tractor factory

Name: T-26-2014

 Origin: Soviet Union 

 Service: 2014-2037 

 Manufacturer: Bravo Tank Works (Originally 
Factory No. 174 named after K.E. Voroshilov in Leningrad, Stalingrad Tractor Factory)

 Produced: 2014-2037 

 Number Built: 600,000 

 Weight: 9.6 tonnes 

 Length: 4.65 m 

 Width: 2.44 m 

 Height: 2.24 m 

 Crew: 3 (Commander, Driver, Gunner) 

 Armour: 6 mm (bottom), 6-10mm (roof), 15 mm (hull and turret, front, rear, sides), deflector shielding (T-26-2014/17)

 Main armament: Scorpio Armoury DT-23 45mm gun (original), Scorpio Armoury DT-23 45mm mass driver cannon (T-26-2014/17), 122 rounds 

 Secondary Armament: 7.62 ZiG-52 HMG, 2962 rounds 

 Engine: 4 Cylinder Gasoline flat air-cooled RPB-34 engine; engine volume 6600 cc 90 hp at 2100 rpm 

 Power/Weight: 9.38 hp/t 

 Transmission: single disc main dry clutch, drive shaft, gearbox with five gears, steering clutch, final drives 

 Suspension: leaf quarter-elliptic springs 

 Ground Clearance: 380 mm 

 Fuel capacity: 290 L with additional 110 L fuel tank  

Operational Range: 220-240 km (road), 130-140 km (off-road) 

 Speed: 31.1 km/h (paved), 22 km/h (gravel), 16 km/h (off road) 

 Steering System: steering stick 

 Materials: Welded adamantite armour plate, stamped adamantite pieces, rubber and steel tracks 

 The T-26 was one of the two tanks originally available to the USSR during the Interwar period of the 1930s into the beginning of World War II. It served in the Spanish Civil War, the Winter War, and the very beginning of World War II. The last record of their service was in 1945 against the Japanese Kwangtung Army in Manchuria. 

 For the BEA, having just modernized, and in need of armour to deal with the Brotherhood forces, turned to older tank designs, the T-26 being one of them. Remade with adamantite plate, the T-26 remained one of the lightest tanks in BEA service, serving as an infantry support or recon role depending on the circumstances. In 2017, to improve their longevity, deflector shielding was added, and the cannon was replaced with a mass driver cannon, leading to the T-26-2014/17. 

 The T-26-2014/17 served until 2037, where the existing models were replaced by more modern designs. The surplus tanks, manufacturing equipment, and blueprints was sold off to the allies of the Bouzaculan Empire, who were allowed to build their own tanks from said designs. So far, foreign madeT-26s serve in the fight against the Scorpion’s Hand. 










In the 1950s and early 1960s, Ferruccio Lamborghini owned a tractor factory. He was a sports car enthusiast who owned a number of high-performance cars, including a couple Ferrari vehicles with which he had frequent clutch problems. He went to see founder Enzo Ferrari about them, but when Enzo dismissed his complaint with something along the lines of, “What does a tractor maker know about super cars? Go back to your farm and leave the supercars to me.” Lamborghini was insulted. Irate, Lamborghini fixed the clutch issues himself and decided he could build a better vehicle than Ferrari, so he hired away some of their designers and in 1963 successfully premiered the Lamborghini 350GT – and an Italian supercar maker was born.