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Thunderbirds Are Go – ‘The Voice Of Tracy Island’

Based on a prompt by @wonderavian

Scott and John go out for a drink. Karaoke boys 👌

Midnight is approaching but the streets of Manhattan are still buzzing with party people and other nightcrawlers. In a corner of the Baby Grand karaoke bar, two young men are quietly sipping their brightly coloured cocktails. The brown haired one is tapping his fingers to the beat of the song. His ginger companion, however, appears to have been taken far out of his comfort zone.

‘John, you’ve been studying the cocktail menu for the past half hour. Either you’re thinking of applying for a job as a bartender, or you’re trying to avoid having a good time,’ the brown haired man says.

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“You get all that Tracy Island?”
“F.A.B, John.”

- - - - - - - - 

Based on the headcanon that John has a little voice recording from their mother that she sent to him not long before she died. She sent it to him because he was particularly disappointed to find he wasn’t chosen for a junior Nasa space programme when he was 10-years-old, and she died later that year. 

Despite it having context, the message is very general and applies to most situations so John plays it all around Thunderbird 5 when he needs it the most, and transmits it down to Tracy Island because his brothers could definitely use it too. The message is particularly helpful on the boys’ sad days, days when they need a little reminder that their mother is always watching.

Thunderbirds Are Go – “Morning Glory”

“Is that a banana in your pocket or is your structure just settling?”

The grin on Gordon’s face would make the likes of the Cheshire cat jealous. He saw an opportunity, and took it. Virgil, who was still quite sleep drunk, suddenly realized what his younger sibling was referring to, becoming aware of a certain sensation he had ignored in favour of his very empty stomach and the tantalizing smell of breakfast. And now all eyes were on him – or rather, his crotch. Scott was blushing and shuffling his feet uncomfortably. Alan seemed to hover between curiosity and confusion. Grandma and Kayo, however, pretended nothing unusual had happened. Kayo had grown up around boys, so morning erections were no longer mysterious nor shocking.

When it comes to hiding a boner, size can either be an advantage or a burden. Unfortunately for Virgil, the latter held true for him. Most of the time, the boys took care of the situation before heading down to have breakfast. That’s what snoozing or showers are for, or the sheer force of mind to ‘make it go away’. Virgil felt a blush burning up his ears and cheeks. As he sat down behind the table and grabbed a slice of toast, he hoped that it might at least partially draw blood away from that other burning sensation in his PJ bottoms. He will remember this. He will remember it, and he will have his revenge.

Two weeks later, Fate finally granted him the opportunity he had been hoping for.

Gordon shuffled towards the table, running a hand through his disshevelled mop of blonde hair. The bags underneath his eyes were a gentle reminder that sleep and hanging out at clubs all night don’t mix. He woke up parched and starving, stumbling downstairs on auto-pilot. In spite of the sleepless night, a particular body part hadn’t failed to do its nocturnal workout and was still proudly showing off its ability to defy gravity when Gordon walked into the room.

“So. Who wants bagels for breakfast? Raise your hands,” Virgil said, his face warping into the most mischievous of smirks, before adding: "Or, in Gordon’s case, raise a tentacle.”

Everyone in the room was now staring at Gordon, whose face remained a blank canvas. But wait. One of his eyes began to twitch, like a ripple threatening to crack the perfect poker face.

“Fine, Virge,” he snarled. “You win this round.”

Gordon dug his spoon into the bowl of yogurt and spent the rest of his breakfast ignoring Virgil’s perma-grin. Balance had been restored to the Force on Tracy Island. For now…


Based on this post and a prompt/challenge by the lovely @madilayn @mrs-eviltedi and @scribbles97 - thanks for the inspiration. Also for @typethedragon and @doyouheartheangrymen (stay awesome, darlings, Team Virgil wouldn’t be the same without you)