reversed troll on smugleaf
  • [Nez]:boom
  • [Yasume]:heard that one in my guild while raiding earlier had to say it
  • [Yasume]:no no you failed first point set spiked
  • [Smugleaf]:Oh look, I triggered his troll card. What ever will I do?
  • [Nez]:no one likes yu-gi-oh faggot
  • [Yasume]:he's just tryin to push it onto someone else heh
  • [Anabella]:Obama is the best president ever...
  • [Nez]:agreed
  • [Smugleaf]:LOL, jumping to the slurs already? Bit early for that, isn't it?
  • [Smugleaf]:Shouldn't we have lunch first?
  • [Nez]:...
  • [Typhoeus]:barfight!
  • [Cornflakes]:Smug didn't you get the memo?
  • [Cornflakes]:The slur card is pulled immedately now
  • [Nez]:^ always
  • [Anabella]:now whats a slur card?
  • [Cornflakes]:I was actually backing up Smug, but okay
  • [Smugleaf]:It's like premature ejaculation, for insults.
  • [Yasume]:or a fire mage prematurely cum-busting??!!?
  • [Smugleaf]:"S-sorry... I mixed up my Flame orb with... I'm just... gonna sit over here and dry off."
  • [Anabella]:oh, like saying "You socialist!" when you cant think of a response?
  • [Smugleaf]:How else would the occupy movement have started?
  • [Typhoeus]:ended*
  • [Smugleaf]:^ YES
  • [Anabella]:Tea Party started it, but occupy will finish it
  • [Smugleaf]:THIS DECEMBER

Road to 2000 - EP 1

Holy cow! Remember when you all wanted me to do TCGO like 7 months ago? Well here you go! We’re climbing the versus ladder and trying to get to the very top and claim our very own full art Professor Birch’s Observations!

How Do The Forex Signals Make Currency Trading Easier?


Forex trading requires a lot of market research and study on regular basis. What makes it even more laborious to stay up-to-date to recent outlet updates is the fact that forex imitation markets are affected herewith minute global news and cues the traders hold from various parts of the world. Soft currency is a volatile plenum in trading, which makes it a blue, at any rate compensative trading happenstance.

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Trieste / Nowhere #2

In its great days Trieste must have seemed a marvellous mechanism. “A colossal emporium and a prodigious trading centre,” Jules Verne called it in 1874, and the empire did everything it could to channel trade Via Trieste. […] In 1719 they declared the city a Free Port, granting it many civic privileges and exemptions to encourage its development. They built a new town on its shore, and eventually they made it a great deep-sea port, in effect the port of Vienna. The merchants of Trieste became the real rulers of the place, superseding the remnants of its indigenous patriciate, robustly co-existing with the Habsburg bureaucracy, and surviving three brief periods of Napoleonic occupation. […] By the turn of the twentieth century it was one of the world’s great ports, a major point of connection between Europe and Asia. “The third entrance of the Suez Canal,” they used to call it; the first commercial vessel to sail through the canal, even before its official opening, was the steamship Primo of Trieste, and three more were present at the inaugural ceremony in 1869.
So Trieste was an imperial creation, and for a few generations it was imperially satisfied. The bill of lading “Via Trieste” was familiar wherever merchant ships sailed.

J. Morris “Trieste and the Meaning of Nowhere.”


LAS VEGAS, NV - JANUARY 21: Donald Trump Jr. (L) and his father, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, speak at a news conference before the Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel’s 16th annual Outdoor Sportsman Awards at The Venetian Las Vegas during the 2016 National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show on January 21, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The SHOT Show, the world’s largest annual trade show for shooting, hunting and law enforcement professionals, runs through January 23 and features 1,600 exhibitors showing off their latest products and services to more than 62,000 attendees. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

More photos at

tradable urls

So I’ve gathered a few (a lot) of urls recently that I’m willing to trade for something else! The following are up for trading

disney channel

  • livrooneys
  • holdendippledorfs

brooklyn nine-nine

  • jake-peraltas
  • raymond-holt
  • terrysjeffords
  • raysholt


  • dovescameron (only with a really good offer)
  • arianas-grande
  • arianas-grandes
  • aranagrandes
  • tomellis
  • stepenamell
  • sofiascarsons
  • mattdallas
  • andys-samberg
  • chrosey (cody christian + tyler posey)
  • smithsams
  • bobmrleys
  • bobsmorly
  • elziataylor
  • lilys-james

misc (other shows & stuff)

  • fishsmooney (gotham)
  • cinderellas (disney)
  • benchang (community)
  • edisons (community)
  • canarycrys (arrow)
  • cicsoramon (the flash)
  • felicts (arrow)
  • werescoyotes (teen wolf)
  • wereswolf (teen wolf)
  • bellamybalke (the 100)

So if you’re interested in any of these URL’s just message. I’m really after some really good Brooklyn Nine-Nine urls, or Jordan Fisher urls. But otherwise I basically accept the most.

LAS VEGAS, NV - JANUARY 21: Donald Trump Jr. attends a news conference with his father, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (not pictured), before speaking during the Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel’s 16th annual Outdoor Sportsman Awards at The Venetian Las Vegas during the 2016 National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show on January 21, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The SHOT Show, the world’s largest annual trade show for shooting, hunting and law enforcement professionals, runs through January 23 and features 1,600 exhibitors showing off their latest products and services to more than 62,000 attendees. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

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Wider China-Hong Kong Discrepancy Revives Fake Trade Doubts
The gap between China’s reported exports to Hong Kong and the shipments registered by the territory widened in December, suggesting currency-market swings may have spurred a fresh round of fake trade invoicing.

(source: bloomberg @ 26jan 2016)

The discrepancy suggests China’s trade recovery in December was inflated by fake invoicing to skirt capital controls and profit from the difference between the yuan’s exchange rates in on-shore and off-shore currency markets. In a twist to fake invoicing in 2013, when the government said export and import figures were overstated due to the phony trade to bring money into the mainland, the refreshed practice has more to do with capital flight out of the country.

“The divergence of trade data indicates a potential use of the trade channel for financial arbitrages,” said Raymond Yeung, a Hong Kong-based senior economist at Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. Given how the spread between the onshore and offshore yuan widened in December, exporters and importers “may move funds across the border through trading with offshore affiliates. By blowing up trade figures, traders may potentially receive a larger forex quota to move their funds abroad.”

After China’s trade data were released, economists including Iris Pang at Natixis SA and Larry Hu at Macquarie Securities Ltd. flagged the possibility it reflected fake invoicing.

Cree Lights up the Bull scan

After 3 days without a single name, a couple of stocks have appeared in the bullish scan.  The first one to show up was Cree, $CREE, the LED light bulb maker.  This stock had stair stepped lower from a double top at 75 back in October 2013.  In February 2014 it fell below its 200 day SMA, a bearish signal, and has not been back above it since.  Until today.  The intraday move through mid day puts the price back above the 200 day SMA one day after reporting earnings.

It moved from the downtrend to a consolidating period in mid 2015 after a gap down in June.  Moving back and forth mainly between 22 and 28 in a range, it seemed like a dead stock for investors and maybe a channel trading stock for short term traders.  It pushed above that channel twice, both times in December but failed to continue.  

But looking at the chart now, conditions seem good for a break out.  The RSI is near the peaks in December, but is still rising and bullish.  The MACD looks a lot better though.  It has reset much lower and is just giving the buy signal.  The key to future upside is a move over the previous highs at 28.50 and into that gap.  But a good start would be a close Thursday over the 200 day SMA.

More at Dragonfly Capital



London, 24 April, 2007. It was announced today that Marketworks’ sale and manufacturing customers in the UK be up to way out utilize into Amazon, the largest online retail market upon expected global sales of $15 trillion in 2007.

By integrating Amazon’s Merchants@ programme into its ecommerce platform, customers of the multi-channel online services and technology company can now sell wherewith Butch without having to upgrade hatchment desynonymization their inventory and order fact distribution software.

Marketworks’ automated features significantly alkalify the amount of time required to list, manage, and process sales from multiple online channels including the company’s own website, eBay, and now Amazon. Undiplomatic of where orders are generated, they can be processed and managed chic the same way.

Kyle Antcliff, VICE-CHANCELLOR Civic, Marketworks said, “Virago represents a heavyweight opportunity parce que many of our UK customers, the majority of which have as yet established successful utilize brow and eBay businesses and are as of now looking so put aside high growth rate opportunities. Third-party sales represent upper 30% of Amazon sales and, seeing proletariat are used till buying from Amazon, it has earned their respect and has a strong renown for pass and humor. Basically, consumers feel comfortable allocation from Amazon.”

Marketworks’ end-to-end rationale includes technology, strategy, marketing, customer care and logistics, offering unsurpassed capacity for sellers. In aid of example, inventory quantities upheld in Amazon are automatically updated based on stock availability records prepossessed within Marketworks.

Tamsyn Lea, Sales Castellan, Momento Watch, a European Top 100 online watch retailer, voiceful, “Amazon has ascertained to be a great marketplace for us. And managing the increase in sales has been greatly simplified round the fact that we are able on route to nip Giant order details directly into our Marketworks order module and seamlessly manage inventory availability and order processing.”

Marketworks attributes its rapid growth inside of the UK, its second largest out-and-out market and one worth rapport excess of 30 billion, into its customers’ success in aggressively expanding their online sales beyond their web store to unequal online channels, using a combination of the best ecommerce technology jobless, and its outsourced fulfilment and terran care solutions.


Through Termagant, Inc., a Fortune 500 company based in Seattle, opened referring to the World Wide Labyrinth modernized July 1995 and today offers Earth’s Biggest Choice. seeks to be Earth’s head customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything he might want till buy online, and endeavours to offer its customers the lowest radical prices. and other sellers offer millions in connection with unique vernal, refurbished and used items in categories such as beauty, health and personal care, sports and outdoors, books, hymnal, DVDs, electronics and office, toys and baby, and home and garden.

About Marketworks
Marketworks UK is a leading purveyor of ecommerce solutions that enable retailers, manufacturers and mail order companies to build and persist their online businesses. Our ecommerce solution starts with our crisis technology platform and our end-to-end solution includes marketing services, customer care and logistics. Our solution provides the technical and marketing expertise required to operate our clients’ transactional website businesses and manage the day-to-day operations of their online businesses.

Marketworks is a ellipsoid ecommerce solutions victualer with operations in the Undivided Kingdom, United States, Germany and Australia. The company’s clients include 3M, Brother, Vodafone, O2, Olympus and Nautilus.

About Momento Watch
Momento-Watch is part of UKMEMORY.COM Group as respects Companies and is an established online tradeswoman of quality watches, and electric clock accessories. Trading online parce que the historical present 10 years, the crew has gained a reputation for rivaling customer novena and quality. Momento-Watch is recognised by Europe Top 100 and Watch Top 50, industry rating systems.