The legendary, spectacular single-take "Copacabana tracking shot" from Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas

“There’s a reason to do it all in one shot. Henry’s whole life is ahead of him. He’s the young American ready to take on the world and he’s met a girl he likes. It had to be done in one sweeping shot because it’s his seduction of her and it’s the lifestyle seducing him.”

–Martin Scorsese


Steadicam operator Larry McConkey on filming the scene in a single day

Ray Liotta on what it was like to film the Copacabana scene

The Ten Best Tracking Shots Ever (AMC)


Tracking, panning, gliding — for this Weekend Challenge, get your camera MOVING. Vincent Laforet shows you how. 

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Tracking shot week!

Children of Men(2006) - Alfonso Cuarón



Continuous tracking shot of a frozen moment

Philips Carousel Commercial - Adam Berg Commercial of the Year Stink Digital (by thegavintyroneshow)

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The much talked about 6 minute single shot sequence from last nights True Detective.

My review of True Detective “Who Goes There” can be read here


A montage of tracking shots from Spike Lee films set to music by Cymande. 


If you’re looking for a super smooth tracking shot on the roughest terrain, you may want to look into Glidecam. As a prime example of its capabilities, check out this breathtaking nature footage seen above.

Glidecam was created by Martin Stevens while producing and directing his first feature film. Stevens wanted to create a more affordable and capable camera stabilizer for his own productions, using what he now refers to as “a common sense approach.”

Since creating his first prototype in 1991, “Glidecam has become the world leader in its field because it combines the best practices with the best thinking, and in the end it is this combination that the customer wants.”


amazing tracking shot from Shame (McQueen, 2011)

I tried to upload a gif of this, just for ease, but it kept erroring… so it’s not videos. Luckily Tumblr seem to have sorted their videos :D. Anyway, here is a rough. I’m hoping to use this background though for the final. The music is the start of C'est la Mort by The Civil Wars. I will have my own music written for the whole thing (if I can animate it all). xD

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Why not stop whatever you’re doing and just bask in the glory of this six-minute, single-take tracking shot from True Detective? It’s hard enough to get some people to take television as seriously as film, as an art form – perhaps this is closer to ballet?

(You can also find out how it was done here.)