So I finally finished this monster.

I want to thank GTRidel for creating this beautiful line art although I’m not sure exactly how to feel because it ruined my life.

Towards the end I had to let some of the detail go. I tried to add everything in that I could but everyone hits that point where, faults and all, you just gotta let something go. I had to call it finished. The only part that I didn’t paint on was the details on the front of the cabinet to the right. As much as I wanted to paint it as detailed as all the rest it just wasn’t turning out so I grabbed the patterns from the film and sort of just stuck them on. I’m a bit embarrassed about that actually :<

I’m not sure if this is a decent pic or a mess at this point. I’m not sure if my colouring is overbearing or if the focal points are lost.

I just don’t know anymore.

I also want to thank Noodledude. I’ve neglected to mention that Noodledude was the first person to postulate Tracietty and that make me eternally within her debt… I think. I’m not sure if Tracietty is a blessing or a curse.

Even though I’m not the original artist of this line-art I have a little story I concocted around it anyways.

There is no real set storyline to Tracietty so in this little scenario Tracy told Arrietty he was a borrower and so they have spent a lot of time together; however, in this scene, as the shrinking paste wears off, it becomes obvious that he’s not one of them. As he’s getting bigger she’s yelling up at him “You lied! Why would you lie to us?” and he is so stressed with what’s going on that he doesn’t really have an answer what with the broken trust, the obvious hurt and the fact that in a second he is going to be far too big for their house. It’s just a bit much, but he is sorry.



I hope you guys enjoy it. :)

EDIT: here is a link to the original line-art




But yeah, I ended up doing it… I put up both versions b/c I just thought it was interesting how the other just looked like they’re trying to get their privacy behind a curtain or something. X’D It was just me playing around and I kept a version like that. derp.

Enjoy their adorable smooch. I ship this pairing so hard, guys… so hard…

He is so into her, guys.

So into her. omg.