trad leading


Anon… no… these are my favorite kinds of asks. I actually grabbed my notebook and started sketching bc I love her so much.

Tbh she can probably hold her liquor really well, but the second she gets drunk she’s WASTED. She uses the equipment and gets into a lot of danger. Probably will do anything asked of her. Lewis jokingly said she should jump into the pit of flames and realized it was a mistake when 5 minutes later she was running around with a lit torch.

(I’m not doing traditional reqs bc I feel like you guys deserve higher quality stuff HAHAHA)


this is how I learned how to trad climb.


Spent the last four days camping and rock climbing in the highlands of Yosemite this week, and let me just say I’ve never felt so incredibly happy in my life. I climbed to the summit of Cathedral Peak, got my first outdoor V4 Boulder, did my first outdoor trad lead, AND did a multipitch trad climb to the top of DAFF dome. Already wish I could go back to my favorite place.

So. Freaking. Stoked.