Mains update!

After much thought and consideration I’m gonna be adding some mains to my list! remember that main does not mean exclusive and that i will rp with everyone of this characters no matter what! im also breaking up the rule because i wanna have three main mercys fuck da ruules

@ancdyne​ , @fixedarc​ and @wundertater​ for main mercys (YES THREE FIGHT ME I LOVE THESE PEOPLE OKAY)
@peilot​ for main tracur
@ryujinoken​ for main genji (but all genjis are my pupils i love you all okay?)
aaand @scrapcollector as ze main angry swedish gnome

i will still reply with any other duplicate of my mains, but priority replies fall for these nerds ok? 

I still have lots of spots to fill so this is an invitation to come talk to me withotu any fear or anything ok?