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John Tracey from "Thunderbirds are Go" in the Pokemon universe?

Give me a character and a different fandom/universe from where they originally come from and I’ll draw them in that universe.

John gets a Bledum. A shiny Beldum Why? Well, it definitely doesn’t have anything to do with having too much blue in one piece - no, not at all.


I just finished my largest digital commission in years, and I can finally share it! 23.5 hours of work went into planning and refining this, and I feel it definitely shows. A lot of work went into setting up perspective and lighting in a convincing way, more than I normally am accustomed to.

Tracy and her friends wander around The Color Festival on Prism Island together, enjoying good food and painting booths aplenty. Tracy (the human) and Trixy (the Floatzel) are determined to fit as much body paint as possible on their bodies from the many booths they’ve visited, while an already-painted Sarge (the Arcanine) watches, and Mitena (the Braixen) enjoys some hot meat on a stick.

I plugged in a few closeups of the paintings I did for Chuck’s booth, since those took a couple hours on their own to complete, particularly the geisha-inspired Milotic, and the return of a Danny-inspired Whimsicott I drew for a Pokemon-related commission in a stream ages ago.

just some quick doodles

Saw a screenshot of a Miltank and Tauros in a ranch and of course I humanized them because of that height difference

still thinking of a way to draw shortstacks, so a trio of demon girls to experiment with using different bodytypes

and more of Not Harry Potter witches, inspired by the other three snake witches

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As a kid, Tracey Sketchit was my favorite character in the Pokemon anime. I know Tracey was introduced as a character replacement for Brock because the anime creators thought Brock’s eyes were racist or something to that effect. For all intents and purposes he was a very watered-down version of Brock. Considering his knowledge of pokemon and how to take care of them. He was gentle and caring when it came to any Pokemon and how he can’t say no to a pretty girl. Even as a child I knew Tracy was sort of like “Brock-lite.”

But what made Tracy my favorite in the short time he was in the anime, was his love and passion for drawing, not just Pokemon, but everything, and the world around him. I was obsessed with drawing at a young age and as a child when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say: “An animator for Disney.” So I would often draw a lot. Usually not very good drawings, but a lot of them.

So having a character like this in the anime who does nothing but draw was interesting to me. Tracy draws so much that he can sometimes be behave very awkwardly in social situations. Usually Tracy’s first impulse to anything happening around him is “I gotta draw this.”

It’s obvious Tracey views the whole world through his sketchbook. As a kid I recognized that behavior and could relate to it. Tracey was a huge nerd and introvert, and had the biggest fanboy crush on Professor Oak. I found it so cool that someone who did nothing but draw could join in the Pokemon Adventure too. Not only that, but accomplish his dream of working alongside Professor Oak, his biggest idol.

I was really glad there was that sort of nerd introvert artist in the show that I could relate too before I outgrew the anime.