tracon viii

Tracon-kuvia kaipaillaan

Ei juuri haisuakaan kuinka tätä sivua käytetään, näkyykö tämä kenenkään muun feedissa kuin seuraajieni tai muustakaan, mutta kokeillaan kuitenkin;
Jos jollakulla sattuisi olemaan kuvia tai videota Sonic ja Tails-cosplayista niin ilmoittelisitteko minulle? Olisi mukava nähdä, kuinka kehnosti pärjäsi ekassa cossissa ikinä :D

Rev kiittää ja kumartaa etukäteen.

Tracon VIII: The Bazaar

Our table on Saturday. The guy’s expression sums it all up quite well. Some people’s reactions when they saw our table were priceless.

On Sunday it was still quite packed but I still daresay our table was one of the most successful ones.

My (and some of moose’s) leftover prints are going to be for sale online shortly.

Tracon VIII is over now and it was a really fun experience, once again. I met a lot of people - old acquaintances and friends as well as a lot of new peeps - and I had so much fun talking with everyone. That’s easily the best part of the while artist’s alley thing. I used to be very “welp, people” when I started this thing but now I enjoy it a lot.

Thank you for everyone who bought something from me (especially that one person who literally spent all their cash on my art, she deserves the title “Best Customer”) or even stopped by to say hi.

Again next year, if the stars are in the right position!

(P.s. I’ll sell my leftover prints online soon so stay tuned!)