Ok so I don’t know if this is anything interesting to point out but wELL I DID SOME RANDOM CLICKING AROUND IN EPISODES AGAIN AND FOUND MORE CUTE DETAILS

before Yuuri was hit with the thought to try and remake his Yuri on Ice track it seems like he was planning to skate his FS program to either Mozart or Antonin Dvorak! 


At least judging by the fact that our little nugget listens to a large playlist of their tracks as he tries to figure out his program



- Happy song??? How cute is this boy?? this makes me so happy as well??

- HEAVY SONG?? are we talking the emotionally heavy or the heavy metal heavy here….. no one knows



- DJ? Yuuri is ready to fcking party and seduce some skating legends while he’s at it 


Background & Movement in TV

Since TV animation tends to have smaller budgets than feature animation, we are often times limited in the kind of animation we can do in terms of backgrounds.  Here are a couple workarounds I have to show movement in a background.  

The first is a tracking shot into cam where our Character is running without gaining away or from cam (but they could if you wanted) The foreground is the ground plane which is just a simple looping set of lines. The BG is actually a static image that would slowly drift down towards the horizon line imitating movement away from the background. 

The second is also a tracking shot where the character is more in profile. This one requires some soft focus and low detail background drawings (usually not a lot, maybe 3 looping images. I only used 2 here but the theory holds.

The last one only requires a single background layout, but we use the camera to imitate action as it pulls out over a static image.

This is all based on my own experience rather than hard rulesets, so you know as usual take it with a grain of salt.


We now present Lady Snowblood killing six men in 58 seconds (and a single tracking shot). Enjoy …


Ok sunshine anon I’m so sorry I am almost 12 hours late for your random one shot T^T but heyyy it’s 3:24 in the morning here and I stayed up late to write it for you so yeah, love admin Ayu ♥

Anyway, I hope you like it. If you don’t, lemme know TT^TT 

Genre: Fluff, One shot
Word Count: 1, 747

Your cell phone beeped again, and you ran to it to check if it was an unknown number, just like you were expecting.

  Go Eun: You’re supposed to treat me to ramen tomorrow, don’t forget!

You threw back the phone back in bed, sitting down with your head in your hands exasperatedly. You felt like a fool, to expect that something like that could ever happen. You reflected on what you had done earlier that day, and were seriously wondering how you could’ve taken another wrong, reckless decision.

You simply wiped off the tears that were yet to leave your eyes, and went back to your almost burnt soup.

It all had started exactly 79 days since you saw him for the first time, you could remember even the smallest details. The day had started bright, the sunshine had hit your face, making your eyes crinkle shut, and your lips curve in a beautiful smile. You wore the brightest colours in your cupboard, you’re your favourite backpack, and set off. Little did you know the nature could also betray…

You weren’t even halfway through your way to college when the rain started to pour. Distressed, you got off your cycle and dragged it across the street, your eyes searching for any shelter. That’s when you noticed a café, and you could finally sigh in relief.

The café was packed with people like you, all trying to escape from the sudden cruelty of the weather. You walked through the crowd, looking for a vacant seat. You had already sneezed four times after getting there, and you were pretty sure people were viewing you as one hell of an annoyance.

“Excuse me, ma’am?” you heard a voice call you from behind, soft and formal. You could tell in a second it was one of the staffs, and you were kind of scared that they’d tell you to leave because you’ve been nothing but an annoyance ever since you got there.

You turned around, and for a moment you were stunned. The crowd bustling in and around didn’t seem to faze you at all, as you tried to absorb what was just before your eyes. You were drinking in all the beauty you had seen accumulated in one face for the first time; those beetle-black eyes, his plump lips, his perfect nose with a straight bridge, his soft chin which ended his sharp face in a contrast; everything.

It took you a while to gain composure, and mutter a ‘yes’ to him. He smiled as he handed you a towel, “You seem like you’re really cold. Why don’t you sit there behind the counter with me, and dry yourself?”

“Um… uh yeah, why not…” you said, your idiocy getting to your nerves. He could definitely tell you were awestruck by his face, good job y/n.

He was a cashier there. He had given you a chair so that you could sit just beside him and dry yourself. You drank the hot chocolate you were given and observed him. He was one of the nicest cashiers you had ever seen. Whenever someone came to drop an order, he’d bow and greet them with a big smile on his face. He’d diligently take orders, put his heart into the smallest task he’d do while asking his customers about their day. He was the politest cashier you had ever seen, and you had barely realised then how you’d like to see more of him.

“How much for the hot chocolate?”

“It’s free of charge, ma’am. Please, come again.”

How could you not keep the request of the most beautiful human being you had ever seen?

You went almost every day, waking up an hour early to just have enough time to spend there, watching him from your fixed spot. You’d always be there when he’s just starting out, and he’d have the brightest smile ever whenever he heard the bells jingle, alarming him of the first customer of the day.

“Good morning, ma’am. How may I help you?”

“Can I please get a large mocha latte?”

“Sure.” he’d return your hesitant smile with the usual bright one.

However, he was the same with every customer that went there, he barely treated you any special. You would always tip him more than usual, and he’d always have that grateful beam as he’d bow to you.

But, you were getting frustrated at how dense he could be. It was evident that you had feelings for him. Why wouldn’t he realise?

You were certain that you were dropping enough hints, and his obliviousness was getting to your nerves despite the fact that he was very adorable. You had had enough of this, and you decided to just confess to him. It was going to be very easy. You’d write ‘I like you, Taeyong.’ on a sticky note with your number just below it, and then put it there with the bill; that’s it.

So, the day came. You had entered the café as usual, ordered your usual, taken your usual seat, had your coffee, just wrote your confession and number on the sticky note, blew your hands dry since they were sweating hysterically, before finally getting to simply for him to come with the bill and ask you if you liked their service. He usually went to all the customers personally to hand them their pay-slips and ask for opinions, since the café was not always just as packed.

Then the moment came, he came to your table with the pay slip in his hand, asking you if you had liked their coffee today. You smiled and answered unmindfully as you slowly crumbled the sticky note in your hand. You paid the bill and wait for him to bring you the change.

“Thank you so much ma’am, please come again.” He bowed as you got up to leave.

You bowed back, settling the bag on your shoulder and slowly walking away. You were still not sure if you wanted to give him that crumpled sticky note, and randomly confess your feelings. You two barely knew each other!

However, the aforementioned fact couldn’t matter to you at all when you had fallen for him. So, why should it matter then?

You had already stepped out of the café when it finally hit you. Eve the sight of a florist walking by with your favourite flower didn’t stop you from rushing inside the café. Taeyong looked at you in a hurry, his face showing the surprise, “Is anything wrong, ma’am?”

You took his hand in yours, shoved the crumpled sticky note in, and ran out of the café.


It had been a week, and you received no phone call or text. You were heartbroken, how could he just reject you without a phone call? You were distraught, owing half to the rejection and the other half to his ignorance. He could’ve called, apologised, before letting you know politely that it wasn’t possible. He had such a beautiful smile, you had expected his heart to be just as beautiful, for him to at least care about how you felt, and say no to you in the politest way possible. But, he chose to ignore you. He chose to ignore your proposal, and didn’t even find it worthy of rejection; how very deserving of you.

You knew you were totally out of his league, and you had just realised that it was foolish of you to think that his kindness could be entitled to someone like you.

You had had enough. You decided that you would go to the café, ask him why he didn’t even care to call you and say that you two weren’t possible. You were going to let him know that that face of him is of no value if he cannot value human emotions. You were going to ask him how he could bear not calling you even when you weren’t there for a week, like, wasn’t he worried a bit? You were going to ask him everything that was on your mind, tell him all you’ve been holding back

You stormed inside the café, finding him cleaning one of the tables. He bowed and smiled at you, as if nothing had happened. Seriously?

“You idiot!” you pushed him, “How could you be so thoughtless? Don’t you know how to read? I confessed my feelings to you and left my number so that you could call me and let me know what you thought, if it’s a yes or no. But you decided to just IGNORE! How could you do that? You could’ve simply called and said that it’s a no, or just texted me! But no, you chose to ignore me… like you- don’t you care a bit about a person’s emotions? ESPECIALLY WHEN IT’S A GIRL WHO LITERALLY LIKES YOU TO DEATH? You… you idiot…” by the end of your explosion, you were crying. You had finally let all your bottled up emotions out, and it was tolling on you.

You could feel Taeyong staring at you with his mouth open as you sat down and tried to stop crying, your face in your hands. It wasn’t a minute before Taeyong finally spoke up, “Are you an idiot, or what?”

You were blown away at his sudden comeback, and found no relevance of it to anything. You simply wiped the tears off your face and stood up to face him again. “What do you mean?”

He took out the sticky note from his pocket, neatly folded, and handed it over to you, “See what’s wrong for yourself.”

You unfolded the chit to find the ink smudged. You had written your confession and number using a gel pen, and since you were crumbling it in your sweaty hands, it was obvious that the ink would smudge. The only word that even made sense there was ‘like’, and you had a huge suspicion that anyone could read it, apart from you, that is.

“Oh shoot… oh shoot.” You literally cried as you slumped down in the couch again, hiding your face in your hands out of embarrassment this time.

While you were pondering over your stupidity, Taeyong sat down beside you and sighed, “You could’ve just told me.”

“Do you think that it’s that easy?” you asked as you exasperatedly threw your hands in the air.

“Um… sorry, it actually isn’t. If it were, you’d not be the one to say it first.”

“Wait… WHAT?”

one thing i haven’t seen mentioned by the new vegas fandom: there’s a really good chance the courier ends up being seen as some sort of messianic figure

i mean, they’re pulled from a shallow grave and “rise” from the dead 

and then they track the man who shot them across the mojave, surviving thousands of things that also should have killed them

and then they do the impossible to unite the mojave under a ruler of their choosing

at the very least, people are going to think of them as some kind of saint


sometimes i see a really good scene in a movie and all i wanna do is make films

these shots get more and more insaaane