trade tokens

Love notes scrawled in the margins of books
Disturbed by the emptiness following the end of a chapter
Aluminum chew canisters traded for sobriety tokens
Sunshine radiates from his chest
Filling gaping holes between her ribs previously deemed fit only for contempt
—  The color is back in his eyes and that’s how I know things are going to be okay

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Not only is it super terrible for DCTV to decide to ignore Dick Grayson's Rromani background. I find it extra ugly by having the male lead the only role they don't list as open and insist he be white... Like they wanna pretend to be progressive and inclusive but keep white people as the most important and center.

yeah, like, if they want a Token White™ they could just. make any of the other characters white? not necessarily white wash the guy who’s canonically a poc? wtf. 

Mod A.


Budget Combo of the Day: Intruder Alarm & Presence of Gond
Breaking the Bank at: $4.43 (7/16/15)

This combo combines the control of blue with the creature intensity of green. You will first be required to have a creature on your battlefield. With the creature of your choice as well as Intruder Alarm on the battlefield, cast Presence of Gond targeting said creature. Presence of Gond allows you to put a 1/1 green Elf Warrior creature token onto the battlefield each turn allowing you to untap your creatures. In addition (this is where it gets fun), once the Elf token enters, the original creature untaps thus allowing for infinite tokens!

i think about modern au carl and his friends a lot
like they would have a group chat where it would just be all memes and dumb stuff
mikey is the only straight one in the group but he doesn’t mind at all, they think it’s funny how they have the Token Straight™
carl memes the most honestly
enid is that alternative indie-music loving kiiiinda edgy girl but she’s self aware of it to a point and doesn’t care with ron makes jokes about it
ron can be an asshole bc of his home situation but he doesn’t like to talk about it but he’s rly sweet to his friends even if he can be rude sometimes, he stands up for them if someone’s being bad to them

From the Analysis Aardvarks

Because the headcanon hamsters are taking a break.

Kat, previously, I remember you mentioning how you were surprised at the sheer amount of positive feedback to reverse. Frankly, it deserves it. If nothing else, the very official looking and dedicated TV Tropes page says something about your fic’s following. *Fist bumps to all the ones that got that up*

So I’m drifting along in my thoughts between the dinghies and I come upon a rather startingly revleation. It’s another one of those epiphanies that seem really obvious when you already have points A and B. Anyways…

Congratulations on accomplishing what Kishimoto failed to do (despite his efforts) and making Kurama a person. A legit person. We see Kishimoto try to do this, making Kurama kinder, giving him a background story, having him stay with Naruto. But honestly? Canon-wise, Kurama ultimately remains a plot device. He’s used to introduce and give Naruto moments, support, and the grounds of which Naruto could confront the other bijuus and have that moment with his dad. When it comes down to it, Kurama remains something of both an ally and an inherited secret weapon (of which he evolved) somewhere between the Summon Toads and the inherited Rasengan techniques (of which he evolved). 

See, I was idly working through another headcanon through my head when, one thing led to another, I amusedly wondered how Kushina would react to Kurama. That particular vague daydream was along the lines of Kushina recognizing Kurama as the Kyuubi and at some point asking him why he decided to take up the name Kurama of all things And he just blinks at her and responds that Kurama has always been his name, given to him by the Sage from when he was first born. Kyuubi/Nine-Tails is what he IS, the same she and Kakashi are Human or Pakkun is a Summon Animal. And Kushina has some reaction or another because he never told her, and he has been sealed inside her for most of her life. Kurama shrugs and replies that she’s never asked. To be fair, neither did Mito. Both of them just told him to be quiet, to stay a good prisoner, and ultimately to just disappear and let himself be used for the good of the village.

In making Kurama a person, you make the bijuu people as well. Again Kishimoto could have done a bit better at this, because you can tell what he was trying for. Kurama being an individual, living being with his own stories and troubles and emotions (like really think on that) puts the whole chain of events that led up to his imprisonment in a new light. To combat Hashirama, Madara seeks out Kurama and mind controls him (and I still firmly stand by my slavery brand/seal headcanon) and puts him through a dog fight. To stop Madara, Mito seals Kurama away, which frees and imprisons Kurama at the same time. He goes from brainwashed fighting dog to prisoner of war one after another, but always as a weapon. Can you blame him for being so hateful and angry?

To be fair, he wasn’t exactly amiable when imprisoned. Like, at all. But I think it says a lot that Mito and Kushina probably didn’t even have the inkling that Kurama even had a name. They knew he was a thinking, feeling being; that he is evil and cunning and tricky. I can imagine that Kushina, at least, would totally be the kind of person who just gave a grumpy stranger a stand-in name at some random tea shop until they properly talked to her. But that isn’t what happened here. What we got instead is Kushina’s determinedly telling Kurama “I will watch you” and rounds back to “I am your warden, and I won’t let you escape no matter what”.Thing is, I can totally imagine Kushina doing what Naruto did with Kurama. Lonely as she was, she had to learn to make friends from the outside in as both a Jinchuuriki and an outsider. The only reason I can tell on why this didn’t happen is because Kushina getting lessons from Mito beforehand. That mindset that the bijuu cannot be let loose and must be controlled is deeply ingrained. And as generations pass, it’s proven over and over again that nobody sees the bijuu as anything worth talking to. This is a classic technique of inhumane prison situations, influencing both the mindset of the guards as well as the prisoner and wearing them down until both almost completely believe that the prisoner is little better than a beast. A technique of dehumanization, despair, and an environment encouraging and stewing violence and rage (sound familiar?).

And the sad thing is, nobody apologizes. Ever. Not canonically. Not to Naruto, not the other Jinchuuriki, not to the bijuu. Only Bee got a sort of half apology from his childhood friend. And that’s what so interesting about reverse! Because with all the allies and people Kurama gathered, I can totally imagine a situation where (if they found out about the brainwashing, resulting imprisonment, continued imprisonment, used unwillingly as a battery and weapon), they would awkwardly apologize to Kurama. Or AT LEAST feel exceedingly uncomfortable with the fact that they never bothered with learning his name. That he was ultimately imprisoned because he was deemed to dangerous to be free, and that Hashirama imprisoned Kurama so that he couldn’t be used against the village again rather than anything Kurama had done wrong. That he was essentially dragged into someone else’s conflict where he was the one that ended up suffering the longest. That this led to the capture and imprisonment and (in some cases, like Shikaku) torture of his siblings who were then traded away as political tokens. That he is probably Konoha’s oldest prisoner, and a number of other things that are just rather heartbreaking. 

When he was a bijuu, all of this seems rather sympathetic and ultimately distant. But because in your fic, now he’s a PERSON. And doesn’t THAT just bring up all sorts of uncomfortable feelings.

And there is an underlying flow of this throughout your story, a subconscious lingering in the reader’s mind because they must come to these realizations. It one of those things where it’s part of the premise of a story, so the reader establishes it in their mind as they’re reading in order to grasp the situation and feel for the characters as time goes on. The way Kurama is indignant about the treatment of the Jinchuuriki, his defensiveness about the other bijuu (“he doesn’t want to be trapped in your soul any more than you want him there”), and his “okay…nope, you’re coming with me, this is just so much bullshit” gathering of people.

So thank you, Kat! You made an extremely vital character in Naruto (possibly the second most important next to Naruto himself) an actual character, eclipsing the canon Kurama’s presence as a plot device. Best wishes for all your writings and looking forward to more of anything. X3

(I hope I worded this understandably. X.x)


Not-so-Budget combo of the Day: Earthcraft & Squirell’s Nest

Breaking the Bank at: $23.39 (as of 9/14/15)

Infinite Squirrels? Why, yes, thank you!

How it works: Enchant a land you control with Squirrel’s Nest, and habe Earthcraft out on the field. Tap the land to make a Squirrel token, and then use the token to untap the land enchanted by Nest. Best if done on your opponent’s turn.

Northampton town centre dig reveals rare medieval linen

Fragments of rare medieval linen and serpentine marble have been discovered by archaeologists at a dig in Northampton town centre.

The excavation is in St John’s Street, at the location of Northamptonshire County Council’s new £43m headquarters.

Jim Brown, from the Museum of London Archaeology, said the marble is “part of something quite valuable”, possibly a portable altar.

Excavation on the 1,400 sq m site continues until late August.

The extensive dig began along Fetter Street, where a medieval bread oven, an early 13th Century well shaft and trading tokens were discovered. Read more.