traction beams

Why aren't your spells manifesting? (aka, BOOP DE DOOP)

Spells are like little clouds of energy, floating off in the astral.

And this spell has a little leash of energy pulling it slowly and carefully down to the physical where it can manifest.

But wait!

There is a barrier around the physical that stops every little random thing from manifesting. This “atmosphere” around the physical keeps many spells out.

So your astral cloud spell is like “boop de doop I am a spell! I want to manifest :)”

But the atmosphere is stopping it.

So it is going to float around until it finds a little foothold to get in.

If you are doing a job spell this “foothold” will be applying for a job, for example. Then your spell will say, “boop de doop! I found a way in! Yay!” and the leash will gently pull it down to the foothold and BOOM, manifestation occurs.

Mistake 1 that a lot of people make is never creating a physical realm foothold for the spell to manifest. “Okay I cast my love spell where is my hot bf.” Well, maybe you should go out and meet people and this will allow the spell to manifest!

But wait. Sometimes the leash is very weak or even, believe it or not, nonexistent. So the spell has no direction and no guidance and actually is not being pulled down to the physical very much at all.

And sometimes the foothold is so tiny that the spell can’t even fit through.

Well, excellent news I have for you.

The “leash” is called Willpower.

The stronger your will is that your spell WILL MANIFEST NO MATTER WHAT, the stronger that pull is towards the physical.

And the “foothold” is made large and stable through willpower, too.

So once you have your little astral cloud going, all going “boop de doop here I am ready to manifest :)” you can empower it, to an incredible magnitude, through willpower. And you can change that boop de doop spell to a BOOP DE DOOP, HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS I’M ABOUT TO MANIFEST spell.

And when you use your incredible, iron-clad willpower to say YES, MY SPELL WILL MANIFEST that leash becomes like a starship traction beam, sucking the spell so close to the physical that it is practically tangible.

And when you use that same willpower to create a foothold, combined with your physical actions, that tiny crack in the atmosphere becomes a wide-open portal for your spell to fall through.

Powerful magic requires powerful willpower and incredible belief. Once you have that, nothing can stop your spells from manifesting in an amazing way.