Meet Ken Sugimori the man who first made you fall in love with Pokemon. He literally drew the first 151 Pokemon by himself. He is also responsible for all of the original artwork in Pokemon Video Games as well as Pokemon Cards and Movies. Due to his work and being a personal friend of Satoshi Tajiri the Pokemon anime charachter Tracy Sketchit was created as a tribute to him. Not much is known about Sugimori, it was even hard to find a picture for this post.There were only 3 pictures of him on Google. I feel that Sugimori is under-appreciated for the work he has done. His early designs and artwork were largely responsible for drawing kids like me into the world of Pokemon. I’m going to try and post some of his illustrations on here.

zionkraze  asked:

Anime Ask 12, 23 & 30

12. anime that should get more attention from others 

The Sakura Wars anime and OVAs.

This is based off the game series that started off on the Sega Saturn, however only the fifth game in the series has been translated and released outside of Japan at the time of typing this. So this is probably the best way of getting to know the plot of the series; the characters get decent focus, Sakura is a really great protagonist and there’s some good development among the main cast.

Plus for the awesome factor, the main cast pilot Steampunk.Spirit-Powered.Mechs. That concept alone would have sold me if I hadn’t already discovered the series through Project X Zone.

Oh, and that opening theme though.

23. unpopular character you love

Tracy Sketchit from the Pokemon anime.

Why does nobody talk about this guy? I mean yeah he was only around for a little bit and it’s hard to say if people would go as far as to HATE him, but I reckon he needs some love.

30. one anime conclusion you would change

That’s actually a pretty tough one. Most of the animes I watch/have finished are either still going or I’m pretty happy with how they ended.

…Nah, I don’t really think I have anything for this one. Sorry dude. ^^;