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i suggested the prompt ‘Christmas in Summer’ , which.. was actually surprisingly hard to come up with an idea for. Ironic that i live in Australia, and have only celebrated Christmas  in summer or tropical weather before. But my idea.. of ‘Christmas in summer’ is pretty much being a hermit crab and staying near the AC; and since PB and Marcy seem like such fans of the sun, i placed them just lounging around..  with mistletoe kisses  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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(1)Ok, here goes. I used to do a lot of D&D, and one of the things I most love is worldbuilding. I have a couple of ideas for "stories" banging around in my head, but alot more idras about the world I want them to happen in. This is a world with old

old school dieties who are active and meddlesome in the world. And I really want to be really inclusive with my pantheons. I already jave this vaguepost esqu consept of my goddesses of Fate and Chance as countebalancing longtime lesbian lovers. I also want gender neutral and genderqueer deities, asexuals, and would love trans but since deities tend to have shapeshifting powers I’m stuck on how exactly to manipulate that one. My problem though, is that I am just a poor white gay man and I am twrrified that if I try to sit down and flesh out these characters that I will FuckItUp™ royally. Any suggestions on where you would start? To be more specific, you have some great adice here for introducing said characters, but I’m still at the building and even basic concept stages of some of these. If I helps I am *NOT* using any of their queernesses as the starting points. I want them to be deities who are queer, not queer deities. That is very imlortant to me. Ex: Fate and Chance are a lesbian couple, they are *NOT* The Lesbian Goddesses of Fate and Chance.

apologies for taking so long to respond to this! I’m far from a professional writer (I’ve only done comic scripts and as of yet haven’t started properly working on anything with LGBT themes) so my advice to you is limited but I’ve put a few thoughts under the cut. Hope this helps and as always, followers are welcome to join the discussion too.

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Excavations in Ghana Suggest Colonialism as Reason for Famines

Northwestern University archaeologist Amanda Logan, has spent eight years examining archaeological artifacts and charred grain remains from sites throughout the Banda District of Ghana. The Banda district of Ghana is an area that is today plagued with food shortage and long term droughts. However, Logan’s research has determined that the food shortage problem in the area was a result of colonialism rather than drought, and that before the mid-19th century, people usually had enough to eat — even when rains failed.

According to Logan’s findings, Banda was a thriving center for the production and trade of gold, ivory, and iron as early as the 11th century CE. Products from Afghanistan and other locations found on sites suggests that the area was established in long distance trading networks. This suggests that there was enough food to feed a significant number of people who weren’t farming, even when a two century long drought set in the middle of the 15th century.

It wasn’t until the mid to late 1800s, long after the drought ended, that Logan began to turn up evidence of food stress. Present-day residents of Banda still talk about ancestors around that time eating wild plants to survive, and the archaeological record backs them up. According to Logan, the beginning of the famines coincide with the incorporation of Banda into the British Empire. The British wanted to expand markets for their own industrial goods like iron and cloth, so they undercut local production of these items. This action weakened Banda’s economy, and consequently, crippled residents’ ability to survive drought and other disasters. 

According to anthropologist Scott MacEachern, Logan isn’t the first to highlight the role of colonialism on food shortage, but she among the first to do so using strong archaeological evidence. “It fits really well with the historical record,” says MacEachern. “We tend to think of colonization as a fairly dry process, as essentially changes in government. On the ground, they were fantastically disruptive processes to the patterns of everyday life.”

Member: Woozi/Jihoon

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 672 words

~Admin Hari

It was rare that Woozi stopped working; he had things to get done and he wanted to do them well. It was part of why you loved him so much. But it did get out of hand sometimes when you are trying to have a date and he is secretly writing lyrics on the napkins at the restaurant. Eventually, you found a solution that made you both happy.

Work/Dates became a combined endeavor. You did your university readings while Jihoon worked on his songs. It turned out to be a good system as you both got more work done and got to spend time together at the same time. You would sit at the big kitchen table in your dorm with a bunch of snacks and spend hours at work, trading suggestions as you went.

Jihoon had always considered you his go to for music advice even before you started dating years ago. You always knew exactly what to say to get him back on track or give him a burst of inspiration. You didn’t have any musical training and could not distinguish between music notes but you had a good ear. It was something Woozi adored about you.

On one of these particular Work/Study Dates, Jihoon was working on the newest Seventeen album. He already had a few go solid songs but nothing that was worthy of being the title track yet. The group counted on him for creating their singles and he was having a hard time coming up with something that fit the group’s image but also presented something fresh.

You were typing furiously at your English essay that was due next week on Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. Your battered copy of the book was open on the table with hundreds of coloured sticky notes on practically every other page. Jihoon was writing in a lined notebook; scratching and re-writing as he went.

“Do you think it would be unoriginal to connect Marianne and Elinor as the ID and the Superego?” You ask Jihoon.

“A little bit. But if you connect with some other examples of Freudian theory, you could probably get away with it.” He responds without even looking up from his lyrics. “I think I finally got a hook for the chorus.”

“The Akkinda of this song? What have you got?” You tease.

He makes a face at you but smoothes out the paper and clears his throat. “I just can’t- I just can’t wait for an adventure with you.”

“Well, if you didn’t read it out then it would sound nicer.” You comment on his dull tone.

“That’s the problem.” Jihoon leans his head on your shoulder. “I can’t find the right way for it to sound. I have been using the adventure theme for a little while now and this is the best hook. But I can’t find the right beat!”

“Well, how about a fresh perspective?” You grab his notebook and look at the chorus he has written out. Woozi has underlined the parts that need emphasis.

Jihoon may be your boyfriend but there are a few things he still doesn’t know about you. One of the bigger ones is that he has never heard you sing. You aren’t that confident in performing and it was always his thing. You loved his voice so much that you thought you would leave that talent to him.

You take a breath a sing the chorus how you think it should sound. Woozi suddenly straightens up and stares at you with wide eyes as you finish singing. “Y/N?”

“What?” You ask, self-conscious. “Is my voice bad?”

“On the contrary,” He says. “Why have you never told me that you could sing?”

“I can’t.”

“You have a gorgeous voice. I think I need to set you up for an audition at the company.”

“Jihoon! Stop it.” You laugh.

“I’m serious, Y/N.”

Jihoon leans in close to you and presses a quick kiss to your lips. You feel a flush creeping up your neck. “Also, that’s perfect thanks.”

Sornieth Dragon Society

It always struck me as a disconnect how breed lore paints a picture of fairly wild creatures whereas other site aspects such as trading and festivals suggest a more unified civilization.
So I propose that dragons can be broken up into three distinct categories based on their social preferences:

Feral dragons are those who have maintained their instinctive behavior, such as mirrors who live in loose packs and solitary wandering snappers. For the most part these are dragons who do not care about things like economics or technology. They live off the land and do not associate much with dragons of other breeds.

Rural dragons are part of the prototypical clan structure. These are mixed-breed groups who have carved out their own chunk of territory and spend most of their time living there. They may barter with other clans and travelling dragons, or have a few dragons travelling on their behalf, but most are self-sufficient and can produce everything they need. Loyalty to one’s clanmates is considered critical although dragons may move to a different clan either as a coming-of-age ritual, to strengthen an alliance, or simply because they do not feel they fit in.

Urban dragons often have a clan affiliation, but are often more loyal to their elemental flight or to dragonkind as a whole. Their territory is smaller and close to many other dragons and they tend to be very active in activities like trading and dominance battles. These dragons are responsible for the bulk of the economy as well as production of complex goods and materials. For these dragons, “breed behaviors” are more like stereotypes than fact especially given that many dragons have multiple breeds in their lineage.

Random Headcanon: Wardens and Pity

After the Blight, after the mess in Amaranthine was more-or-less cleaned up, Warden-Commander Brosca went back to Ortan Thaig. She took with her the Wardens Sigrun and Oghren – three dwarven exiles who had found a new life in the Wardens. She also took the materials for a Joining.

They found there a lost and Tainted dwarf called Ruck. The simple fact that he was alive suggested a strong resistance to the Taint, and the fact that he had been able to reach past it to speak to the Warden-Commander and offer her trade and assistance suggested the kind of strength of will the Wardens value.

The Wardens talked to him, carefully and with much repetition, about redemption and purpose, and a life lived only half in shadow, instead of entirely in the dark. Well, the Warden-Commander and Sigrun talked about these things. Oghren told a complicated story involving sex, whiskey, three nugs and a large pile of bronto shit which may have been a metaphor … or was possibly just Oghren being Oghren.

In any case, when they left the Deep Roads, the Fereldan Wardens had a new member, in good standing.

Ruck is still considered pretty eccentric by his peers. Some of his trouble was caused by the Taint, yes, now held at bay by the Joining – but he had also been trapped in a ruined city, surrounded by monsters, for a very long time. It takes patience, sometimes, to follow what he is trying to say. However, he is a dwarven smith, which is good, he has invaluable knowledge of the habits and movements of Darkspawn, which is better, and he actually kind of likes Deep Roads patrols, which is the best. The Wardens take everyone, and they don’t care where you’re from.

It was years before Ruck would allow anyone to tell his mother he was alive. The mere mention of the idea would send him into a panic. However, when the Warden-Commander returned to Orzammar (with much grumbling) for a meeting with her brother-in-law regarding Orzammar’s defences against Darkspawn attacks, she took with her a small company of Wardens as advisors. Filda may not have seen the boy she remembered – but she was reunited with a capable Warden smith, who brought designs for weapons and armour that the Wardens had found most useful in their recent confrontations, and who was able to look her in the eye and say he had remembered her when he knew nothing else.

The Commander of the Grey pays her debts. And unlike Stroud, she would say that Wardens recruited out of pity are often the very best kind.

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for the dex helper: def pokemon that need hold items and/or trade to evolve! another suggestion could be the pokemon who have low appearance rates, like mimikkyu (5%) or sos mon like goomy and castform!

That is definitely a good suggestion!! I really appreciate the feedback!

Wonder trade Divination

So I decided to try a bit of Wonder Trade divination as was suggested to me a couple days ago. To start off I wanted to do some generic readings for my spiritual path, love life, and finances.

First to represent my spiritual path I picked a male Natu named SpiritPath. He was careful and loved to eat, representing my cautious approach to my path as well as my insatiable hunger for esoteric knowledge. The question I asked as the trade was going through was what advice I needed right now in order to deepen my spiritual work.

The wonder trade gave me a female Mawile who was Modest as was as Mischievous. This for me translates to focusing my attention more on working with otherworld beings (such as fairies!). This will aid in keeping me humble as well as giving me the “fun” that has been lacking in my spiritual pursuits.

The next Pokémon I traded was a female Luvdisc nicknamed Love who had a Bold nature and was also Highly Persistent. This Pokémon represents my relationship with my Fiancé, a man who is very courageous in everything he does. I asked what advice I needed in order to strengthen our bond and deepen our relationship.

The Pokémon I received was a male Wurmple who is Hasty and likes to Scatter things often. This to me represents a warning against rash actions and distracted emotions. I need to focus on the positive and keep my attention on a small group of tasks rather than throwing my attention all over the place. Keep things simple and love will persevere.

Finally I asked what advice I needed in order to bolster my finances. For this question I chose to trade a female Goldeen nicknamed Wealth, who had a Hardy nature with good perseverance. This Pokémon represents what I hope my finances will looks like, strong and long-term.

The Pokémon I received was a male Wingull who is Naughty with a Sturdy Body. This represents a source of income that my fiancé and I are currently looking into to supplement our regular pay. Without going into specifics, the requirement for the positions is being in good shape, i.e. A sturdy body!

Overall I am VERY pleased with Wonder Trade as a viable divinatory tool! I highly recommend it to any of you poképagans out there who have access to the newer handheld games! What do you guys think?