Warm - Mark (Day 50/100)

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Prompt: Warm
Member: Mark x Reader
AU: Barista!AU

Word Count: 1085

Wow, can you guys believe we’re half way to 100 already? Thank you for the continued love and support~

“Morning, Y/N,” Mark said, smiling at you from behind the counter as you entered the coffee shop. The warm hair felt good after coming out of the snowy cold and you unwrapped your scarf as you walked over to Mark.

“Good Morning,” you chirped happily. Getting coffee before work was your favorite time of the day because it meant seeing Mark. He was the cutest barista in the joint (possibly the whole city) and you had been crushing on him since the day you decided to come to this shop.

You also liked the calm atmosphere that always seemed to be in the shop. There were only a few customers as opposed to the main coffee shop near your work that was flooded with people. However, the few customers they had were extremely loyal and made sure to keep this mom and pop shop open.

“The usual?” he asked, raising his eyebrows to which you hummed in agreement and sat on one of the stools near the counter. You watched Mark hum lightly to the gentle music that was being played through the speakers with a soft smile on your face.

It was Mark’s father that owned the shop, so Mark was almost always working. You had once mentioned that it must have been difficult to have such responsibility, but Mark had told you he didn’t mind. You figured that he must have liked the job because he was quite good at making the coffee for you.

“So how’s your day been so far?” you asked, just as you did every morning. Mark glanced over his shoulder and threw you a toothy smile.

“Oh you know…normal,” he said, chuckling lightly. You smiled again and looked down at your phone as you felt it buzzing in your hand. Opening your email you opened the one from your boss that said he would be in a meeting all morning and that he didn’t need you to work until the afternoon.

“Who is it?” Mark asked, walking over and sliding you a warm cup of vanilla bean coffee with a muffin. You looked up from your phone and smiled, thanking him and taking a sip of the warm liquid.

“My boss. He said I don’t need to come in until later today so it looks like I get the morning off!” you exclaimed, joyfully before reaching into your purse and pulling out your wallet.

“Keep the change,” you said, giggling lightly as you handed him a five. He gave you a knowing look and chuckled, typing it into the cash register.

It was a running gag between the two of you that a coffee and muffin cost $4.50 so you had always given Mark the extra change of 50 cents. It didn’t seem like a lot at the time, but from the amount of tip you gave him, you could probably order multiple coffees and muffins. You didn’t mind though. He worked hard and you had no idea if he was even getting paid so why not let him have it?

“Thanks, sweetheart,” Mark said, giving you a smile. This name threw you off a bit because he had never used it before and you felt the heat rise to your cheeks as you took another sip of your coffee.

“N-no problem,” you mumbled, biting your lip as you tore a small piece of your muffin and began to eat it. As you sat there, you could feel Mark’s eyes on you and this only made your blush grow.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” you finally managed to say, trying to avoid his eyes but still stealing glances in his direction. He let out a small smile and leaned forward on his elbows so that he was facing you.

“I’ve just never actually seen you eat before. You always leave to go to work with the muffin,” Mark pointed out. You shrugged lightly and looked away, biting into the muffin again with a small ‘so what’ as your heart thumped in your chest.

Mark laughed once more and your cheeks were still on fire when you turned back to him. You were about to ask him what was so funny when he suddenly leaned forward so that his face was near yours. The closeness made you freeze but your heart had taken off in a frenzy.

“What are you…” you whispered. Mark cut you off by using his thumb to wipe the side of your lips, a movement that made you almost melt on the spot. His fingers were gentle but his touch felt electric – like something you had never felt before.

“You had crumbs on your face,” he said, pulling back and laughing lightly. You groaned as you wiped your mouth with your hands, embarrassed but also still a bit nervous from what had just happened.

“You could have just told me, you know,” you stated, pouting at him. Mark pulled out a towel and began wiping the counter as he walked back over to you.

“Yea, but you just looked so cute like that, I couldn’t resist,” he said, chuckling and winking at you. You almost choked on your muffin as you took in what he had just said. Did he actually think you were cute?

“S-stop teasing me!” you exclaimed, becoming even more embarrassed at his comment, but hoping with all of your heart that he meant it. Mark laughed once more and gave you a smile.

“What? Can’t I call you cute?” he asked. Your heart skipped a beat at the word ‘cute’ and you bit your lip once more, trying to decide what to say.

“Fine, but only if I get to call you cute too!” you suddenly exclaimed, a triumphant grin on your face. Mark looked surprised for a split second as if he hadn’t expected you to say something like that but then his face softened into a smile.

“Ah, you’re too smart for me,” Mark said, smiling at you. “But sure, that’s a fair trade,” he added, leaning against the counter with his back to the wall. You smiled at him again and finished the rest of your muffin before throwing the wrapper away.

“So what are you going to do with your free morning?” Mark asked as you stood up off the bar stool. You let your eyes linger on him for a moment and took a deep breath of confidence before giving him a smirk.

“That depends. When do you get off for a break?”

accidental-rambler  asked:

Chasing Katherine, K+E take over residence of an English lord by compulsion and Caroline's his daughter. Twist: she's a vampire (or any kind of supernatural creature now that I think of it xD).

For day 6 of infinity week: other supernatural. 

A/N: For purposes Elijah is not involved in this. Caroline is a dragon. Enjoy. Superbe beta work by @garglyswoof

Don’t Drown My Fire (Let It Strive)

Italy, 1511.

“Papa?” Caroline called out, body tense at the sheer stillness that seemed to have swallowed her beloved home.

Everything looked the same as it always did, from the rustling of the wind to the scratching of the rats the cleaners had yet to discover. Even the delightful smell of her favorite stew hung in the air as it always did when freshly cooked.

But the dragon under her veins didn’t take comfort in these things as it usually did, reacting to some old magic that ate at it. And while she may not like its ever looming presence, she trusted it enough not to second guess its agitation.

Creeping stealthily through the hallways, she reached the library; hearing her father’s breathing. She knocked, turning the knob and making her way inside.

“Caroline,” her father greeted her. A smile tugged at the corner of her lips, fighting to make its way across her face and she would have let it had it not been for the vacant look in her father’s warm eyes.

A figure caught her attention, and her dragon went from agitated to a growling mess for some reason beyond her. The man’s gaze swept over her in a lazy manner, almost as if he was assessing a meal.

“I didn’t know we were expecting guests.” The thought tumbled from her mouth hastily, the weariness settled in her bones lacing her words.

“Lord Klaus had had some urgent matters and arrived here quickly so I had no time to tell you, dear.”

Even through the cordial greetings, the creature inside of her didn’t rest, tugging at her until she herself fidgeted uncomfortably, desiring nothing but to shed her clothing and fly away from whatever had raised her dragon’s awareness for just a little bit.

Klaus. She rolled the name around in her head, wondering what was it about him that caused her to mistrust him so; nonetheless something was terribly wrong and she would find out what.

And if the man in front of her happened to be tiresome, she could always eat him for lunch.

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my uncle (who also believes he's a confederate soldier reborn in another body but that's a level of weird i aint gonna get into) believes that trump's inevitable total ban on all trade from anywhere ever will be good for canada because "all the jobs will come back" lol. do you have any sources i can show him that say otherwise with facts?

U.S. tariff on softwood exports could cost upwards of 25,000 jobs in Canada

Trade is a huge job creator, and the USA is either our #1 or #2 trading partner, so cutting off trade or adding tariffs is going to hurt the Canadian economy.

Its also going to hurt the U.S. economy. Trade goes both ways. Donald Trump is an idiot.

A Deal with the Boss

Mafia Boss!T.O.P.
Words: 13k
Mention of blood, weapons, and killing. 
2 of TBD [Masterlist to other chapters]

A/N: Decided to name Mafia Boss!T.O.P. and I hope you guys enjoy the name! I edited the last chapter as well with the name so I hope you guys enjoy!

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“Mike!” I yelled, storming into the warehouse and looking around. The men in there moved out of my way, letting me through as I went to the office, opening the door and seeing Mike on his phone. 

“What is it?” He asked, looking up at me and standing.

“Did T.O.P. tell you he wanted me after I left?” Mike thought back before nodding. 

“Yeah, he told me he’d pay good money for you and then began adding women, trading deals, military deals and all this shit. But honestly, I can’t give you up like that.”

I huffed and sat on the table. “He took me from my own house last night and offered me a deal. I go with him and he gives me everything I want. My own house, any car I want, all the money I can imagine and whatever else I want.” Mike stayed silent before the door opened again and T.O.P. walked in, looking at me and giving me a small smirk.

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If U.S. diplomacy with China falls apart, it could have major ramifications

  • Trump continued to needle at China Sunday by openly questioning the so-called “one China policy” on Fox News.
  • China then issued a stern rebuke to Trump’s comments early Monday through its foreign minister.
  • “I don’t know why we have to be bound by a one China policy unless we make a deal with China having to do with other things, including trade,” Trump said Sunday, adding, “I don’t want China dictating to me.”
  • That provocative language prompted a Monday editorial in China’s state-run newspaper describing Trump’s diplomacy as “ignorant as a child.”
  • On Dec. 8, China flew a long-range nuclear bomber outside of the nation for the first time since the Taiwan phone call — reportedly a symbolic show of strength.
  • The threat of trade war with China is a real risk to Americans, experts warn.
  • Policy analysts also warn that military conflict could be on the table if aggression between China and the U.S. escalates further. Read more