Breathe ~ An Avengers Story (15/15)

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AU Summary: The Avengers go on a mission to save Y/N and destroy the oncoming HYDRA resistance.

Notes: im making this the last one of the first book because the chapter after this one will take place AFTER cap:civil war so yea bucky will be on the next chapter but yeah i hope you guys like this one and would keep on reading more. this means a lot and yea. here goes. “)

Part 14 | Part 15 

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“All engines running. Departing from Stark Tower in 5 minutes.”

“Control motors fully operational, weapons system engaged and ready. We are a go, Captain.”

Steve nodded back at Barton and Romanoff at the pilot seats. Then he turned around and saw Dr. Banner recalibrating the device to track down Y/N’s location. Or at least the coordinates of the last known vantage point

“FRIDAY, run a search for any weird gravitational occurrence, unusual magnetic pulls, and gamma ray signals on a 20 mile radius.” Stark commanded the AI as he himself got into one of his suits.

“Yes, sir.” The voice responded.

“Gamma ray signals?” Steve asked. Bruce looked up and explained it to him.

“Since the other guy responded to Y/N’s powers before, we figured there must be at least a hint of gamma radiation on her since it’s somehow connected. There’s a chance but it’s a small one and we’re taking every resources we have right now.” He said. “We’re gonna find her, Cap.”

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“ Where do you think you’re going? “
” I really don’t want you hanging out with them. “
” Where have you been all night? “
” I think it would be a good idea to get tracking devices. “
” I’m putting cameras up all around the house for security. “
” Don’t leave the house with the pocket knife or mase. “
” I think we should get some better security. “
” I’m going to get us a dog for security purposes. “
” You really need to find better friends. “
” I don’t think your friends are really your friends. “
” Okay, call me as soon as you get there. “
” Don’t you dare text and drive! “
” Please don’t text while you’re driving. “
” Is that outfit really appropriate? “
” I think we should go shopping for your new clothes. “
” He careful when you go to walk down the steps. “
” Always knock before going inside. “
” You have the emergency contact list right? “
” Are you skipping school again? You know I’m going to give you a talk. “
” I don’t want you going anywhere with those people. “
” You aren’t aloud out past ten, you know that. “
” Hey, I don’t make the rules around here. “
” You should probably stay home with us tonight. “
” Why don’t you stay home and have some family time? “
” You missed family game night for that? “
” That’s the second time tonight you missed family game night? “
” I can’t believe you’re dissing us for your fake friends. “
” Hey, why don’t you come out and socialize with your family? “
” Look, I’m just worried about you is all. “
” You don’t want me to take you to school? “
” Where are you going? I can give you a ride. “
” You’re not allowed to go out without one of your brothers or sisters. “
” You can go as long as your brother/sister can go too. “
” I put double locks on all the windows in the house. “
” I think we should move to a nicer neighborhood. “
” I do not want you out driving at night. “
” I dont want anyone out while the storm is coming. “
” Remember to stay indoors when the storm comes. “
” We need to go over our fire escape route again. “
” You aren’t supposed to shower during storms, dear. “
” Are you feeling okay? Want me to draw you a bath? “
” You’re sick, just stay home today and rest. “
” I don’t want you to be home alone. “
” Would you like to come to work with me today? “
” Why haven’t you answered any of my calls or texts? “
” You do not ignore me like that again. “
” I can’t believe I’ve been up all night worried sick! “
” No, you could get alcohol poison. “
” I don’t want anyone drinking in this house. “
” What happened to all that money I gave you? “

Remember that time when Sherlock discovered that the teammate Mary abandoned without so much as a backward glance, who endured six years of torture because of it, had some hard feelings and was trying to kill her, so Sherlock went to John with the information and the thumb drive to ask him what to do, and John said something along the lines of, “Yeah, if you offer to help her, she’ll definitely attack you like she did the last time you tried to help her, so we’d better just put a tracking device in the thumb drive now so that she doesn’t get too far when she runs after, because you know she will, Sherlock, that’s her pattern, and also maybe wear a bullet vest when you go meet her, yeah?” and Sherlock agreed to it and everything happened exactly the way they thought it would? Remember that? Just checking. 

Imagine seeing Bucky pull Steve from the water

You had never been more grateful for such an act of deviance in your life. You knew Steve would have not approved of the tracking device, but a nagging feeling had you slipping it into his belt when he kissed you goodbye. And as you stood there watching a man with such a conflicting expression on his face pull Steve from the water, you were glad you did it. From the distance, you couldn’t tell if Steve was breathing and without a thought of your own safety, you ran over to the two men.

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Fav Gayo Track

Moffat saying Mary is cleverer than the both of them but then says ‘she just sort of jumps in front of the bullet without thinking what will happen’ and is easily outsmarted by Sherlock and John with the tracking device so…… what_is_the_truth.gif

A random assortment of KND headcanons;

  • Numbuh 20, 000 was rescued from an abusive home, which is why he’s so desperate to do whatever he has to. He wants to be remembered- an idol to the other kids rescued. Show that bad beginnings don’t stop you from being good people
  • It’s very well likely that Cree has absolutely no idea what’s going on between Abby and Nigel. Numbuh 5 refused leadership because of Numbuh 1 losing his hair, which points to her leading at the time. Cree was probably off on some solo mission that left her in charge. She wouldn’t want to incriminate her sister with hacking Numbuh 1 in, either, so she certainly doesn’t know about that.
  • Soopreme Leaduhs are required to spend at least most of their time at the Moon Base. Rachel sometimes isn’t seen on Earth for days.
  • Operatives can be implanted with a tracking device, should they so choose, in order to help be located by search teams if they fall off a hill and break a leg or something.
  • Likewise, the KND sports a ‘tattoo parlor’ (crayons that never wash off) for operatives to use, so long as all markers are kept out of the obvious areas. This is a way of warning future kids that they’re fully capable, even with no memories. 
  • Medics aren’t allowed to use medical supplies on themselves in big emergencies unless it’s the only way to keep them on their feet. Numerous medics have been hospitalized from days spent on their feet with boo-boos.
  • It ever a situation should occur in which only certain operatives may be saved, the pecking order is as follows; fight-capable medics, 2X4 technology experts, medics, experienced operatives, Leaduhs, and jack-of-all trades operatives.
  • (In Sectuh v, that would mean Kuki, Hoagie, Abby, Nigel, then Wally)
  • Kids Next Door bases are open to adults and teenagers to protect them from extreme weather emergencies. No operative has ever been killed in a weather emergency inside their own treehouse.
  • Spies and other high-danger operatives are given Sleepy Time Pills- a medication that will put them into a coma- in case they get caught. They can only be awoken by a specific type of food- the vegetable you hate most.
  • Rachel’s only had to use her’s once. She was out for three months. 
  • There has never once been a Head of Decommissioning flee their 13th birthday. This is because operatives are legally allowed to subdue and erase any Head at any time. They’re too dangerous to be left unseen to.
  • Patton is the only operative to ever survive being trapped underground for a month without any food or supplies. It permanently changed him.
  • Abby follows the Candy Code or whatever it is candy hunters use just as religiously as she does orders, unless the two come into conflict. She’s an operative first.
  • Still, technically, Stickybeard could pop up in the treehouse when Abby’s entertaining some operatives in her bar and ask for a peaceful drink and she’d be forced to oblige. 
  • Animal operatives aren’t Decommissioned- nobody is sure how the process would affect them.
  • Very few every day operatives are actually aware of Numbuh 5′s candy addiction. Other candy addicts, yeah, but they don’t want to tarnish the prestige of Sectuh V. 
  • The Kids Next Door reaches all corners of the globe. Literally. Name a high-ranking government official- KND has an operative somewhere in the family. They could very literally take over the world if a Soopreme Leaduh got up the gumption to.
  • All operatives take a vow to put kids over everything, including their families, just in case such a day will come. 
  • High-ranking operatives are required to have sound-proofed rooms. Wouldn’t want confidential information getting out because one of them talks in their sleep.
  • It’s been stated that teens have more advanced tech than kids, which means that adults are the most advanced. The fact that the KND consistently comes out on top shows that they’re the most adaptable. 
  • There has never been a team that operate like Sectuh V, though there’ll be plenty to follow.
Things I Noticed After Retwatching Ep 1 of S/V

-Opharris and Game of Thrones
-“Is there a person in your bed?” Harris has totally seen O with women
-Lebong James
-Mackinzie and her stress, she’s such a doll. Protect her.
-Harris coming to Ophelia’s rescue and “Crazy bitch, stressing me out”
-“Do you have a twitch or something?” Harris to Fiona (before they love each other)
-Jules look of pure furry when O shows up at Zeta.
-“Ohmigod, my necklace. I totlly have to repay you!” Sounds suspiciously like sex ? Of course Jules then says shots but im sayin
-Also, “Ew was that water” or “So, no shots?”
- “Dont interfer with my life or I will have to hurt you” Jules tells O then O puts a tracking device.
-Ophelia goes through Jules’s history on her laptop and fast forward to flashback episode (was it ep 8 or 7?) Jules googled “how do you know if you were raped”, and O probs saw that in her search history
-“I’m not saying I have sexual dreams about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but I’m also not saying I don’t”
-How ophelia is like “im gonna die out here” then murDERS SOMEONE
- “gosh darn”
- Defying Gravity is lEGENDARY
-Jules in Ophelia’s shirt
-“I didn’t order you a drink”
-Ophelias batman references
-“Did you just say rats?” Or “raaaatttss”
-“I need another drink, bc two is not enough”
-Jules and Kennedy’s friendship is goals
-Opharris is so good
-Jules’s pink aesthetic is my aesthetic

Police Could Get Your Location Data Without a Warrant. That Has to End:

Your cell phone records every location you visit if the phone’s location services are turned on, which is more often than not. Called cell-site location information, this data is tracked on both Android devices and iPhones. The information can be quite telling; it might show the location of your home, your office, and other places you visit often. The problem is that it can teach police about a person’s behavior and then can be used against them. In some states, the data can be used without a warrant.

anonymous asked:

(urgent ish) my friend is ftm trans, and his parents recently found out somehow, and neither of them are supporting him and he has said that he doesnt feel very safe there. he already has very limited access online because his parents have a tracking app on his devices, and he doesnt know what other things might be taken away later. do you or any followers have advice on this?

Kai says:

my best advice is to support and validate him. he will need it and it will be good for you to help him out. also, if he’s out to other friends, make sure they support him as well.

Also, maybe offer to help him look stuff up or whatever on your devices if they arent tracked. I know that tracking application activity on phones is harder than tracking website/browser activity on phones so if hes using the tumblr app its harder to track than the tumblr websites, etc. same applies to facebook, etc etc.

he can download Tor to browse anonymously but if he cant download things that wont work

i hope everything’s okay

25 Things Kids These Days Will Never Experience


2. Ace Of Base

3. Smoking really bad weed

4. Bradley Nowell - *pours out a little liquor*

5. Waiting for a single pornographic image to load on 56k dial-up internet

6. Napster/Limewire/Kazaa - The days before Bit-Torrent

7. GG Allin - what it means to actually be hardcore

8. Fist-fights over the house phone, because - no cell phones, no call waiting

9. Pagers

10. Stealing newspapers from the machine, because you don’t have 50 cents and the internet isn’t in your pocket

11. Those old men who used to give candy to all the neighborhood kids every day, and never molested anybody - he’d be burned at the stake for doing that nowadays

12. Voting by phone for the new M&M’s color

13. The hilarity of George W. Bush

14. How confusing Dubstep is

15. How 9/11 felt - regardless of who did it

16. How it felt waiting for Tupac to come back

17. Personal checks

18. When texting was new and we cost our parents thousands of dollars: “No u cute” - “no u” - “no u!” for seven hours

19. Running home to delete voice-mails about all of the trouble you got in at school - and completely avoiding all repercussions

20. Forging report cards - nowadays parents are alerted via text-message the moment your grades fall below a custom-defined range, thanks to an app costing three dollars

21. Being home by dinner, without your parents knowing exactly where you’ve been - thanks to another app, and an implanted tracking device

22. Neighborhood-wide games of hide-and-seek

23. The crack-cocaine epidemic

24. Hate (one can hope)

25. Trusting the government

God help me, I miss the 90′s.

Has anyone considered that Gideon’s dire warning to Belle in 6x01 could be the result of a self-fulfilling prophecy? He finds a way to communicate with Belle before he’s even born, to ‘warn’ her not to let Rumple ruin them like his last family. Due to that warning, Belle walks out on Rumple. He then gets desperate that he might lose his son, and resorts to drastic measures like trapping her on Hook’s ship, putting a tracking device on her, and threatening to accelerate her pregnancy. By the time Belle gave birth to Gideon, everything was so screwed up between her & Rumple that she sent Gideon away. He grows up in the Dark Realm where 'time moves differently’ and finds a way to communicate with Belle before he’s even born (in Storybrooke time). It’s a time loop. All the angsty events were initiated by Gideon’s warning to Belle to not let events happen.

@judymulder, I thought of this b/c of the discussion thread you tagged me in earlier.