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before i drop off the face of the earth and go into finals mode™, someone suggested a Gansey-off for the top requested Gansey fan casts. so, from left to right

row 1.) Blake Steven, Brandon Flynn, David Mazouz

row 2.) Tom Holland, Jack or Finn Harries, Tyler Young

row 3.) Connor Franta, Rhys Matthew, Austin McKenzie

P.R.I.M: Pranks Resulting in Matrimony

Written by: @ghtlovesthg

Title: P.R.I.M: Pranks Resulting in Matrimony

Prompt 28: Noting tension between Katniss and the baker’s youngest son, carefree and mischievous Prim can’t resist pranking her annoyingly uptight and very responsible sister. [submitted by @567inpanem]

Notes: Rated All Ages, Never-reaped!Everlark, Complete. 

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Anakin reached out and pushed Obi-Wan’s hair off his forehead. It wasn’t often that he got the chance to see Obi-Wan like this. Soft, unguarded. HIs perpetual frown gone, replaced with the openness of sleep that made Anakin’s chest hurt, just a little.

He should have expected Obi-Wan’s quiet rebellion. While he occasionally offered up a retort - Obi-Wan wouldn’t be Obi-Wan if he completely refrained from sarcasm - he often refused Anakin’s bait and the banter that had previously dominated their relationship was gone.

Anakin had known the transition from proud Jedi to cosseted war prisoner would be difficult for Obi-Wan. In the beginning, Anakin had been glad for it. He’d wanted Obi-Wan to suffer, if not pain than humiliation. But as time passed, as they began to spend time together, as he watched Obi-Wan dote on his children, Anakin’s hatred began to evolve back into the adoration he’d once felt for his former master.

Palpatine was beginning to notice. He began needling Anakin in the most obnoxious ways. The rebellion, a constant source of conflict, was growing stronger and Palpatine blamed Anakin’s perceived weakness for it. That day, after the bombing of an important trade route, Palpatine had suggested a public execution to strike despair in the heart of the rebellion.

That was what had sent Anakin to these rooms; to his small family; to his solace. Rage slithered low in his stomach and he carefully pet Obi-Wan’s hair. While Obi-Wan’s death was unacceptable, an execution might still be on the table. Palpatine was beginning to wear out his welcome and more importantly, his usefulness.

“That he would dare deny me this,” Anakin muttered, leaning down and brushing a kiss against Obi-Wan’s forehead, reaching down to carefully run his fingers first through Luke’s hair, and then Leia’s. “That he would dare suggest I give this up.”

harry buddy pal i luv you and i know that you love the Dramatics™ so may I suggest releasing the SOTT video right now, because now that it’s passed midnight BST our guard is down we think it’s gonna be at some even hour at another standard time of day, if you did it now like BAM DRAMATIC™ i’m just saying just a friendly suggestion from a Stressed Harrie is all 

Twenty More Things That Animal Crossing Needs

This is a continuation of the first twenty Animal Crossing suggestions. You can find them here.

  1. The ability to choose your villagers’ housing locations. If you own Animal Crossing, you most likely know the pain of town planning. Villagers will constantly move into the worst spots. There should be a way to choose the exact location of their house.
  2. Putting patterns in front of buildings. Although this can be avoided by placing flowers next to the building instead, it’s often annoying to have to deal with this, especially when there are two tiles that cannot contain patterns in front of a building.
  3. More detailed patterns. Although patterns are 32 pixels in height and width, there should be an option to make them 64 for better resolution, especially for pixel art.
  4. Once again, more villagers in each town. I stated this in the first post, but I believe everyone strongly wants to have more than ten villagers in their town.
  5. More pattern slots (suggested by wtfxgame). I think we can all agree that there aren’t enough pattern slots. It’s also annoying that when you place a path, you have to leave it in your pattern inventory unless you want shirt patterns all over the ground, which leads to having characters that are completely devoted to storing pathways. When you save the pathway at Able Sisters, all of the pathways shouldn’t change.
  6. Typing with the megaphone. Everyone has experienced calling a villager with the megaphone time and time again and being answered by the wrong villager. There should also just be an option to type the villager’s name in so that Kapp'n doesn’t reply to every call.
  7. Bushes bloom longer. Whether or not it’s realistic, it’s annoying that bushes only bloom one to two months.
  8. Trees that stay pink for the majority of the year. Similar to the above suggestion, many people would appreciate having separate cherry blossom trees that were in bloom for at least several months.
  9. Villagers don’t move out if you talk to them too much. Sometimes I’m scared to talk to Diana and Apple too much because they’re my dreamies and I don’t want to annoy them to the point that they move. I think we all know this feeling.
  10. Dog villagers with pointy ears. The fact that all dog villagers have floppy ears really limits the amount of dog villagers that there can be. I mean, who doesn’t want a villager that looks like this?

  11. More complex town tunes. Most songs have sharps and flats in them, which Animal Crossing doesn’t allow you to use. Also, there should be more notes that you can use to make the tune longer. You should also be able to create multiple notes that play at once to create chords and change the length of those notes. I don’t know how it could be set up, but there is definitely a way to do it, such as having the different note lengths as options. There could even be bass notes or something.
  12. More flowers. This could also mean that certain flowers could come in more colors, like roses could come in light blue, carnations could come in other colors, and tulips could come in dark and light blue.
  13. A handheld MP3 player. Playing music at your house is cool and all, but it would be amazing if you could play music on the go? (Wow that sounded like an infomercial)
  14. Make Bianca’s eyes less freaky. Please.
  15. Get rid of the balloon set. I don’t even bother to shoot balloons anymore. Seriously, who wants that ugly crap? It doesn’t even sell for much.
  16. More public works projects slots. There are only thirty public works projects slots, which isn’t really that much considering there are like five styles of benches and street lamps. Really, you could use every slot on lamps. I don’t use them for that reason. I’d rather have none that just a couple in the entire town.
  17. Hoodies because I said so.
  18. Stop villagers from completely trashing their own houses. Villagers should be able to have a better taste in furniture and not display items that don’t match at all or are completely hideous.
  19. More non-fruit trees. This could include birch trees, willow trees, yellow trees, purple trees, red trees, and once again, cherry blossom trees that are pink for several months.
  20. Villager voodoo dolls. I want to stab Coach. Just kidding. Not really.

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anonymous asked:

dai companions react to an inquisitor who is a healer?

Cassandra: She wholeheartedly approves– the world needs more healers, and she likes the idea of having one during a fight. That said, she’s stubborn about actually admitting when she’s hurt, and sits, grumbling whenever they have to attend to any wounds.

Blackwall: He’s a bit surprised, but he likes it. “World needs more people doing healing instead of hurting.” he grunts. He’s a bit shy about asking for help when injured, but when he finally allows them to help, he’s grateful.

Iron Bull: He grins and introduces them to Stitches, suggesting they trade tips. He’s also likely to go to them for medical help when Stitches isn’t around. Both healers are better for it, and when injured, he starts downing the poultices Stitches taught them how to make, much to the Herald’s chagrin.

Sera: She doesn’t have a particularly strong reaction to it, though she briefly mentions she’ll keep that in mind. She always comes to them first for medical help; on a few occasions, she just presents to them a scraped limb and expects them to know what to do.

Varric: He gives them a nickname to reflect their status as a healer, though he can’t help but be reminded slightly of Anders, if only because of their profession. He never says so, of course, and he’s happy to have a healer on the team– he knew how helpful it was to have Anders in a fight. He also likes to ask them for stories during their time as a healer.

Cole: “Wincing and moaning and screaming and tired, you heal the hurt, tend the wounds, make them recover or dull the pain. You help people.” He takes to helping the Inquisitor when they’re working, sometimes, by telling them exactly what they’re feeling if the patient can’t say so themselves.

Solas: He think it is a noble calling, and leaves them to it. He still tries to tend to his own wounds himself, but a few times, he is forced to seek out the Herald for help. He’s always quiet and curious when this happens, and he watches what they do with fascination.

Dorian: Being a healer was usually a job left to the laetans– a decent job for a non-noble mage, but otherwise not noteworthy. Dorian is curious about how they came to be one, however, and he is respectful. He trusts them to heal him when he needs it, and he’s very vocal about it when he does in battle or otherwise– “Help for the mage, please! Healing from a healer would be very welcome! Kaffas!

Vivienne: She admires and approves of their specialization, and if they are a mage, she discusses healing spells with them. If she grows to trust them enough, she’s more open about the potion she’s making, and she has them look at Bastien. They, unfortunately, come to the same conclusion the Circle of Magi did.

Josephine: She’s rather pleased with the fact they’re a healer– it will help ease views on the Herald, making them appear more humble and more educated. She’s also very curious, and asks them many questions about their experiences as a healer.

Leliana: She praises them for their choice of career. “I knew a healer, once,” she says one day, “during the Blight, she helped us. I considered her a better person than I. She would have liked you.” Leliana sighs and looks away, suddenly sad.

Cullen: He admires their career, but doesn’t otherwise comment on it. When he gets to know them and trust them more, he allows them to offer healing to ease the pain of lyrium withdrawal. They help him get through it more smoothly, and he’s grateful for it.

Art Stuff

Yo so my goal is to actually draw this weekend, plus I really need to keep my mind busy right now…


I am open to suggestions! Please keep in mind that these are just suggestions and not requests; I may or may not do them depending on how I feel about them. You’ll have a higher chance if you suggest something that you know I’m already interested in!

To friends and mutuals, I’m totally open to art trades! If that sounds like a cool thing to you you can hit me up uvu

And finally, if there’s something you absolutely must see me draw, my commissions are currently open!

Bubbline art trade with @ginui-arts

i suggested the prompt ‘Christmas in Summer’ , which.. was actually surprisingly hard to come up with an idea for. Ironic that i live in Australia, and have only celebrated Christmas  in summer or tropical weather before. But my idea.. of ‘Christmas in summer’ is pretty much being a hermit crab and staying near the AC; and since PB and Marcy seem like such fans of the sun, i placed them just lounging around..  with mistletoe kisses  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Staying past 2pm: The horror!

I have a coworker who is notorious for coming in late and leaving early. She’s always timed it in such a way that our boss is mostly not aware of it (it’s a salaried position, so there’s no clocking in/out, plus our boss has a lot of meetings). She was gone on maternity leave and has just come back, supposedly working half time; as a result, the late arrival/early departures have gotten ridiculous. Before it was her coming in at 9 and leaving at 2, but now, she comes in at noon and leaves by 2pm (another coworker who returned from maternity leave a month before did the half time thing and actually showed up for all of her half time, so she’s even more pissed about horrible coworker than the rest of us).

So today, it’s the last day of employee evaluation reviews, which means each of us have a mini-meeting with our boss. At about 1, my boss checks in with me about having our meeting in about 30 minutes after he finishes lunch. At about 1:15, my coworker (who got here after noon) swans into his office and gets really insistent about how she needs to go ahead and have her meeting b/c she wants to leave by 2pm. Sorry, coworker, you don’t get to flounce over at 1:15pm and demand to be next. Especially when you say (in front of me) my evaluation could wait. Boss told her mine was already scheduled, plus there was still tweaking on hers that he needed to do, so she would just have to wait until after.

I decided to drag my meeting out as long as I possibly could.  At least 45 minutes of that meeting was pretty much just me and my boss trading suggestions about which TV shows/movies the other needs to watch. I even got him to look up actors/actresses/movies up on Then we had a 20 minute chat about what we like/dislike about Tarantino films, and whether or not he should get Amazon prime. I didn’t get out of his office until about 3:30. Boss spent a further 15 minutes or so giving me a list of shows to watch that we had talked about.

She just got summoned to his office (it’s now 4:15), and she looked so, so pissed. She might actually have to stay here until 5 like the rest of us. And on a Friday, too, heaven forbid.

Petty Revenge: Internet`s best petty revenge stories are here. | submit

Prompt: Reylo AU where Rey is a newbie cop, and Kylo Ren is an ex-cop/detective-turned-crime lord. And even though Kylo Ren has most of the police force in his pocket, Rey is all idealistic and makes it her mission to take down Kylo. And Kylo’s so charmed by her tenacity and constant attempts to arrest him that he subtly helps her on cases and gives her hints about where to find the latest baddie she’s chasing after. 

(Notes: continued under a ‘Read More’ due to length)

Rey exhaled with relief as she shrugged out of her police jacket, kicking her front door carelessly shut behind her. A gentle yank of a few hair pins and her long brown hair was falling blissfully free down her back, albeit a fair bit tangled from a day of being jammed beneath a regulation officer cap.

Not for the first time since starting work she wordlessly gave thanks that her apartment was so cramped and tiny – that meant that she had only a few short steps from the entrance to her kitchen, and that translated into her growling stomach being filled with cheap, wonderful ramen noodles that much sooner.

Food, she thought longingly, half-stumbling to her cabinets. Darn Finn and darn Poe for welching on their promise of dinner. But nooooo, apparently some godforsaken football game is more important than making sure your best friend has sustenance. Men.

“Really, Rey,” a voice drawled from the direction of her living room couch. “Are you always so unwary of your surroundings?”

Before the gasp had even passed the threshold of her lips, Rey jerked about and leveled her gun at the intruder with steady hands.

An intruder who just so happened to be Kylo Ren, infamous crime lord of Republic City. An infamous crime lord who was sprawled elegantly upon her disheveled garage-sale couch, flicking through her file of case reports with an infuriating air of leisure. An infamous crime lord who she had been determined to convict since her first day on the force.  

You!” Trying desperately to overcome her initial shock and gain some semblance of coherent thought, she demanded, “What the hell are you doing in my apartment, you bastard?”

“Good evening to you as well, sunshine.”

Rey bristled, her eyes trailing purposefully to the dull red scar that traversed the length of his pale face. “After our last encounter, I would have thought you’d think twice about your oh-so-sweet endearment for me.”

Kylo Ren laughed; the entirety of his lean, long form shook with amusement. “Like Icarus, I underestimated the dangers of getting too close to the sun. You’re still sunshine, Rey…only now I’m quite wise to your perilous nature.”

Okay, so clearly he wasn’t holding that badly-misplaced bullet that had skimmed the length of his face against her. Which only further reinforced Rey’s conviction that he was either a masochist or a little bit unstable. Probably both.

“You still didn’t answer me,” she intoned flatly, unwilling to be deterred.

“Very well then,” he agreed amiably. “I suppose I’m here due to…curiosity.”



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Klaine Advent Drabble - “Amenities and Perks” (Rated T)

Kurt despises using the communal laundry room in the basement of his apartment building … but after meeting a charming young man (who’s not afraid to show a little skin), Kurt might just change his mind. (1899 words)

Meet cute AU. Written for the Klaine Advent Drabble prompt ‘charm’ and dedicated to my husband - he should know why ;) 

Read on AO3.

Communal laundry room.

Those three words strung together make Kurt’s skin crawl.

He may be a little “high maintenance” when it comes to certain things, but he doesn’t consider himself a snob. However, there are two spaces he hates sharing (with people he doesn’t know) more than anything in the world – bathrooms and laundry rooms. Too much personal, intimate stuff happens in those two rooms, much of which surrounds underwear, so he’d rather not get too many strangers involved.

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“Thanks for today Ian, I had a lot of fun, for an adult, you are quite fun.”

“No, i’m the one who thanks you, Regina, I enjoyed this time with you and I’d love to repeat it.”

She smiled. “I’d love it too.”

“Great, reckon we could trade numbers?” He suggested, she stopped and smiled up at him before looking away.


He smiled back and wraped an arm over her shoulder walking besides her. It made her feel special that this man, this adult man, was infatuated with her, recognized her talent and was willing to get to know her better.

“I will call you then.”

Member: Woozi/Jihoon

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 672 words

~Admin Hari

It was rare that Woozi stopped working; he had things to get done and he wanted to do them well. It was part of why you loved him so much. But it did get out of hand sometimes when you are trying to have a date and he is secretly writing lyrics on the napkins at the restaurant. Eventually, you found a solution that made you both happy.

Work/Dates became a combined endeavor. You did your university readings while Jihoon worked on his songs. It turned out to be a good system as you both got more work done and got to spend time together at the same time. You would sit at the big kitchen table in your dorm with a bunch of snacks and spend hours at work, trading suggestions as you went.

Jihoon had always considered you his go to for music advice even before you started dating years ago. You always knew exactly what to say to get him back on track or give him a burst of inspiration. You didn’t have any musical training and could not distinguish between music notes but you had a good ear. It was something Woozi adored about you.

On one of these particular Work/Study Dates, Jihoon was working on the newest Seventeen album. He already had a few go solid songs but nothing that was worthy of being the title track yet. The group counted on him for creating their singles and he was having a hard time coming up with something that fit the group’s image but also presented something fresh.

You were typing furiously at your English essay that was due next week on Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. Your battered copy of the book was open on the table with hundreds of coloured sticky notes on practically every other page. Jihoon was writing in a lined notebook; scratching and re-writing as he went.

“Do you think it would be unoriginal to connect Marianne and Elinor as the ID and the Superego?” You ask Jihoon.

“A little bit. But if you connect with some other examples of Freudian theory, you could probably get away with it.” He responds without even looking up from his lyrics. “I think I finally got a hook for the chorus.”

“The Akkinda of this song? What have you got?” You tease.

He makes a face at you but smoothes out the paper and clears his throat. “I just can’t- I just can’t wait for an adventure with you.”

“Well, if you didn’t read it out then it would sound nicer.” You comment on his dull tone.

“That’s the problem.” Jihoon leans his head on your shoulder. “I can’t find the right way for it to sound. I have been using the adventure theme for a little while now and this is the best hook. But I can’t find the right beat!”

“Well, how about a fresh perspective?” You grab his notebook and look at the chorus he has written out. Woozi has underlined the parts that need emphasis.

Jihoon may be your boyfriend but there are a few things he still doesn’t know about you. One of the bigger ones is that he has never heard you sing. You aren’t that confident in performing and it was always his thing. You loved his voice so much that you thought you would leave that talent to him.

You take a breath a sing the chorus how you think it should sound. Woozi suddenly straightens up and stares at you with wide eyes as you finish singing. “Y/N?”

“What?” You ask, self-conscious. “Is my voice bad?”

“On the contrary,” He says. “Why have you never told me that you could sing?”

“I can’t.”

“You have a gorgeous voice. I think I need to set you up for an audition at the company.”

“Jihoon! Stop it.” You laugh.

“I’m serious, Y/N.”

Jihoon leans in close to you and presses a quick kiss to your lips. You feel a flush creeping up your neck. “Also, that’s perfect thanks.”