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Trade ad, Variety, March 21, 1956.

Stanley Kubrick and James B. Harris decided to take out trade ads and promote themselves, using The Killing as a calling card. They designed a trade ad. Kubrick had maintained his contact with his former employers at Look magazine, so he was able to use one of Look's photo studios to tale a publicity picture for the ad. Kubrick and Harris posed sitting next to each other in director's chairs, with a Goldberg can presumably filled with a spanking-new print of The Killing next to them. When they were ready to strike the right attitude of confidence and youthful arrogance, Kubrick ran over to his camera and set off the time exposure. When the ad was laid out, they included the copy “The New UA team James B. Harris, Stanley Kubrick, the new new suspense film of the year – all through United Artists” and brought the concocted trade advertisement to Max Youngstein. Harris recalls Youngstein’s tirade: “‘Are you guys crazy? You must be nuts! First of all we’re the new UA team! Bob Benjamin, Arthur Krim, Roger Lew, who is the head of advertising and publicity, and myself, we’re the new UA team! What is everybody else who makes pictures here going to say? They’re all going to want trade ads! You kids are really starting to get me crazy now!’ My comeback was, ‘Well, okay, we’ll do it ourselves, you don’t have to pay for it, Max. It’s all right, we’ll do it ourselves.’ He said, ‘No, no you don’t get it, I don’t care who pays for it. Don’t run these ads!’”

LoBrutto, Vincent, Stanley Kubrick, Da Capo Press 1999, p.125.

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