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Hi!! have you seen Mark's tweets about Fitzsimmons? what are your thoughts?

Anonymous said:  Don’t know if you have a Twitter but Mark, the man who does the VFX work of shield was saying that Aida didn’t manipulate Fitz in any other way than fixing his one regret. Do you feel like that came across in the storytelling, because I know you think he had been brainwashed, what gave you that impression over this is who Fitz is with this kind of influence? As opposed to no he has clearly been tampered with on a larger scale?

Anonymous said:  Kolpack’s responses to fans on twitter is not inspiring confidence. He agrees that evil was always within him and it was the ‘real’ Fitz in the framework - making Fitz in the real world justifiable in his feelings of complicity. Kolpack also states that Aida did not program him to love her, he fell in love with her because of who he is in the framework. She did not ‘brainwash’ him - he had a choice. How have the writers not maliciously destroyed the original character?

Hi Anons!

Well Mark certainly has been busy tonight!   And its going to totally look like I’m cherry picking what tweets I like and don’t I’m really not because there are three major areas that he focused on in is impromptu Q&A session there.

  • FX
  • Fitzsimmons 
  • Framework Fitz

And no one is worried about what he’s said FX wise (though cutting it a bit close on 21 there!).   And he is SUPER excited for Tuesday so YAY!?!   But I”m sure at least part of that is Ghost Rider’s epic return near the closing moments of the episode too.  

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First we’ll start with Fitzsimmons.  Mark was very kind tonight with his responses and addressing some of the fandoms fears, concerns, and complains even.  He (and I’m sure everyone else) are very aware that the Fitzsimmons fandom is frustrated…oh so frustrated and upset right now.  As fantastic as this arc has been is been very difficult on them.   I’m there too guys.  I love the arc but I am beyond ready to have them back together.  For now I’ll settle for Fitz being himself again…even if he’s still Ophelia’s hostage.  Mark is telling us to hang in there, it will be worth it, that there is a light.  And I believe him.  He’s on set, he’s seen/read the scripts.   He knows what happened.  So yes, hang tight guys we’re ALMOST THERE.  

Then there is the other stuff…

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And I promise I’m not cherry picking what I do and don’t like in his tweets, but I do disagree with his interpretation of what happened with Fitz in the Framework.  Because like I said he’s on set, seen/read the scripts, so how he sees Framework Fitz is HIS interpretation of it, just as my metas are mine.  And I politely and respectfully disagree with Mark.  

Not only are my theories and metas on the subject my own interpretation based on what I’ve seen and read but its also based on what we have heard Iain say.  And Iain is the one who sat down with the writers and executive producers when they were getting him ready for this arc.   

Its not the obvious brainwashing of Hive but he was still manipulated in a mind boggling manner by AIDA to get him right where he wanted him.

  • In 19 Radcliffe said that AIDA changed Papa Fitz so that he would stick around for his son.   
    • I personally still don’t even feel that was a regret for Fitz and just more evidence that AIDA was manipulating the loopholes.
  • It went beyond having his father in his life.  It was the kind of man his father was.  Controlling, abusive, harsh, taught him that love/kindness was a weakness, taught him to grab for power.  ALISTAIR MADE THE DOCTOR, Fitz had no choice in the matter, he was dropped into the Avatar with his real memories repressed.  Alistair told Jemma he made him.  Then we throw in AIDA was directing the path ahead.  Placing herself in at the right time to allow herself to take Jemma’s place at his side.
    • People were REMOVED from Fitz’s life.  Alistair TOOK HIM from his mother and Jemma was murdered.
    • The other hostages Fixes all came later in their lives while Fitz’s was from his childhood.  
  • His father and then Ophelia were continuous influences on him.  He was always around them.
  • When Fitz did show ‘weakness’ in his fathers eyes AKA remorse and questioning killing Agnes his father was there to re enforce the ‘programming’.  When he started to get off track, his father redirected him back to AIDA’s goals.
  • It was Iain that said she ‘redirected’ his love/loyalty from Jemma to Ophelia.   So eyes The Doctor loved Ophelia, like Fitz loved Jemma due to when/how Ophelia placed herself in the Doctor’s life.
  • Radcliffe said that AIDA had taken advantage of loopholes for herself and changed things.
  • Ophelia bragged about meddling in things.  

Fitz did not have a choice in any of that.   As I’ve said before AIDA needed him to turn right at an intersection so she took away the left turn.  

Fitz does have a choice now.  He is not a bad person, a bad person wouldn’t have reacted like this when he woke up.  The world they had him ‘evil’ in wasn’t real/was designed by the big bad with an evil book who needed him to do something for her.   so I don’t see it as character assassination unless he makes those kinds of choices in the REAL world when he’s himself again.  And he won’t, because that is not who Fitz really is.  

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Until canon explicitly tells me otherwise I’m sticking to my theory.  I do see what was done to Fitz as a form of brainwashing and a vast amount of manipulation.  That AIDA”s manipulations went well beyond simply fixing a regret, she changed things in order to get what she wanted.  

The other really really crummy answer to this is that was the direction they needed the story to go. They needed Fitz to finish looking glass so went with the ‘make him evil in the alternate world route with it’.   And like with 4722 hours I don’t think they imagined we would dive into it as we have…I mean really guys have you met us?  Did you not see the 4575 metas we did on a freaking necklace last season?  Of course we are going to dig into this!  

yeah okay okay. concept; years on, as jesper’s practiced more and more with his powers and is a lot older — imagine him being able to deflect bullets. stop them in their tracks and redirect them. can you fucking imagine running into a firefight with an experienced fabrikator. 

like, i do think he sticks to his revolvers for the most part, but. something / someone shoots at a friend, or at him, or ( heaven forbid ) wylan and jesper just sort of shoots over that ‘you fucked up now’ grin and forces the bullets back


anonymous asked You are the BEST! I would love reading some Stydia right after they save Stiles from the wild hunt and Lydia runs to him, and doesn’t let go until they’re at his house and it don’t know, you decide what happens next! 3

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The quake rumbles faded and Lydia stood up straighter where she was pulled flush against Sheriff Stilinski’s side, his arm wrapped around her shoulders. She tilted her head, eyes landing on Stiles still trying to catch his breath a few feet away. After everything, she finally got him back, and she almost just lost him once again. Not wasting any more time, she jogged over to where Stiles stood until nothing was left between them, jolting him slightly as she leapt into his arms. Quick to recover, he wound an arm around her waist, the other flying to thread his fingers through her strawberry blonde waves.

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It’s eight in the morning. You brush your teeth, put on your nice clothes and go to the bus station. It’s a rainy day today, the sky is grey and ominous, and clouds gather heavier and heavier over your head. You look at your watch, the bus appears to be late. You keep waiting at the bus station, and more and more people start huddling around you.

A raindrop lands on your head, and you decided to go under the cover of the station. But more and more people arrive. No bus arrives, not yours, not anybody. Things are getting a bit busy.

Eventually a bus arrives, but it’s not yours. People get off the bus in droves, and most of them huddle under the cover of the bus station. The rain intensifies, banging loudly on the shoddy metal roof of the station. People are extremely crowded now, everybody is waiting for their bus, and nobody wants to be late.

You look at your watch again. You have to be picking up your uncle from the train station on the other side of town. At this rate, you’ll never make it. You listen to the angry murmurs of the people around you as they smoosh you in between them. Most of them are just complaining, some of them are theorizing about the reason for the delay. A few people are talking about actual solutions. You choose to join in on their conversation.

One guy has a sister who can give him a ride, he calls her. A few of the other people ask him if they can catch a ride with him, but he says he’d rather not. Somebody complains about him to you, you reluctantly agree, though you also understand where the guy is coming from. Three more people, a married couple and their teenage daughter, interfere with your conversation, they know a place in town when you can get quickly to the subway station.

You two agree to go with them and you start running, seeking cover from the rain. The street is very busy and traffic is basically motionless, so there’s no problem going crossing the road, though people do honk at you. On the way to your destination, you hear somebody calling out behind you. It’s the guy who you badmouthed earlier. His sister can’t make it through traffic, so he decides to go with you.

The teenage girl leads the six of you to the place. It’s the entrance to what appears to be a subway station under construction. Yellow tape covers the entrance. She tells you this place was supposed to be a station, but funds ran out and it was abandoned for years. You nod and duck under the tape, going inside.

It’s nice to be finally out of the rain, and the air inside the station is chill and smells fresh. You smile and keep walking. Once you reach the end of the station, you get off the platform onto the rail. The guy with the sister is apprehensive at first, but he goes down with you.

You chat with the family as you walk down the unused tracks. The girl tells you she’s snuck through this track many times before. She’s quite he explorer, and knows hidden corners and interesting places all over the city. She admits to you that she only recently told her parents about it, and this is the first “adventure” she took them on. You look at her parents. They seem a bit worried, but they’re glad their daughter is sharing this side of her life with them.

You look at your phone. It’s got no bars. And there’s no wi-fi in the empty tunnel. You have no way of contacting your uncle. You’re worried he might have left to look for you. What if he got lost? What if he got hurt in the rain. You’re startled a bit when somebody puts a hand on your shoulder. It’s the guy you first talked to on the bus station.

He noticed you were worried, and wanted to know what’s wrong. You tell him about your uncle, and how he’s new to the city, and your family is a bit worried about him because he’s got a tendency to get in dangerous situations sometime. The guy comforts you, and tell you about his own uncle, and the things he did. He tells you everything is gonna be alright, and you believe him.

You look up, and comment about how pretty the empty tunnel looks. The guy agrees with you, and then makes a cheesy line about how it’s prettier that you’re here. You smile and blush, but you’re not sure how you want to respond to his advances. You don’t have time to think about it, since you see somebody on the far end of the tunnel. It’s your uncle!

You go to greet your uncle, ask him what he’s doing here. But the teenage girl beats you to it. She smiles and hugs him, and he pats her head.

Confused, you ask what’s going on. Your uncle explains that this girl is the niece of one of his old friends. The three of them used to explore caves and such back in his hometown until the girl moved away to be adopted by her current parents. When he finally found out she lived where his own family lived, he decided to come visit. While he was waiting for you to arrive, he decided to take a little detour in the tunnel, explore it a bit on his own.

He was surprised to see you here, but you’re absolutely shocked. You never knew of this side of your uncle’s life. It finally explains everything. You go to hug him, but the time for reunions is over.

A weird noise gets louder and louder. The chucking along of steel, the sound of an oncoming train. The next few seconds are a bit chaotic. The lights in the tunnel turn off. Your new friend, the teenage girl and her family, and the guy with the sister all try to get away from the train only to smack into each other in the dark. Your uncle reaches out to you, but he stumbles along another track. You have to redirect the coming trolley. You find a lever, you’re saved.

But when the lights turn back on, you see what you’ve stumbled into.

A dilemma.

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What does the new update do?

it basically dumps some of the content of the tags you track (now called ”follow tag”) directly on your dash, and accessing to tracked tags redirects you to the search instead

you can still access the tag rather than search if you type it manually in the urlbar but still

I might as well stop tracking any tag at all since it’s only accessible manually anyway