Trick or Teeth

by waffleguppies

God I really do have the best friends. LOOK AT THIS. WAFFLES WROTE IT FOR MY BIRTHDAY. It’s about a kid trying to figure things out (humans, responsibility, boundaries) when no one will ever hand him anything in life, and it reads like Ray Bradbury’s The Halloween Tree. I need to draw some fanart for this. :D

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Why do you guys have to have so many nicknacks and floral patterns and AUUUUG!

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answered your



I donno what to draw.

Tracy’s shrinking paste wears off at a bad time…

Even though it was a pain to draw all the little background details, and I obviously ignored/took shortcuts with some of them, I still enjoyed making this. And thanks for coming to my stream everybody! By the normally subdued nature of my streams, it was a lot of fun!

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I’ve included the pure black and white version, because someone mentioned that they might want to take a crack at coloring this.

All I can say is Better you than me, mate. ;\/