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tractioninc replied to your post: liedanddyed replied to your post: What was the…

Box fenders ftw. The homologation aero bodywork is what really makes this car.


liedanddyed replied to your postliedanddyed replied to your post: What was the…

Well aware it’s your opinion. Just fun to play the BMW purist for a sec hahaha. I think stock e30’s drive like actual trash. They take far more tweaking and maintenance than the experience is worth.

No prob, and Im glad you did.  It’s fun to have e30 guys get passionate.    I would agree that most e30’s drive like trash ;)  

tractioninc replied to your photoset: The 918 looks like a more like a new CGT than an…

Kind of like how the 997 looks more like a 996 and 993 and 964 than an all new car?

Those are all 911s and meant to be an improvement on the original rather than a new model.  The way the made the 918 sound I expected it to look more like a new model than an updated CGT.  I like the way it looks, but like I said to Ron, it holds true to Porsche’s typical evolution of their cars. 

tractioninc replied to your post: How can you tell the difference between at 911 and a 964? Body wise, like from looking at a pitcure. One of my dream cars is a 911/930 or a 964 and i was just wondering how you can tell the difference and which one you think would be a better driver? to purchase the car i want to stay in the 15-20k price range, then add ons will come later like rims and a hagrett shifter etc

Sad thing though is that you can get an early 996 for less than a 993 or even 964. And it’s a faster, more modern, more comfortable car. That has less soul. PS - 996 turbo’s are getting close to $30K these days.

The only problem with 996/997 Carreras is that they don’t have Mezger engines.  The M9X based powerplants in more modern 911’s are garbage compared the Mezger engines in early 911’s and GT/Turbo variants of the 996 & 997.  They also feel soulless.  They are very good cars and I’ve debated buying a 996 Carrera as a DD/track car, but it just isn’t for me.  If I had a 993 DD it would be a fairly built and comfortable GT2 Evo replica (my boyhood dream car) and I’d keep my car as a track car.

If you’ve driven a 996 and an aircooled 911/964/993 then I’m sure you understand why most people opt for the aircooled versions.  They are great fun to drive and every second in the drivers seat is enjoyable compared to the bland feeling of a base 996/997 Carrera.  That being said, I do still like base 996’s & 997’s.  I just wouldn’t own one.