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Stealing this from @bloomingcnidarians!

Bad resolution for pics because, well, PS4 upload. 

Name: Agnes Ryder
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Pre-Initiave background:  Completed two semesters of grad school in in biochemistry at the urging of her parents, before dropping out to “find herself”. Bummed around doing internships (aka glorified guard duty) with various expeditions that probably only hired her because it’s nice to have a biotic around to lift heavy equipment.  And because she’s related to Alec Ryder.
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
MBTI: ISTP; “The Mechanic”
Loadout: Tactical Cloak; Cryo Beam; Shockwave
Profile: Explorer
Weapon: Cryo Gauntlet; Inferno Sniper Rifle
Squad(s): Drack + Peebee; Jaal + Liam


New!!! Nendoroid Petites: Jumpsuit Version!

They’re not up for Pre-Order yet, but they’re going to be sold at Wonder Festival 2016 in the Good Smile/Max Factory booth called “WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!!24″ (I personally don’t know what the 24 is for, but…oh well. ^^; ) After that, they will be released in November!

The detail and expressions are awesome! As you can see, Jyushimatsu comes with his orange cone. ^^; And there are two cards with stands that can serve as backgrounds! (It would be perfect if you bought the other set of Nendoroid Petites! )

Size: 35mm
Material: ABS, PVC


Said I’d clean out my one wardrobe! It’s so much stuff now I look at it! Complete IDW comics and volumes, Archie comics, dreamwave, some older tmnt comics, all IDW tmnt mini series..all TMNT annuals, boxed figures, complete 87 series, complete 2k3, 2k7, 2k12, all movies.Umm there are plushies, Neca figures, Revoltech, 1980s figures, trading cards, flasks, games, plushies, mugs! bags..17 duvet covers and around the same number of shirts! not to mention doujin and other goodies!  


[TRANS] 170130 Yana Toboso’s twitter update:

Movic’s “Aurora society” pin badge has already arrived! In commemoration of “Phoenix!”

trans by: karitorikixiii

t/l note: Movic is a Japanese company which specializes in the publication of trading cards, figures, CDs, and other general media related to the anime industry. Movic is also part of the Animate group.

My half of an art trade with @optimistic-violinist. She requested a picture of Keith and Pidge goofing off and… well I just really want an episode that is solely devoted to Keith being the new black paladin, but not having black paladin armor. The solutions get progressively more creative and ridiculous. 

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Algernon Product released the Super High School Level ChimiChara Trading Figure Collection Vol. 2 trading figures from the anime “Dangan Ronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc The Animation”. Was released in March 2014. Around 60mm tall, 680 yen ($6.22) each (6,800 yen ($62.15) for a BOX of 10 pieces), 8 kinds + 2 secrets in total.