Hey Guys, an actual question I’d like an answer to.

So. I want to open up a discord for this blog. Where you can share general discussion, or maybe spoilers for when news comes out (whether it be SunMoon or UltraSunMoon) and even a channel to trade FCs to trade and or battle.

(im also thinking of maybe one to showcase community art made by you guys but i dont want drama to start.)

So what do you guys think? Of course Mod Lunatone and I will be here and there (mainly me) and our newly appointed Mod Minior will be mostly there! So if you ever wanted to chat with us or other followers, this would be the perfect opportunity. It’d also be the easiest place for me to give away competitive pokemon.

So. Would you like this?

-Mod Solrock

Very Rare Stater of the Ambiani, Northeast Gaul, 2nd Century BC

Obverse: Celticized bust of Apollo left, wearing broad wreath and drapery with linear designs. Reverse: Celticized Nike driving quadriga left; star and ornaments in field, rosette-like device and two pellets-in-annulets below; zigzag pattern in exergue.

The Ambiani were a Celtic speaking Belgic people in the valley of the Samara (modern Somme) and their chief town was Samarobriva, later called Ambiani and Civitas Ambianensium. They were among the people who took part in the great insurrection against the Romans, which is described in the seventh book of Caesar’s Gallic War.

The Ambiani were consummate minters and Ambianic coinage has been found throughout the territories of the Belgic tribes, including the Belgae of Britain. There is some evidence from coins that bear a stag on one side and a betorced head on the obverse that the Ambiani were followers of the god Cernunnos (horned God). A few Ambiani coins have been found along the south coast of the West Country possibly as the result of trade across the English channel.

The man who is employed for wages is as much a business man as his employer. The miners who go down a thousand feet into the earth, or climb two thousand feet upon the cliffs, and bring forth from their hiding places the precious metals to be poured into the channels of trade are as much business men as the few financial magnates who, in a back room, corner the money of the world. We come to speak of this broader class of business men.

-William Jennings Bryan

Etymology: Tea

Tea is one of those things are stereotypically British but actually is not.
(contrast with curry which people associate with India but is actually a British invention)

Tea, which is “water, boiled with herbs in it”, a popular beverage in most place that I have been to, is etymologically interesting because almost all words for ‘tea’ comes from a same root.

And that language is Chinese! (well the chinese word for tea might come from other sources but still)

So what is the story here?


Since ancient times, trade had been a very fundamental thing to improve living conditions. Trade, a channel to distribute goods. Trade, a marketplace for cultural and language exchanges. Trade, a highway for diseases. Trade, the precursor to globalization. Trade, a cause for war. Trade, the movement of information and knowledges. 
Almost everything we have today we would not have without trade.
For example that T-shirt you are wearing, “designed in Belgium, contains cotton from Brazil and Texas, made into cloth in China, stitched in Haiti, printed in Washington and sold to you in” wherever you are. (yep Crash Course World History) 

p.s: I suck at writing the Arabic script, forgive me.
p.p.s: My already mediocre contents are plummeting even more in quality.p.p.p.s: nobody reads it anyway <: 
Thoughts, Ideas and Hopes on Pokémon GO

Okay, need to get this out of my system and down in writing, so that I can reference it later (and so I can scream of the top of my lungs “CALLED IT” in 2016)

  •  Nintendo should get something like those Google Glasses for this thing. Seriously.
  • Nintendo should set up an official system for online pokemon trading, including trading them for real money. The system should have limits on how much money can be payed for a pokémon, what pokémons CAN be traded like that, and how many can be bought/sold per player. Because if they don’t…
  • ILLEGAL POKÉMON TRADING. If no official channel exists for trading, players will create one, and then there will be no regulation or rules on how it happens. There will be seriously real world Team Rocket and others, all because people want those rare/popular pokemon.
  • A Pokémon Storage System that can’t be accessed mid-battle. This would limit how many pokémon any one trainer can spam to in one fight. (6 per trainer)
  • Fainted pokémon can’t be used in battle for set amount of minutes. Also maybe allowing pokémon items be found in real life like the pokémon themselves, or bought online? I am talking about potions, antidotes revivals etc.
  • ACTUAL POKEMON BATTLES YES PLEASE. Maybe letting you control what moves a pokémon does in battle either by the phone or the Pokémon GO Plus watch thing.
  • Some people trading/capturing popular low-level pokemon and selling/trading them for others as Starters. And also levelling up your Pokémon for you and then trading them back. ACTUAL POKÈMON BREEDERS AND DAYCARE, YO.
  • The above would mean there could actually be real life rich kid/bug catcher/ other kind of trainers you could battle.

In conclusion, I am way too hyped about this.

Trade Chat: New Hybrid Class
  • [Caldara]: LF a geared feral or Frost DK for 3's going for 2.2k rating pst
  • [Octienne]: didn't know DK's had a feral spec...
  • [Lilbiglk]: hehe
  • [Aoerthis]: i was just thinking that
  • [Caldara]: you can't read
  • [Curingbane]: new hybrd class
  • [Bruhh]: Lawl he seperated it.. >.>
  • [Lilbiglk]: cool
  • [Quynt]: Symbiosis spec.
  • [Bruhh]: l2 read.
  • [Octienne]: i am reading grammatically thats what he said "feral or frost DK" implying he wants either a feral DK or a frost DK.
  • [Lilbiglk]: ^^
  • [Aoerthis]: ^
  • [Frèddie]: I'm gonna reroll this one to FERAL, RIGHT NOW
  • [Frèddie]: I wish I knew...
  • [Quynt]: [Necrotic Swipe]
  • [Octienne]: lol
  • [Lilbiglk]: HAHA
  • [Octienne]: [Plague Bash]
  • [Lilbiglk]: [Blood Fleas]
  • [Quynt]: LOL
  • [Aoerthis]: rofl blood fleas

anonymous asked:

So what's the deal with the ducks?

The durulz are a proud and ancient peoples. They have lived in Dragon Pass since long before the arrival of humans. They are devout worshippers of the Storm Tribe, and many durulz are Swords of Humakt, the god of death.

Sadly, they are also ducks. Not even anthropomorphic ducks, but more like Carl Banks-style cartoon ducks.

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