trada cosplay



I admit that this costume is not some of my best work. It survived the weekend and as of this week, I’ll probably be taking it apart and putting it back together and trying to fix it up. It was good practice, and I really wanted to make a costume with the colors from his talksprite. 

That being said, I’m proud of my headpiece and I’m proud of my wig. Also I had a great time for the short period that I wore Horuss. I can’t wait to fix him up and do him proper justice. 

Thank you so much to the people who said I looked nice it really meant a lot to me. 


A year of cosplay. 

I’ve seen a lot of people posting these so you know what, I’m gonna do it too. 

This year I made a lot of costumes. More than previous years. So much Homestuck. Everything I debuted this year was Homestuck.  And I’m not even done. 

Serious shout out to everyone who’s been awesome this year, everyone who has posed with me (or for me!) or just been around. I made friends with some people I never thought I’d be close to and spent time with friends that I was previously not so close to. My “cosplay family” is my real family, and I mean that. 

Family is something you can choose, relatives are not. I love you guys. 

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