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Asked Questions:

  1. favorite bald or balding person?:
    Jason Statham
  2. top five places in your house?:
    I don’t really have a home … Between homes? Idek. Since I am moving back in with my parents, five different parts of my bedroom?
  3. who wore it better? :
    I don’t understand this question.
  4. favorite brand of store-bought pasta sauce?:
    I don’t really buy it, I kind of just make it. I did buy some alfredo sauce in the last couple of months but I don’t remember the brand.
  5. favorite trend of the early 00s?:
    gosh, uh, those beaded headbands, tamagotchis, fishnets (I still wear those, I will not lie.)
  6. least favorite spice girl?:
    Sporty, I guess
  7. favorite contestant from project runway season 5?:
    I don’t watch Project Runway … I watched one season, and decided never again.
  8. basically list everything wrong with taylor swift:
    Just look at her
  9. jonbenet ramsey or jean claude van damme?:
    Jean Claude Van Damme.
  10. do you pretend you’re allergic to gluten to seem interesting?:
    No. A guy at work offered me a gluten-free cupcake and I laughed at him. He got offended …
  11. favorite tooth paste flavor?:
    Extreme minty flavors. Like burn your mouth intense mint.

My Questions:

  1. Favorite boy band song?
  2. Favorite use of glitter?
  3. Favorite fuzzy animal to cuddle?
  4. Have you ever considered stripping your way through college?
  5. All-time favorite book?
  6. Any tattoos?
  7. What is your poison of choice?
  8. Favorite movie?
  9. Number one thing on your bucket list?
  10. Are you still waiting for senpai to notice you?
  11. Favorite genre of music?

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