Just a couple weeks ago, we had written about a federal lawsuit concerning whether or not the Justice Department needs a warrant to put a tracking device on cars. In a very prescient manner, a bunch of our commenters started discussing what would happen if they found such a device on their car, and whether or not it would be legal to remove it. Well, now we have a case of exactly that happening.

Apparently a guy named Yasir Afifi, who lives in Silicon Valley, discovered a strange device on his car, when he took it in for an oil change. The friend he was with took some photos and posted them to Reddit, asking if it meant the FBI was after them… or if it was a bomb:

Lots of people in the thread quickly confirmed that it was a tracking device, made by a company who only sold to law enforcement. Then, to confirm things, a couple of days later, the FBI showed up to demand he return the device.


TG theory: Hide is related to Pierrot??? Possible leak from TG:A episode 1


This is a close up shot of Hide’s bike captured on TG:A episode A which is called “Pierrot”. Is it a mere coincidence that Hide has always been interested in Ghouls all along and has a particularly strong acumen in ghoul investigations, and knew so much already about Kaneki and managed to install a tracking device on him? Or is it mere coincidence it’s the name of the studio? 

Remember back in the manga, in one of Kaneki’s flash backs, Hide was a ‘witch’s servant’ during the school play. Is it just a mere coincidence? Tread cautiously because Ishida has dropped many subtal hints and details in the pass and this makes me skeptical of Hide’s background and motives. 

From TG, he seemed to be awake during Kaneki & Yoshimura’s conversation, and therefore likely overheard their conversation. 

Many mysteries still surround Hide - despite he’s one of Kaneki’s closest friend, nothing is still known about his background, his family and etc. If indeed he is a ‘witch’s servant’, I speculate he may have ties with Pierrot, and even Kanou - so he may be involved in setting up Kaneki with Rize, his organ transplant, and etc. But right now, these are only guesses and too early to tell. Another point to note is that he has been working with CCG for some time, as even the higher rank officers seem to like him and he has ways to get obtain lots of CCG information about ghouls and Kaneki.

In the final chapter, it seems Itori has ways to obain CCG information and how is that possible so quickly? She herself, or someone who works as Pierrot’s informat (possible a CCG mole), is involved. I suspect that one person with such means and intelligence, could be Hide. 

If Hide was really working with Pierrot, this is so tragic for poor Kaneki…

In the end, who will be his real friend? (ME! ME! ME! Wouldn’t it be me??!!)
Scientists: A mysterious animal ate an entire 9-foot great white shark

Scientists in Australia tagged a healthy 9-foot great white shark but when they found the tracking device washed up on a beach they also found some interesting data. Something—something really big—had eaten this apex predator. But what creature could dine on such ferocious prey? The recovered device showed a rapid temperature rise and a sudden 1,900-foot change in depth. That’s all the information the scientists have. I shiver at the thought of this battle.

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Also: I’ve changed my mind.  I don’t want to go snorkeling in Australia any more.

Star Trek Beyond Extras: This movie doesn’t need a rewrite because Simon Pegg is a gift

-Scotty and Keenser hug at some point

-Instead of Jim actively applying for the Vice Admiral position he is being pushed to apply and Jim is considering it because of his disillusionment 

-Since Jim and Spock’s birthday’s are two days apart, Spock’s birthday is mentioned too

-Spock states birthday’s are illogical

-Winona showing up in Yorktown to visit

-Sulu’s family interacting with him at Jim and Spock’s combined birthday party

-More of Sulu’s family

-Sarek visiting Spock in Yorktown

-A flashback of young Jaylah getting away and her father’s death when she was confronting the  man who killed him

-Jaylah giving nicknames to everyone else after Jim and Scotty

-Jim, Bones, Chekov, and Scotty all trying to subtlely mention to Uhura about her necklace, with Spock panicking about it

-Jaylah is the one to tell Uhura that her necklace is a tracking device by saying “Your mate tracks your exact location with the chain around your neck”

-Jim calling Jaylah “Jay” or “Jaybird” at the party

-At the party, after Jim tells Jaylah about attending Starfleet academy, he recommends she join the command track

-Scotty laughs and tells Jim, Jaylah will join engineering

-Uhura disagrees and tells Jaylah she needs another fierce woman to join her in communications

-Spock states it is only logical to follow the science track

-Bones tells Jaylah to avoid the medical track because then she’d have to patch up these idiots like he does, everyone laughs

marauders: the map N E V E R L I E S

me: it’s a homemade magical map with a built in tracking device that you made as teenagers………what kind of Confidence in your own abilities……..i wish i could be that confident about my shit…………..

The Fitibit One ($100) is Fitbit’s latest 24/7 tracking device.

During the day, it clips to your belt or slips in your pocket to track your steps, the stairs you’ve climbed, and the overall calories you’ve burned doing so.

At night, the One slips into an armband, where it measures your sleep cycle and will vibrate in the morning to wake you up, silently.

Spiderman's Unwanted "Helpers"
  • Villain :- injures Spidey in a fight-
  • Spidey:-groans loudly- You're going to regret that....
  • Villain:- laughs - Oh yeah? What are you gonna do, call in an army?
  • Spidey:-sighs- I don't even have to call. Stupid tracking devices and suit scanners imbedded in the mask....
  • Tony:- breaks down the wall - MY SON!YOU COME TO MY TOWN AND HURT MY KID?!
  • Spidey:This is Queens. You live in New York City. You are also not my dad. None of your statement is true.
  • Steve :- breaks through window -
  • Spidey:- standing up from the floor, trying to calm the No Chill brothers- Honestly, it's only a broken arm, I'll be OKAY
  • Winter Soldier:- walks in after explosion outside - Steve told me somebody beat up my little bro. I'm here to bury that person.
  • Spidey:-Desperately apologizing to his bad guy - I don't KNOW how to turn them off , just run before SHE gets here, move countries , go into hiding , I am so sorry but your life is forfeit now , you'll have to make your living selling homemade cookies now but just RUN
  • Wanda:All right, who tried to kill Peter? I must return the favor, as they say.
  • Villain:Is that her?
  • Spidey:Wait for it....
  • -badass motorcycle entrance by Natasha-
  • Bruce:Yeah, hey, I barely KNOW the kid but he's a sweet child and you hurt him and - HULK WILL BREAK YOU
  • Thor:I have been alerted through the Phone of Cells that Man of Arachnids has come to harm . Darcy recommended I remove the spine of his enemy . Jane requests for me to protect Man of Arachnids as he is "smol" and " precious ". I must honor these wishes.
  • Villain:- has resigned themselves to their fate-
  • Spidey:- has climbed onto the ceiling and made a web in the corner to wallow in shame- I hate all of you

Feather-horned Beetle (males) - Rhipicera femorata

Though small in size (10-25 mm), the rare Feather-horned Beetles, Rhipicera femorata (Coleoptera - Rhipiceridae), native to Australia, are indeed stunning by their large, fan-shaped antennae composed by many long segments. Antennae of female are filamentous, but those of male are flabellate (bearing a cusp-shaped dense comb of side-branches towards the tip).

The flabellate antennae of males are presumably particularly sensitive to the female’s scent and function as true tracking devices helping them to reach on her. 

References: [1] - [2]

Photo credit: ©Ron N. Beths (CC BY-NC 2.0) | Locality: Perth Urban Bushland, Western Australia, Australia (2013, 2014) | [Top] - [Bottom]


There is actually very little information on how well the secretarybird population is doing.  We know that the loss of savanna to make way for pastures and developments are affecting the birds, and their nests can be disturbed or destroyed by livestock and herders, the latter of which will sometimes kill the birds for meat.  There have also been recorded deaths from inadvertent poisonings and collisions with power lines.  So far, however, little conservation has been proposed, though Birdlife South Africa has tagged several birds with tracking devices and are monitoring their movements, and effort to try and determine their foraging range.


Fill The Oceans With Concrete: Unknown Monster Ate A 9-Foot Great White Shark

Scientists in Australia tagged a healthy 9-foot great white shark as part of program to track these animals. Four months later they found the tracking device washed up on a beach.Something–something really big–had eaten this apex predator.

The recovered device showed a rapid temperature rise and a sudden 1,900-foot change in depth. That’s all the information the scientists have.

this is so interesting 0_o

PSA About Catching Pokemon in Stores

I’ve been seeing a lot of people laughing about signs that say “Pokemon for Customers Only” but a lot of stores have devices that track how many come in vs how their sales are going.

And if those numbers reflect that people come in and aren’t convinced to buy anything, the workers GET IN TROUBLE.

Please don’t make someone else’s job harder for a Pokemon, guys. For you it’s a game, for them it’s their income.