My cause is noble
My power is pure
My reach is global
My tower, secure

I’ve had this idea for a while, mostly revolving around the idea of (yet another) ask blog. I think that the biggest and most frightening difference between Tracy and Wheatley, when it comes to being in a position of supreme power, is that Tracy would be good at it.

“There was a knot of anxiety in Twig’s chest. She swallowed thickly, smoothing out the front of her tutu. Today was a big day, and she couldn’t exactly help the rising nervousness. She stood at the middle of a small gaggle of her classmates, looking up at their orientation instructor. He was an incredibly tall man, wire thin with glasses sitting on his nose that made his eyes seem frighteningly wide.”

 Wow!! Who could it be? No clue. 


Do you want to talk to Lily?
I could get her to come down
I bet she’ll come to see you anyway
She’ll know what to say
I know she’ll talk you round
They told me you seem different
But I don’t care
You’re gonna be alright…
Do you want to talk to Lily?
I think you should talk to Lily-

Go away, Fern.
Okay… goodnight. ~~~
Do you want to talk to Lily?
C'mon, Tracy, are you deaf?
You’ve been in there a billion YEARS or more Come out the door
Am I wasting my breath?
(I guess so)
You’ve got to come out sometime
We need you back
Okay, look, I’ll count to ten.
(One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight…)


I know you’re in there
I don’t know where to begin
There’s so much we never got to do
I’m right out here for you
Please let me in
I graduate tomorrow
When I get my badge
Please tell me you’ll be there
You could even talk to Lily…
Trick or Teeth

by waffleguppies

God I really do have the best friends. LOOK AT THIS. WAFFLES WROTE IT FOR MY BIRTHDAY. It’s about a kid trying to figure things out (humans, responsibility, boundaries) when no one will ever hand him anything in life, and it reads like Ray Bradbury’s The Halloween Tree. I need to draw some fanart for this. :D

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Why do you guys have to have so many nicknacks and floral patterns and AUUUUG!

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answered your



I donno what to draw.

Tracy’s shrinking paste wears off at a bad time…

Even though it was a pain to draw all the little background details, and I obviously ignored/took shortcuts with some of them, I still enjoyed making this. And thanks for coming to my stream everybody! By the normally subdued nature of my streams, it was a lot of fun!

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I’ve included the pure black and white version, because someone mentioned that they might want to take a crack at coloring this.

All I can say is Better you than me, mate. ;\/