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Legendary Sketch. 


Shooter (ft. Rafael Casal) - Clipping. at Rough Trade NYC

Clipping. at Rough Trade NYC, Brooklyn, NY (March 10th, 2017)

Funniest thing about this is that I’m relatively positive Rafa knew nearly none of the words. Lol.

Here’s my part for the art trade with @mirshroom ! CHECK EM OUT, THEY’RE COOL! 

It’s based off the new fantasy end credits for Boku No Hero :v These guys are BNHA OCs, Imou (the purps one) belongs to me, and Shou belongs to them :D! 


reasons why “king arthur: legend of the sword” is a good film and you should go see it:
  • the cinematography is AMAZING
  • the special effects are AMAZING
  • the soundtrack is AMAZING and does a good job of getting you pumped for each scene and involved with everything that’s happening
  • the actions scenes are realistic and characters are winded after long runs/battles
  • there is NO romance whatsoever between the male and female leads
  • several of the wisest, most powerful, and most important characters are people of color
  • one out of the top three most powerful characters in the entire film is female and is not demeaned at all by others on her side for being female
  • there is humor, but it fits with the film and isn’t at all distracting from the plot or out of place in plot events
  • shows how badly women in the sex trade were treated by their customers
  • mentions (though incredibly brief) the fact that men and boys were also exploited in brothels and the sex trade
  • shows the main villain of the film actually showing grief and powerful feelings toward his own family
  • accurately shows the protective instincts and doubt that come with being a person in charge of the lives of many others
  • there is extremely little nudity (the only nudity is fully understandable and is not at all disrespectful towards women’s bodies, it’s very modest)
  • there isn’t a single sex scene in the entire film
  • all pieces of lore about excalibur and the story is explained, nothing is left to speculation about how the sword ends up where it does
  • accurately portrays PTSD and how it can effect a person’s life


me: [shouts from across the ocean] EPIC SAX GUY IS BAAAACK


guess who’s reading old kingdom hearts fics again