A little teaser to some new ring photography we shot today for @bcclarkjewelers to promote their #GravityForever engagement rings featuring @forevermarkdiamonds - shot on #sonya7s with vintage #canonfd50mm with @redrockmicro macro lens adapter.


Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma’s 2016 show season is just around the corner. And by corner, we mean five months away. Coincidentally, 2016 marks the fifth year we’ve had the pleasure of designing the artwork for Lyric’s annual lineup.

Outside of getting to help shape the visual tone for Lyric’s take on new and classic productions, our favorite part about this gig is getting to mark our calendars well before any of the curtains rise.
Vision Quest: How to Make Your Business More Beautiful

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As a successful small-business owner, you’ve probably nailed down the key moving parts of your company—location, inventory, staff training and advertising. But, do you feel pretty?

An article released yesterday on the American Express OPEN Forum talks up beauty for businesses, and does so by featuring Traction and our warehouse workspace right up front, along with quotes from agency president, Tyler Smith.

“Clients can glean a lot about us just by walking in the door,” says Tyler Smith, president of Traction Marketing Group in Oklahoma City.

When he took the reins, Smith moved the agency to a warehouse space that he rehabbed and designed himself, with spectacular results.

“The type of people we try to hire are people who value this type of space very highly,” he says.

“’Pretty’ is a hard word for me as far as intention,” Smith says. “But the colors—that’s where pretty came in. We wanted people to come in and say, ‘Yeah, this is what an ad agency should look like.’ We wanted it to scream ‘creative.’”

View the full article here on the OPEN Forum.