L'habit fait le scout

 Si, comme Edward Norton dans Moonrise Kingdom de Wes Anderson, il sait allumer un feu avec deux bouts de bois et fabriquer un abri avec la seule aide de son couteau suisse, le scout ne fait pas du tout appel à son ingéniosité pour se vêtir le matin avant de sortir de sa tente. Une chemise couverte d'écussons, un short, un foulard roulé autour du cou et des chaussettes relevées jusqu'aux genoux composent l'essentiel de son vestiaire. Seule distinction : le couvre-chef qui prend la forme d'un béret en France et d'un chapeau haut aux Etats-Unis.

La chemise : en coton, Superdry, 75 €.

Le chapeau : en feutre, Traclet, 89 €.

Le short : en coton, J. Crew, 85 €.

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ladychraelix asked:

((a mini ficlet for you, friend uvu)) The modest home was peaceful when Aglet returned home from work- if one could call the playful laughter of their son and the muffled grunts of her husband peaceful. "C'mon, Dad," Gabe's voice could be heard from the other room, "you're not even trying!" Aglet had to stifle a silvery giggle when she entered the room and beheld the scene before her: Gabe sat astride Tracy's back, one hand restraining his arms and the other pushing Tracy's face to the carpet. c

Tracy only grunted again and squirmed limply, trying to dislodge the preteen from his back and failing miserably. His eyes flicked up to Aglet. “Ag-ghhh- Aglet,“ he mumbled, his words muffled in the carpet, “help.” She smiled serenely and turned to one side. “He’s your son too, love.“ Faintly, as she headed back towards the bedroom to change out of her work clothes, she could hear Tracy’s groans and Gabe’s triumphant crows.



ladychraelix asked you:

so for that last ‘imagine your OTP’ thing, the really long one about the 1 year anniversary, which do you think would be the one trying to cook dinner, Tracy or Aglet? For some reason I keep seeing Tracy because he would just /try so hard/ but then the part with tears and I don’t think Tracy would shed tears over it but at the same time he /did/ work really hard on it and asdfghk /dives off a cliff


I’ve been sitting here thinking about it because omg it could be either of them

On one hand you have, like you said, Tracy working really, really hard because Aglet’s been out for a bit from work as a fairy godmother so when she gets home he can surprise her with a nice home cooked meal but oh geez that’s so hard but boy does he try even though he ends up forgetting about the food and burning everything

And then on the other, Aglet could do it as congratulations for Tracy being assigned another tooth, and usually she’s really good at cooking but she has so much on her mind and then he gets home and he’s all “omg sob you what really why?” and she laughs and then they start kissing and then shE FORGETS ABOUT THE FOOD IN THE OVEN and she’s like “gosh darnit fiddle sticks” and tracy is like “no it ok don’t be cry let’s order out”

also if Tracy made dinner, Tracy would break down into tears after burning the food, and if Aglet made the food, she’d kick the oven in this cute, frustrated little temper tantrum and end up hurting her foot so Tracy has to help her limp to the couch