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Book cover for Random House Trade Paperbacks  |  Art Director: Paolo Pepe  |  Designer: Kimberly Glyder  |  Illustrator: Shelley Jackson  |  Published 2014

Debuting at TCAF 2017 - SO PRETTY / VERY ROTTEN by Jane Mai and An Nguyen

Published by Koyama Press

ISBN: 978-1-927668-43-6
5 x 7”, 300 pages, b&w, trade paper
May 2017

A short story and essay collection exploring the Japanese fashion subculture, Lolita, by two cartoonists who go beyond the clothes.

In a series of essays and comics that are at once academic and intimate, cartoonists Jane Mai and An Nguyen delve into Lolita subculture and their relationship with it. Empowering and beautiful, but also inescapably linked to consumerism, the Rococo-inspired fashion is indulgent and sublime, pretty and rotten.

AN NGUYEN is a cartoonist and illustrator based in Ottawa, ON best known for her romantic comic series Open Spaces and Closed Places. She has drawn comics for Spera: Ascension of the Starless, Electric Ant zine, and various Love Love Hill anthologies. In addition to So Pretty / Very Rotten, she and Jane Mai also released a zine titled Don’t Talk to Me or I’ll Set Myself on Fire.

JANE MAI is a freelance illustrator and comic artist from Brooklyn, NY. Her work has appeared in several anthologies and self-published zines. Koyama Press published her first book, Sunday in the Park with Boys, which was followed by the zine Sorry I Can’t Come in on Monday I’m Really Really Sick, and See You Next Tuesday.

NOVALA TAKEMOTO is a Japanese author, fashion designer and prominent promoter of the Lolita lifestyle. Soleinuit (Kokushokankai), his first collection of essays, was published in 1998. He debuted as a novelist in 2000 with Missin’ (Shogakukan). He achieved wide recognition when his 2002 novel Shimotsuma Monogatari (Shogakukan) was adapted into the movie, Kamikaze Girls, in 2004. His most recent work is Rakkusei (Cyzo, Inc.).

“Expertly mixing comics and essays, An Nguyen and Jane Mai take us on an excursion into the fascinating culture of Lolita fashion. These beautifully realized stories, which range from humorous to haunting, involve young people looking for context and place, searching for a balance between materialism and identity within their chosen social reality. Nguyen’s and Mai’s work blends together seamlessly, each approaching the theme with their own unique vision and aesthetic. So Pretty / Very Rotten reveals universal experiences within a distinct and subversive style of self-expression.” — Jesse Jacobs, author of Safari Honeymoon and By This Shall You Know Him

Debuting at TCAF 2017 - VOLCANO TRASH by Ben Sears

Published by Koyama Press

ISBN: 978-1-927668-42-9
6.5 x 9”, 120 pages, colour, trade paper
May 2017

The boys are back to their temple raidin’ ways, but has the long, crooked arm of the law caught them?

Corrupt cops, hive-like henchmen, begoggled boy heroes, labyrinthine HQs, unlikely team ups, heartbreaking best friend breakups, and a liberal dose of super science, zingers and explosive action. Sound like a Double+ adventure? It is.

Praise for Night Air

“[I]magine Indiana Jones as told by Hayao Miyazaki.” — Zainab Akhtar, The Guardian


Alden Ehrenreich photographed by Jake Michaels for The New York Times

Mr. Ehrenreich is suddenly being discussed all over Hollywood, as trade papers and gossip columns on both coasts trumpeted this week that he has landed the role of Star Wars’ Han Solo in the coming Solo standalone movie, scheduled for 2018, rumors of which have circulated for weeks. When asked, Mr. Ehrenreich said he could not say anything about it, though he did cop to being a Star Wars fan. (“Who isn’t?” he said. Star Wars vs. Star Trek? “Probably both.”)

Debuting at TCAF 2017 - CONDO HEARTBREAK DISCO by Eric Kostiuk Williams

Published by Koyama Press

ISBN: 978-1-927668-45-0
7 x 10”, 52 pages, b&w, trade paper
May 2017

The condopocalypse is engulfing Toronto and a dynamic duo of gender fluid superheroes is all that’s left to stop it.

Towers of steel and glass are decimating Toronto’s neighbourhoods; replacing communities with condos. Can the city’s primary purveyors of socially motivated revenge and personal guidance, Komio and The Willendorf Braid, save the city from condo hell, or are they too late to save this Hogtown from the twisted CEO?

ERIC KOSTIUK WILLIAMS is a cartoonist and illustrator based in Toronto, ON. His debut autobiographical work Hungry Bottom Comics was nominated for the 2013 Doug Wright Spotlight Award, and each issue of the series was selected for The Best American Comics’ Notable Books of 2013, 2014 and 2015, respectively. Recent commercial clients include Joe Fresh, the Drake Hotel, Xtra!, and the Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention.

“Evil and urbanity parry in this oh-so-very accurate portrait of Toronto the Good—or is it Toronto the Bad? A pair of superheroes (or perhaps demons) is queered into a deliciously devilish duo, kind of like Ab Fab on steroids. Denizens of Queen West, and specifically Parkdale, they skewer the shadow that lurks behind the explosion of condo high-rises, or “artists’ studios” as one developer so coyly names them. But will our heroines stand up for community and neighbourhood values or will they give in to the side of darkness? A kind of roman à clef for the hipster know-it-all. In other words, a must-read!” — AA Bronson

Book cover for Random House Trade Paperbacks  |  Art Director: Beck Stvan  |  Designer: Tom Kluepfel  |  Reissue published 2013

The storm was really giving it everything it had. This was its big chance. It had spent years hanging around the provinces, putting in some useful work as a squall, building up experience, making contacts, occasionally leaping out on unsuspecting shepherds or blasting quite small oak trees. Now an opening in the weather had given it an opportunity to strut its hour, and it was building up its role in the hope of being spotted by one of the big climates.
It was a good storm. There was quite effective projection and passion there, and critics agreed that if it would learn to control its thunder it would be, in years to come, a storm to watch.
The woods roared their applause and were full of mists and flying leaves.
—  Terry Pratchett  -  “Wyrd Sisters”

Debuting at TCAF 2017 - SUNBURNING by Keiler Roberts

Published by Koyama Press

ISBN: 978-1-927668-44-3
7 x 9”, 120 pages, b&w, trade paper
May 2017

Collecting the moments that make up the days of a bipolar artist and mother. They are messy, funny and real.

In an era where personal lives are meticulously curated and presented, Keiler Roberts’ unflinching and intimate comics reveal real life to be as absurd as it is profound. In a sequence of vignettes, Roberts delineates the complicated life of a mother and artist that can be comical, melancholic and delightful.

“Keiler Roberts’ autobiographical graphic memoir captures the feeling of being a parent as well as an artist and writer better than any book I’ve ever read. There are no cliffhangers or life lessons. It’s more about the texture of being alive: the melancholy, the unexpected small delights, and its unavoidable sense of aloneness. This book is written with insight, intelligence, and a deadpan sense of humor. I loved it.” — Roz Chast

There really needs to be more fics about Thranduil’s struggle as a single parent to raise tiny elfling Legolas while running a damn kingdom. 

Like imagine he’s in the middle of an important council meeting, where they are discussing border security and Galion walks in, looking harangued. He goes, “Sire, your son refuses to eat. We tried everything but the prince is  not yielding.” With a stoic face, Thranduil stands up and excuses himself while his advisers take over the discussion. And he goes to learn that not only did Legolas manage to sneak into his study while Galion went to summon him, the toddler manage to scatter stacks of very important parchment all over the floor, ruin a perfectly good bottle of ink by toppling it on the desk, and tear the trade agreement papers Elrond had sent for his signature after months of negotiation. When Legolas sees Thranduil, all he does is give his gobsmacked-looking father a toothless grin while sitting smack in the center of the carnage in the study.